Writer-director Marcus Dunstan on "torture porn," censorship, and his new film Saw VI


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Reason.tv's Ted Balaker sat down with filmmaker Marcus Dunstan who, along with his writing partner Patrick Melton, wrote the last three Saw films, including Saw VI, which hits theaters October 23. This summer Dunstan made his directorial debut with The Collector, which he and Melton also wrote. (Disclosure: Balaker's wife was a producer on The Collector.)

In this eight-minute interview, Dunstan and Balaker discuss Saw VI, censorship, red band trailers (which cannot be shown on television), how new media outlets like Ain't It Cool News are challenging traditional tastemakers, and whether calling a film "torture-porn" is actually a compliment.

Reason.tv's Marcus Dunstan interview was produced by Ted Balaker. Director of Photography: Alex Manning; Set Designer: Hawk Jensen; Editor: Zach Weissmueller; Associate Producer: Paul Detrick.