VBS.TV presents Illegal L.A.—Immigration, Deportation, and the Right to Work




The 'debate' over illegal immigration in the United States has always been dominated by hotheads, pissy, sloganeering loudmouths on either sides of the fence drawn together by their shared love of yelling crap on radio call-in shows and steering the dialogue away from anything approaching a solution. And since the 9/11 attacks (carried out by 16 legal immigrants and three on expired visas), the discussion has basically devolved into an incomprehensible jumble. Like did you ever see those supposedly pro-immigrant 'A Day With No Mexicans' ads where everyone's sad that there is nobody to mow lawns or sell tacos? Who'd they get to write those, the KKK? Seriously, the whole thing just makes us want to shut off our brains and watch Reba or something. But then we remember the lives of some 12 million people hang in the balance of this pissing match (as well as the American economy, welfare, national security, etc), and it's like, [exagerated sigh] OK, [rolling up sleeves] looks like we'll have to wrestle this away from the assholes after all.

In Illegal LA, VBS heads to Los Angeles, the US locus of Latin American migrants and a flashpoint for recent anti-immigrant tensions, in an attempt to suss out the full nature of la reconquista instead of just trying to yell 'We're all immigrants!/Speak English!' until it looks like we're about to hemorrhage from our eyeballs.