The Fear of Violence: Governments vs. Liberty



This is the first of what I hope to be many multimedia projects in defense of liberty with my new production endeavor; Citizen A.

I began developing this idea following a short blog I wrote in September (2009) following the various town-hall protests around the country—The blog was called Fearing citizen violence? You shouldn't—Found here:…
Too often, our news media & politicians engage in hysterical hyperbole about the threat of violence by normal citizens protesting the continuing loss of freedom in the United States. But is that really something we should be worried about, or is it just another way for politicians to divide & distract the public?

This short video attempts to put things into perspective, and pull back the curtain on who has the real power, and what they've been doing with it.

Citizen A is (currently) two dedicated supporters of freedom & entertainment industry veterans living in Hollywood.


-Sean W. Malone-
VO Artist
Sound Designer
Audio Mixer

-Mark T. Petro-
Video Editor
Motion Graphics
Visual Effects