Al Gore is sure that global warming is a crisis, and regularly claims that the debate is over. Many prominent folks disagree, but Gore refuses to debate with challengers. Why?

Bonner C. Cohen has an idea:

Gore's reluctance to go toe-to-toe with global warming skeptics may have something to do with the—from the standpoint of climate change alarmists—unfortunate outcome of a global warming debate in New York last March. In the debate, a team of global warming skeptics composed of MIT scientist Richard Lindzen, University of London emeritus professor of biogeology Philip Stott, and physician-turned novelist/filmmaker Michael Crichton handily defeated a team of climate alarmists headed by NASA scientist Gavin Schmidt. Before the start of the nearly two-hour debate, the audience of several thousand polled 57.3 percent to 29.9 percent in favor of the proposition that global warming is a "crisis." At the end of the debate, the numbers had changed dramatically, with 46.2 percent favoring the skeptical point of view and 42.2 percent siding with the alarmists.

TCS Daily piece here .

Video of debate here .