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Profits are back, cash flow is good, and Steve's dance moves are better than ever?! But before Frank, his girlfriend Karen and the rest of the gang can expand, hire and invest at their small business, they'll have to convince the Boss Lady. Watch this short comedy, and see what's stopping the quirky employees of this small biz from living "a real American Dream."

Though this video is a joke, it's message is not. Washington's rhetoric and policies have been creating a damaging environment of uncertainty for businesses. When businesses lack clarity, they can't plan ahead—choking expansion, investment and job creation.
We dig deeper into this issue with "Moving Forward in Uncertain Times"—the first in our documentary series "The Story of Business." Watch it here: http://bit.ly/aMxksO

The Story of Business highlights the stories of inspiring small business owners and the consequences of Washington's actions on their (and the country's) livelihood.

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Inspired by the hilarious "I Feel Great" Nutrigrain commercial parody.