Author Nancy Rommelmann on Her New Novel 'The Bad Mother' and the Myth of Hollywood


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Author and journalist Nancy Rommelmann says that Hollywood sends this message to people: "If you show up, I'm going to deliver your destiny. But you've got to stay, you've got to believe in me."

The death of the Hollywood dream runs through Rommelmann's new novel, The Bad Mother . The work follows teenagers living on the streets on and around Hollywood, Blvd, a place that combines a seedy reality with the enduring Tinseltown dream.

Rommelmann sat down with Senior Editor at Reason Tim Cavanaugh to discuss the book.

Topics include: Why city money can't save Hollywood; Why readers mistake The Bad Mother for a work of non-fiction; and why Spiderman is really just a 60 year old out-of-work actor.

Book Trailer courtesy of Softbox, LLC. Watch the full version of the trailer here.

Shot by Alex Manning, Zach Weissmueller and Hawk Jensen. Edited by Paul Detrick.

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