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Stossel: Bernie’s Digital Media Empire

Bernie Sanders has millions of viewers who watch his socialist videos.

Bernie Sanders is all over the internet. His videos are everywhere and, unfortunately, millions watch.

How have his socialist ideas reached so many people? John Stossel explores.

Many of Sanders' videos are just him ranting about how Republican ideas hurt people. He claims that the repeal of Obamacare will mean "tens of thousands of [people] will die." He ignores the possibility that thousands will live if the economy is allowed to grow.

Many videos focus on President Trump. One claims Trump "uses the same kind of language the Nazis used" because he called people animals. The video didn't mention that, in that case, Trump was talking about the MS-13 gang.

A common theme in Sanders' videos is income inequality. Sanders says that's "immoral" and "causes suffering for the working classes." Stossel explains that the wealth gap doesn't cause suffering. Yes, rich people got richer, but the poor and the middle class got richer too. Sanders never says that.

Stossel says Sanders' videos are a mix of socialist propaganda and economic ignorance.

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  • Zeb||

    I should probably watch some of Sanders's videos. I know a good number of otherwise reasonable people who supported Sanders (some may have just been Democrats who can't stand Hillary). I want to see just how ridiculous it is.

  • My Dog Bites Better Than Yours||

    I am still not convinced Bernie Sanders and Larry David are not the same person. Have you ever seen them together??
    Think about it....

  • BestUsedCarSales||

    They actually did appear together on SNL.

  • Giant Realistic Flying Tiger||

    So what you're saying is that nobody has ever seen them together.

  • Ron||

    thats easily done with mirrors

  • Doug Heffernan||

    Stossel: "We'll watch, so you don't have to".

    John says this all the time. It doesn't sound very "free minds and free markets". It sounds very "let Stossel take care of this for me", and in just five minutes! Your simplistic rebuke of the estate tax will convince exactly no one who doesn't already agree with you. What is Stossel's market for these short videos? Nick does a great job with his meaty long-form videos and podcasts. Stossel is just empty sensationalist fluff. Maybe that is all he thinks the kids can handle nowadays?

  • Unicorn Abattoir||

    "We'll watch, so you don't have to" is completely compatible with "free minds and free markets". Is he demanding something for nothing? Are you being compelled?

  • The Last American Hero||

    Stossel's role in the libertarian movement has always been as someone who can introduce normies to libertarian concepts. Pointing out ridiculous government regulations, waste or how the feds only pay lip service to the principles the country was founded on is a good way to snag new converts, and far more effective than throwing a box full of works by Mises and Rothbard at people and yelling about taxation being theft and government being no different than an organized crime syndicate.

  • ||

    Wait. You're for an estate tax?

    People like you will likely never be convinced of the evil-envy nature of inheritance/estate taxes.

    I'm guessing of course.

  • vek||

    I'd be okay with an estate tax! ... If we eliminated the income tax.

    If one is looking at it from a utilitarian point of view, and I suppose also a fairness point of view, letting productive people keep ALL their money throughout their life, and maximizing what is done with that money would be a good thing... If their kids are idiots, do they need the unearned money?

    I am obviously not in favor of an estate tax on top of income tax, but as a replacement I would be okay. It would never bring in enough money though :( So no estate taxes I guess!

  • R. K. Phillips||

    So many small businesses would go under if they were taxed at the death of the primary shareholder.

  • vek||

    Sure... But how many businesses go under now because they're taxed excessively EVERY DAY THEY DO BUSINESS? If that was how things worked, it could be planned for. It would allow capital to accumulate to the most productive people for longer periods during their lifetimes, and then if their kids were deadbeats they wouldn't end up as wealthy. I'm not saying we SHOULD do this, but in the world of silly utilitarian arguments it's not a completely horrible one.

  • Doug Heffernan||

    No, I'm not for an estate tax. I was just saying that mustache guy is making sucky arguments against it. The Frank Luntz talking points about double/triple/quadruple taxation are nonsense. By that argument, every asset transfer is some multiple of taxation. Or, all gift transfers while alive should be tax free.

    There are better arguments against the estate tax, which reason has made many times before. So, why is mustache guy using crappy Luntz marketing instead?

  • Sevo||

    Doug Heffernan|8.21.18 @ 11:36AM|#
    "John says this all the time. It doesn't sound very "free minds and free markets". It sounds very "let Stossel take care of this for me", and in just five minutes! Your simplistic rebuke of the estate tax will convince exactly no one who doesn't already agree with you."

    So you're a lefty loser here to whine for higher taxes?
    Stand in line; there's plenty of similar boring idiots in front of you.

  • PCGUY||

    Spot on, John!

  • DRees||

    Hey Stossel. What about RUPERT MURDOCH'S media empire?

  • Rockabilly||

    Comrade Bernie says if he gets elected I could go to school for free to get a degree in male transgender transracial post-post modern gay feminist Muslim studies.

  • vek||

    Not a lot to this one, but I do love me some Stossel. If I ever go gay, I'm coming after you first you sexy mustachioed old man! LOL

    Also, Bernie is a moron. Sadly I know entirely too many Bernie fans...

  • BlueStarDragon||

    Colleges are already free to almost free now. All you have to do is watch the college classes on the internet and that does not include all the teach your self how to program sites. You can also buy The Great Courses books ( which are college books) from Amazon Audiobooks for 1 credit which is about 12$ U.S. Plus you get the P.D.F file as well with it. What is not free is accreditation. About the only real need for colleges these day is for things like Medical. Even then today's doctors just basically write down your symptoms and then go to a computer and type them in and a program tell them what to do.

  • Mr. Dyslexic||

    ^^^ This ^^^ Minus the 4 year progressive indoctrination seminar.

  • R. K. Phillips||

    Ya know, if Trump called ALL people "animals", I'd have to say that it would be one of the most accurate things he's said.


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