Free Minds & Free Markets

Libertarian Dad Jokes

It's all fun and games until somebody gets droned.

In homage to Dad Joke videos everywhere, Reason's Andrew Heaton and Austin Bragg try their hand at one-liners, cornball punchlines, and "comedy."

Written and produced by Austin Bragg, Meredith Bragg, and Andrew Heaton. Shot and edited by Bragg and Bragg. Starring Andrew Heaton and Austin Bragg.

Music: "Quirky Dog" by Kevin MacLeod

About 3 minutes.

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  • BestUsedCarSales||


    I was so scared that we lost you. Please don't tell me this is the secret final thing for real? It would be so cruel if you just set me up once more, after I was finally moving on.

  • Chipper Morning Baculum||

    The last one cracked me up. This was great! Thanks guys.

  • Citizen X - #6||

    +1 leppo

  • Scarecrow Repair & Chippering||

    A for affort.

  • VinniUSMC||

    +2 leppos

  • ||

  • Don't look at me.||


  • Scarecrow Repair & Chippering||

    I don't think I've ever laughed so hard at such sorry jokes told so poorly. I look forward to more.

    What next, ENB and KMW telling Mom jokes? Bring it on!

  • BestUsedCarSales||

    That might get too erotic for certain people here.

  • ||

    Deadpan through the whole thing would only make it hotter.

  • Mr. Dyslexic||

    I am so stealing Bragg's knock knock joke response. "Get a warrant" Love it!

  • Citizen X - #6||

    I snort-laughed so hard that it cleared my sinuses, so thanks, guys!

  • Unicorn Abattoir||

    That first joke would definitely get your mic cut at Loyola Chicago.

  • ||

    I laughed at "this is a no-knock Knock-knock joke."

  • Brett Bellmore||

    That last one really cracked me up. Most of the rest were to meta for my taste.

    But I'm definitely pulling the warrant joke on my 9 year old.

  • Half-Virtue, Half-Vice||

    I larf'd

  • loveconstitution1789||

    Great job guys. I plan on showing that to everyone that I know.

  • Yellow Tony||

    Good stuff. I'll miss you Heaton. I've tattooed your face next to the one of the freedum snek on my pecks. Also Bragg looks like he could do well in the bara business.

  • Rat on a train||

    The long explanation of the Arlington Cemetery joke was excellent.

  • Johnimo||

    Bad jokes. No humor. Poorly done.

  • Walk_on_Walter||

    You seem like a fungi.

  • PaulTheBeav||

    It definitely finished on a high note. LOL

  • Eric Bana||

    Their faces and acting is also what makes it so good. I'm shocked by the quality of these videos. They're almost as good as Chip Bok's comics.

  • ||

    They could use a few more labels.

  • ClassicLiberal||

    That was hilarious!


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