No matter what it is-cigarettes, trans fat, incandescent light bulbs-chances are some nanny wants to ban it. And this past month was no exception.

Last month, the top prize for biggest buttinsky went to the Alabama state Supreme Court, for upholding a ban on sex toys and devices specifically designed to stimulate human genitals. Because, well, you know, the government really does have a right to regulate your most private parts.

Who is the Nanny of the Month for October 2009? The runners up include:

The Fairfax County, Virginia police for arresting Eric Williamson after a woman saw him making coffee naked-in his own home.

Then there's the Los Angeles City Council, which extended its ban on new fast food restaurants in South LA.

But there's only one Nanny of the Month, and this time it's…

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Nanny of the Month is produced by Ted Balaker. Director of Photography is Alex Manning, and researchers are Paul Detrick, Hawk Jensen, Tannen Wels, and Zach Weissmueller.

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Tune in next month for more examples of just who is trying to mind your own business.

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