In conjunction with The Interactive Media Studies Program at Miami University of Ohio, reason's Nick Gillespie is co-teaching a class called "Poltics, Culture, and New Media."

The course explores the theory and practice of new media, especially as it relates to cultural and political journalistic outlets. In alternating weeks, the course takes place in classroom spaces on the Miami University campus in Reason's DC-based offices, where Gillespie, a Ph.D. in literature and a 20-year veteran of journalism, leads Web-based videoconferences with journalists, authors and policy analysts.

On October 1, Gillespie and his class spoke reason editor in chief Matt Welch. Watch the hour-long conversation, which was shot and edited by Dan Hayes (himself a Miami University alum).

The reading list for the class was as follows:

Be Afraid of President McCain
The frightening mind of an authoritarian maverick. Reason. April 2007

Free Sam Zell!
Why 'media activists' should be mocked for trying to block the buying and selling of newspapers and television stations. Los Angeles Times Online. November 16, 2007

The New Amateur Journalists Weigh in
Columbia Journalism Review. September/October 2003

Woe is Media
It's Time to Save Journalism From its Saviors. Reason. December, 2002

The Cuban Senators
Julio Becquer and the Last-Place Cuban-Flavored Teams of 1950s D.C.. March 11, 2002

New Jersey's Teen Matt Drudge
Sergio Bichao's Underground Web Newspaper has his High School Reeling. Online Journalism Review. March 12, 2001

My Time in the DEN of Iniquity
Report on 6 Weird Weeks Spent at the Infamously Mismanaged Digital Entertainment Network. Online Journalism Review. May 25, 2000

Cookie Monster of Putnam Pit
Why One Beverly Hills Journalist Is Fighting an Entire Tennessee Town…And Defining Internet Sunshine Laws Along the Way. Salon. October 15, 1998