Nanny State

Baylen Linnekin: The Duckathlon vs. NYC Nanny State Food Bans


New York City is simultaneously the ultimate culinary city in the United States and one of the worst offenders when it comes to annoying nanny state bans against substances such as trans fat.

Crispy on the Outside food blogger Baylen Linnekin recently attended the fourth annual Duckathlon, a food competition based in New York and organized by D'Artagnan, a fine foods company that sells everything from foie gras to buffalo-meat hot dogs.

Read Linnekin's account of the Duckathlon-which featured the challenging "Testicle Festival" among other events-at Reason Online and then check out his three-minute defense of "culinary freedom," the notion that cooks and customers, not bureaucrats, should decide on what they can and cannot eat.

Interview conducted by Nick Gillespie and shot and edited by Dan Hayes.