Taking Politics Out of Transportation: Economist Bruce Benson on Private Roads


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Americans are accustomed to government provided roads, but "a private road system is going to get you from here to there more efficiently, and with less congestion," says Bruce Benson, a professor of economics at Florida State University.

Reason.tv sat down with Benson during the Libertopia festival in Hollywood, California to discuss the limitless possibilities of private road construction.

Drawing on his research on private alternatives to pubic provision of services such as road construction and law enforcement, Benson points to America's long history of roads that were privately built by communities that wanted to connect into a system of trade. Benson predicts a return of privately built roads as our congested public infrastructure continues to degrade.

Approximately 6.5 minutes.

Interviewed by Zach Weissmueller. Camera and Editing by Hawk Jensen; animation by Austin Bragg.

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