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Remy: The Longest Time (TSA Version)

The TSA (and Remy) help you get ready for summer.

Remy prepares summer travelers for groping season.

"The Longest Time" parody written and performed by Remy. Background vocals and Mastering by Ben Karlstrom. Video produced and edited by Austin Bragg.

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For the longest time

If you book a ticket for a flight
Stow your baggage and some of your rights
Travel, you're hoping
But first you'll get a groping
And you'll be waiting for the longest time

My last job? I guess it paid the bills
This pays more for using the same skills
At first we hound you
Then we put our arms around you
And you'll be waiting for the longest time

For the longest time

Supervisors try to sneak bombs by
Of 100, 80 make it by
I like those chances
I forgot how nice your pants is
I haven't touched them for the longest time

I had other jobs at the start
I said to myself "just follow your heart"
Now I know the woman that you are
I'll swab your Magic cards
And you'll miss your connection...

Who could guess what consequence this brings
We have issues keeping nicer things
Our record's so bad
I think you ought to know this summer
you'll be waiting for the longest time

For the longest time

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  • SIV||

  • Emotional Opposition Animal||

    When you're a libertarian in an industry chock full of leftists, it probably feels relaxing to say something they'll agree with. Balko is still a good guy.

    And he is right that a lot of Trump supporters have been pro-LE to a fault in the past. Hypocrisy is everywhere on these issues.

  • SIV||

    Balko is speaking specifically of The Federalist, not "a lot of Trump supporters".

  • Cyto||

    I'm a fan of Radley's work, but he appears to have come down with full-on TDS.

    In his twitter feed he explains that Trump's "animals" comment is part of a plan to dehumanize immigrants to make it easier to separate kids from their parents. That's full-on delusional.

    Radley Balko

    Verified account


    It isn't easy for a man to rip a screaming child away from his mother. Most of us couldn't do it. This is where "animals" comes in. Declare he isn't really a child, she isn't a woman. Now it's like pulling a piglet from a sow. This has always been how states enable savagery.

    Even if you buy in to the notion that Trump is some sort of genius of messaging rather than a mindless chatterbox who will say whatever comes into his head, that's still delusional.

  • SusanM||

    Have I ever mentioned that I really like Remy?

  • BestUsedCarSales||

    I think he's cute.

  • Emotional Opposition Animal||

    Remy is the only reason to log into SJW Reason these days.

  • Chipper Morning Baculum||

    There is also the opportunity to bitch and moan about how Reason is too mean to Daddy.

  • Scarecrow Repair & Chippering||

    I've liked Remy for the longest time
    I think I will like Remy for the longest time

  • BlueStarDragon||

    Good Video :)

    Remy must be doing a lot of air travel lately for Reason. The T.S.A must also be doing extra groping on him, Given all the T.S.A humor he keeps doing.

  • shortviking||

    I wish trump was the sort of authoritarian that would walk in a random airport and order all tsa agents arrested AND, importantly, order all flights to resume as normal. I mean it would still be wrong(I guess), but it would make him yugely popular with everyday people.

  • MoreFreedom||

    I'd prefer to see Trump turning the job of security back to the airlines, and give them the right to search baggage and people at their discretion (a condition of contracting to travel on their plane). That would significantly reduce the line, avoid unnecessary searches, improve security, and allow the free market to operate. Plus it'd remove a huge taxpayer expense, and a bunch of government employees with better policed employees.

  • Cyto||

    Yeah, we tried that. It didn't last long. The democrats insisted on another fifty or one hundred thousand additional federal employees. Never let it be said that vote buyers don't know how to buy votes.

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    Oh, Remy. You've done it again.

  • sharmota4zeb||

    Finally, a light-hearted break from the #MeToo posts.

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    Disappointed "Longest line" didn't make it in.

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