A love song for economist F. A. Hayek.

Original song by Dorian Electra
Filmed by Clara Lee, Madeline Scholl, and Ciaran Finlayson


"Hey there Freidrich Hayek, ya lookin really nice
Your methodology is oh so precise
You break down social science to the fundamentals
Rules and social order are the essentials

The use of knowledge in society
by each of us we make the economy
It's not magic that somehow our plans all align
The result of human action, not of human design

Tell me your thoughts on resource misallocation
Distorted price signals and misinformation
Interest rates that are made artificially low
Telling producers where resources should go


Since these low interest rates, like you said, are lies
Malinvestments come as no surprise
Soon these mistakes will all be revealed
and then corrected, unless they're concealed


Sometimes I dream all day 'bout bein' Mrs. Hayek
We'd share milkshakes, watch sunsets, and kayak
We'd work together on that business cycle theory
Oh darlin' you've been workin' hard, you must be weary

Come to my couch, on which you can rest
I'll make tea, we'll talk credit and interest
Then I can talk about my interest in you
Of course we'll talk 'bout the economy, too

Just me and you (x2)
Me and You
Oh, oh
Me and You