Warning: Toll Lanes May Lead to Listening to Bad Elevator Music and Unusually Happy Families


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Wondering what a drive along a managed lane is like? This is a fairly new idea in transportation planning but with a very promising future. Managed lanes are toll lanes alongside free lanes on highways where commuters can choose to pay to use them. The key point of these lanes is choice: you can choose to travel on the cheap if you are willing to deal with traffic, but if you need to be somewhere quick you can pay. Click here for a list of similar projects across the country and here for Reason's work on this topic. Take a look to see how much time you could possibly save if your commute had such a highway. More about SR-91.

(As for this clip's happy ending: I don't think managed lanes will lead to your kids taking your bags out of your car when you get home. It's a highway, not a miracle worker.)