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We Read Hillary's Book So You Don't Have To

Clinton takes complete ownership for how her actions are all your fault.

Hillary Clinton's new book What Happened attempts to explain Trump's upset victory in 2016 through a series of reasons which are not Hillary Clinton. The gambit runs from apathetic white lady voters to Russian meddling to the inscrutable popularity of Donald Trump. When Clinton's focus turns to herself, however, she's light on culpability. She admits she can be guarded, but that admission doesn't encapsulate the relentless political ambition paired with shady financial dealings and a willingness to subvert national security that turned off much of the country.

In the end Clinton was also just a bad candidate.

In the latest Mostly Weekly Andrew Heaton explores Clinton's new book, so you don't have to.

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Mostly Weekly is hosted by Andrew Heaton with headwriter Sarah Rose Siskind.

Script by Sarah Rose Siskind with writing assistance from Andrew Heaton and Brian Sack.

Edited by Austin Bragg and Siskind.

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  • Fist of Etiquette||

    As far as I can tell, the only raw deal Hillary got that wasn't her own fault was Obama.

  • Mark22||

    Her fault too: after all, she lost to him first time around.

  • Half-Virtue, Half-Vice||

    How is the Clinton Foundation doing these days now that they have less political power?

    Nothing should have changed, right? I mean it's just a charity organization.

  • damikesc||

    Didn't they announce immediate suspension of their charities shortly after she lost? Seemed odd that foreign governments wouldn't want to keep trying to save the planet...

  • Alcibiades||

    Clinton Global Initiative is shutting down:

  • Uncle Jay||

    "Seemed odd that foreign governments wouldn't want to keep trying to save the planet..."
    Probably just a coincidence.
    The dictators she did business with are always looking for better charities to help their people.

  • Jerryskids||

    I've heard the book was just a long list of all the people who screwed her out of her rightful inheritance and all the problems she's had with them, a compendium of her fights on behalf of the little people. She wanted to call the book "My Struggle", but apparently that title's already been used before by another misunderstood champion of the folk.

  • BYODB||

    As was 'If I Did It'.

  • TrickyVic (old school)||

    ""screwed her out of her rightful inheritance""

    What's funny is how many of her followers have a problem with privilege, yet they voted for one of the biggest examples.

  • Liberty Lover||

    Have to agree. Maybe he should have written "screwed out of her rightful coronation!

  • Cranedoc||

    Perfect! Yah might be some German lawyer who would take issue with her ripping off Hitler...

  • Half-Virtue, Half-Vice||

    10/10 on this one guys. I lol'd

  • damikesc||

    I'd be a bit stoked if she blamed me personally. Maybe next time.

  • Alcibiades||

    Just remember the words "Neil Gorsuch" and be thankful.

    Vile, vile woman.

  • BestUsedCarSales||

    Did reading the book make your beard fall out Heaton?

  • Liberty Lover||

    A fool and his money are soon parted, At least Hilary hopes so.

  • creech||

    I'm sure her book's advance fee has already proved this.

  • Rebel Scum||

    Such a nasty woman. I really hope she keeps up this charade. It's amusing and will do real damage to the DNC. In fact, I almost hope she runs again so I can see her lose 3 times. 3rd time's a charm Hilldawg!

  • TrickyVic (old school)||

    Yeah, when I hear the Hillary fans say she doesn't have to shut-up, I'm think yeah, please keep talking.

  • Paper Wasp||

    One thing the entire party seems eager to agree on is "we want MOAR LOSING!"

  • loveconstitution1789||

    I wonder if her books sales even covered the advance she got.

    I was never planning on reading her printed garbage but thanks for the laughs.

  • TrickyVic (old school)||

    She can donate money to the Clinton Foundation for a tax write-off. Then the Foundation can purchase thousands of books to hand out. It's a win - win.

  • Liberty Lover||

    I doubt most of these Political books sell enough to cover the advance. They seem to be a payoff for favors rendered.

  • Last of the Shitlords||

    Of course it is. Just like Bill's speaking fees for doing shit like selling our uranium to the Russians. But of course Trump has to be the one investigated. He should file Mueller and have a dozen different special prosecutors appointed to go after the Clintons and their associates for their various criminal activities.

    Plus it would keep Sessions busy so he doesn't waste time on trying to re-ignite the drug war.

  • GILMORE™||

    This was so good i won't even comment on Andrew's windowpane blazer.

  • jjjjj||

    What Happened?
    Hillary Rodham Clinton

  • Uncle Jay||

    RE: We Read Hillary's Book So You Don't Have To

    Thanks, but anyone sane reading her book tells me they are nothing but a true masochist and a fool with their money.

  • Half-Virtue, Half-Vice||

    Pretty masochists are the best!

  • Longtobefree||

    There were bumper stickers when the other Clinton ran that simply said "Clinton happens".

    Who needed a book?

  • Sevo||

    Where's the article I was to view?

  • ToCa81||

    Another solid bit gang. Funny stuff.

  • MikeP2||

    Thank god for Donald Trump. We should all be standing for the national anthem simply to show the undying gratitude that the harpy isnt making our lives miserable for the next 7 years.

  • Mrs. Premise||

    She walks around reciting all the people who wronged her like Arya Stark does.

  • Priscilla King||

    So where's the article? All I see is a nasty video clip box. Life is too short to watch videos. Please don't be lazy about this. If a link is in my e-mail, I want the full text, please. I delete e-mails about videos.

  • Hank Phillips||

    Small-minded people talk about other people... The election was decided by the energy and Second Amendment planks. The Dems want to ban electrical power plants, gasoline and six-shooters. After all, there were no such things in 1790. They and their communist, socialist and econazi surrogates got 49.4% of the popular vote. But the Libertarian part platform calls for keeping electricity, fuel and the Second Amendment safe and legal. This is the party whose 4 million votes spanned the spoiler gap in states hefting 89 electoral votes. It the LP's 4 million votes had all been in Virginia, we'd have gotten a mere 13 electoral votes. Both parties want men with guns to shoot and jail teens and other minorities over plants, so that cancels out. On the two issues the GOP copied from, the Libertarian and Republican parties also got 49.4% of the vote. Trump and Hillary had nothing to do with anything. They're staff.

  • Priscilla King||

    You need to show the script. Many people go online from places where they can't listen to an audio link, even if they want to take the time. Others read only what we can print out as text files. Please don't clutter up my browser with any more "article" links that open only video content.


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