Riverside Cop Tricks Autistic Teen into Buying Pot

21 Jump Street in Real Life


"We felt like our family was totally violated by the sheriff's department and the school district," says Doug and Catherine Snodgrass of Temecula, California. Last December their 17-year-old autistic high school son was arrested after twice buying marijuana for an undercover Riverside county police officer. 

The undercover operation, titled "Operation Glass House," spanned a few months and included undercover officers in three area high schools: Chaparral, Temecula Valley, and Rancho Vista Continuation. The officers posed as regular high school students and would ask other students for drugs. Twenty-two students were arrested—the majority of them are reported to be special needs students like the Snodgrass' son. 

Their son, who wished to remain unnamed, is noticeably handicapped and has been diagnosed with autism as well as bipolar disorder, Tourettes, and several anxiety disorders.

"Everyday is a challenge for him," says his father.

Their son's list of disabilities have many in the community wondering why he was targeted in this undercover drug operation. 

The ordeal began on the first day of school last fall. The family had just moved to a new neighborhood and their son began his senior year at a new school, Chaparral High, in the Temecula Valley Unified School District. Their son rarely socialized, so his mom was thrilled when he announced that he had made a new friend in art class on the first day of school. 

"We were so excited. I told him he should ask his friend to come over for pizza and play video games," says Catherine Snodgrass, "but his new friend always had an excuse."

His new friend, who went under the name of Daniel Briggs, was known as "Deputy Dan" to many students because it was so apparent to them that he was an undercover officer. However, to their son, whose disabilities make it hard for him to gauge social cues, Dan was his only real friend. 

Dan reportedly sent 60 text messages to their son begging for drugs. According to his parents, the pressure to buy drugs was too much for the autistic teen who began physically harming himself. 

The Snodgrass' son finally agreed to buy Dan the pot. Dan give him twenty dollars and it took him three weeks to buy a half joint of pot off a homeless man downtown. This happened twice. When Dan asked a third time, their son refused and Dan cut off all communication. 

"Our son was pretty broken up about that and he was back to having zero friends," says Doug Snodgrass. 

On December 11, 2012 armed police officers walked into their son's classroom and arrested him in front of his peers. He was taken to the juvenile detention center, along with the 21 other arrestees, where he was kept for 48 hours. First hand reports claim that the juvenile center was caught off guard by the large number of arrests and that some youths had to sleep on the floor, using toilet paper as pillows. 

Their son was also expelled from high school.

The Snodgrass' hired a private attorney and took their case to court. In January, he was found not guilty due to extenuating circumstances. The judge had him undergo informal probation and perform 20 hours of community service. 

In March, an administrative judge ordered their son to be reinstated into school stating that the district had left their son "anxious and alone" to defend for himself against an undercover police officer. 

The school district is currently appealing this judge's ruling, stating that their son was cognitive enough to know right from wrong. The school district has a "zero tolerance" policy when it comes to drugs. 

The Snodgrass' son was unable to graduate with his class last spring but is expected to graduate this December. By the time the school district's appeal goes through, their son would have already graduated. The Snodgrass' say this is an entire waste of tax payer money. The Temecula Valley Unified School District declined to comment.

The family is suing the school district for unspecified damages. The lawsuit will be filed on October 30. 

"This has been devastating to our family. It's a real drain on our resources emotionally, financially, physically," says Doug Snodgrass. "It's exhausting, but when your child gets harmed like this, you really don't think twice about it. It's not a matter of getting even. He is messed up by this and what happened is wrong. We feel an obligation to restore him in every way possible." 

Their son was the only arrestee to be reinstated in school, largely thanks to his parents' perseverance and their financial ability to take their fight to court. The other special needs students arrested remained expelled and at least one served a year in jail. 

Doug and Catherine's son is currently being treated for post-traumatic stress disorder brought on by the ordeal.

The Snodgrass' have set up a fundraising campaign for their legal expenses. 

The Riverside County Sheriff's department and Special Investigations Bureau did not return several requests for an interview. The Riverside District Attorney's office declined to comment.

About 7 minutes.

Produced by Amanda Winkler. Camera by Winkler and Sharif Matar. Narration by Todd Krainin. 

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  1. The officers posed as regular high school students and would ask other students for drugs.

    Johnny Depp?

    1. 21 Dumb Street.

        1. So, Johnny Derp.

          On 21 Derp Street.

  2. The Riverside County Sheriff’s department and Special Investigations Bureau did not return several requests for an interview.

    Because when you have nothing to hide.

  3. These pigs really don’t have any shame or humanity. It is very hard not to godwin these cocksuckers.

    1. His mama must be so proud of him.

      1. and wheres dunphy!!!……cricket….cricket. He hasn’t been around for a couple months. :/

    2. Truly. This story illustrates the depravity of the WOD. Victimizing disabled kids, creating drug crimes that never would have occurred otherwise, and what for? It’s a freaking jobs program for cops. Why don’t stories like this become scandals? I can’t even comprehend it.

    3. Why resist? Sometimes people really ARE jack-booted Nazi thugs with the goal of “a boot stomping on the human face forever”.
      So go ahead and call them jack-booted Nazi thugs- it will make you feel better.

  4. Anyway to get pictures of “Deputy Dan” posted on the internet? There should a website dedicated to posting pictures of these sleazy cops.

  5. You know what would be a study that might be illuminating and worth a little grant money for once? A study looking at the common personality traits of law enforcement personnel. A no-holds-barred flat out description of the common elements found in their personalities. God, they would HATE it. Because we all know what it would find.

    1. As usual, the Onion nails it:


      Insecure, Frustrated Bully With Something To Prove Considering Career In Law Enforcement

      1. “The Onion doesn’t reflect reality…it creates reality!”

        I’m Doyle Redland……Onion News

      2. When asked to outline his motivations for entering the field of law enforcement, the perpetually infuriated bully who could very soon be responsible for the security and well-being of thousands of innocent people explained that he feels a personal obligation to do whatever necessary to safeguard society.


        1. ..I think I’ve got what it takes to earn my shield..

          That’s my favorite bit. Just seems to capture that “brotherhood” crap so neatly.

        2. Holy crap – that Onion article was too damn accurate.

    2. Yeah but there’s a metrics problem Epi because what units do you use to measure devotion, selflessness, and heroism?

      1. You measure it in Dunphies…obviously.

        1. good point, but we’ll probably have to measure other cops in picodunphies, because even other cops can’t measure up to the ultracompetence and heroism of superdunphy.

          1. Like Elric, dunphy is merely an aspect of the Eternal Champion.

            1. Nice Moorcock ref.

              1. If there’s one thing Epi loves, it’s Moorcock.

          2. I like that the dunphy unit is metric.

            1. Basically, the metric system is responsible for all that is wrong with the world.

      2. Devotion + Selflessness + Heroism gives an answer in D/sm^2 (dead dogs per second meter squared).

    3. I saw an article the other day making the claim that by the numbers, off-duty police officers are 3 times more likely to commit murder than civilian concealed carry permit holders. I think Instapundit linked it.

      1. Last year some off duty cop got hammered and crashed his neighbors birthday party. By crash I mean climbed the fence, demanded the neighbor give him alcohol, shouted obscenities at the neighbor’s wife, assaulted the neighbor then ran off.

        1. Did anything else happen?

          1. Hahaha, good one. Nothing at all. The only reason I know about it is because I still have an active email account at the County and I occasionally get emails addressed to a cop who shares my name.

        2. The neighbor was obviously a member of the bigorati.


          1. Obviously, else the neighbor would’ve invited him out of appreciation for the cop’s eternal regard for his own safety.

    4. Deputy Dan must still be fairly young to have pulled this off, to the extent that he did anyway since some kids realized he was a cop. One can only cringe to think about how he treated disabled kids when he was still in school.

      1. You mean the other kids in his Special Ed class.

  6. “I’ve got an idea! Let’s go back to high school, befriend a bunch of retards, get them to buy drugs for us, then bust them! It’ll be great!”

  7. That cops are only able to outsmart special needs children should tell everyone something about their capacity to enforce the law for anyone.

    But I’m sure the boys in blue will claim this represents a huge stride in eradicating pot from our schools.

  8. Heroes!

    High five!

  9. If this noble law enforcement professional were to turn up with a large caliber bullet in his head, it would be a totally random and unjustifiable tragedy.

  10. Deputy Dan has no friends.

    1. Not if we’re all bozos on this bus…

    2. When the balls hit the street…

  11. At least the officer can trick his peers

    1. Don’t insult the autistic kid like that. He’s far smarter (and more of a human being) than the officer will ever be.

      If you want to find this officer’s peers, you’d have to search the slime trails on the ground.

      1. Oh sure, but it’s ok to insult the planaria.

        1. lol… yeah, my bad.

          Poor kid just wanted a friend.

          1. In a way, he found out who his friends are.

          2. Poor kid just wanted a friend.

            That’s what makes this story particularly sad and outrageous. The kid was obviously not a dealer and was happy to have a friend. The fucking cop had to have seen that, but went ahead anyway.

            Reminds me of a piece from This American Life The victim in that case was not retarded or anything, but was a shy kid without a lot of luck with girls. The undercover cunt was a pretty girl who lead him on and pestered him to get her some weed (which he says he wasn’t into and didn’t really know where to get) until he finally found somewhere to get her a dime bag or something and got arrested. You have to just be pure sociopath to do shit like that. People are nothing but tools for you to manipulate to get your reward.

            1. When legislation bans victimless voluntary behavior, it turns police to criminals and lawbreakers into victims.

  12. Of all the recent nutpunches, Reason, this one is the most painful.

    Fuck these cops. Fuck the school board. I hope the school board is bankrupted. I hope the officer and the superintendent end up whoring themselves in the male bathroom at Olive Garden for cash.

    1. As shitty as Olive Garden is, it’s still too high class for these assholes.

      1. Waffle House maybe?

        1. How about one of those greasy chicago pizza joints?

          1. How about the dumpster in the alley behind the bad restaurant?

          1. +1 fierce beer coaster

  13. You know, there are dementia cases out there that could also be set up. Comatose patients. Really, there are a lot of options. Why not infants?

    1. Hell, with toddlers you get them for attempting to use narcotics in front of police as well. Then disobeying a lawful order and resisting arrest followed by assaulting an officer.

      1. Then they’ll say “I shot him because he was crawling on the floor and I thought he was a dog”.

    2. I’m at the point where I got worried when my daughter came home from preschool one day telling me that a police officer had visited. Don’t know what they could have told her.

      She’s 4. I’ve already started to deprogram her from an innate love of police officers (despite my mom’s best efforts to deprogram my deprogramming)

    3. Perhaps dementia might explain this.

      1. Not likely; he was driving on the Interstate.

    4. Excellent points. You could arrest Alzheimer patients as well for failure to identify.

  14. I can see how they can argue that a lot of undercover sting bullshit like this is not entrapment (though I think it should generally be considered so). But how is this not entrapment?

    1. I believe the big issue is whether the cops got someone to do something criminal they wouldn’t have otherwise done but for the entrapping activity.

      1. That’s the issue in entrapment. Here, it’s completely obvious that there’s no way this kid would have done anything but for the entrapping activity.

        But then again, cops get to use the FYTW card, and that trumps our puny rights.

      2. And I very much doubt that the autistic kid would be hooking his peers up with weed otherwise.

        Aside from the sheer evil of this sort of thing, the laziness of busts like this just astounds me. Even supposing that drugs are a big problem which requires lots of police action, what the fuck good do they think that getting some kid who is not a dealer himself to get you a bag will do? And how can these evil fucks sleep at night?

        1. what the fuck good do they think that getting some kid who is not a dealer himself to get you a bag will do?

          Pot is the gateway drug. It’s the gateway to the black market. So little busts like this theoretically give the cops a chance to meet the dealer who might give up someone who sells hard drugs like coke or heroin.

          Oddly, this is the case with users as well. Pot is the users’ gateway to harder drugs.

          The irony is that cops don’t want to close the gateway because without it they’d have a very difficult time busting sellers of hard drugs, but closing it by legalizing weed would likely lower the use of hard drugs by making them more difficult to find.

          1. Actually, the gateway drug would be alcohol, if anything. It correlates with use of other drugs more than marijuana does, if I recall correctly. Some Reason posts from a few months ago mentioned it.

            1. The whole concept of “gateway drug” is dumb. That’s like blaming a key for what’s behind the door.

              Pot is a gateway to the black markett. The guy at the liquor store won’t help you find cocaine or heroin, but your pot dealer might. If pot was above the board, then the pot dealer would be the guy behind the counter at the liquor store, not a drug dealer. Hard drugs would be more difficult to find, and less likely to be experimented with, if pot, the gateway to the black market, was legal.

              The ironic shit bit is that cops want to keep it illegal because it’s their gateway to the black market. They’re happy to sacrifice some harmless dope smokers if it means they can confiscate the assets of someone who made a profit off selling the stuff.

              The whole thing is sick.

              Legislation that prohibits voluntary interaction between consenting adults turns citizens into victims and enforcers into criminals.

              1. Soft drinks are just a gateway to alcohol! Now I understand why our hero Mayor Bloomberg wants them restricted.

                1. I just realized, mother’s milk is the gateway to soft drinks! While this terrible chain of destructive addiction never end?

                  1. Endocannabinoids in the milk.

        2. From the article, I get the impression that the actual drug dealers at the school were staying away from the known narc.

          1. They would – we had a narc at my high school (granted this is 20+ years ago, so practices may have change) – but most of us were shocked when we got wind that we were supposed to be under the illusion that this guy was a student at the school.

            Only the really, really stupid people would ever get caught by that guy.

          2. Well, you can’t come back from an operation completely empty-handed. It’s like fishing with the kids. Even a few bluegills are better than nothing.

        3. And how can these evil fucks sleep at night?

          Lots of free, confiscated weed.

          1. I knew a guy who claimed that he broke into a cops house and found a dresser drawer full of (presumably confiscated) drugs and guns. Needless to say he emptied it.

        4. How can american have and undercover cop in a… high school ? That’s totally crazy.

          1. Actually even cops in uniform have nothing to do in a school (except if they are call for something particular).

        5. Lazy? Didn’t you see, he sent him at least 60 texts begging him to get him some drugs? That is persistence beyond the point of due diligence. What a work ethic!

    2. But how is this not entrapment?

      If a cop does it, then it’s not against the law. Whatever “it” may be.

  15. Deputy Dan should be charged w/ corrupting the morals of a minor.

    1. Yes, in all seriousness, he should.

      1. In all seriousness, Deputy Dan should be tarred, feathered, and strung up by his genitals. In public. With two large bamboo sticks laying next to him so people can come up and hit him.

        But given that I have respect for the 8th amendment and the rule of law, I’d settle for criminal charges.

        (But given that I’m realistic, there won’t even be a paid suspension here)

        1. Suspension? You kidding? He probably got promoted!

        2. strung up by his genitals

          I can’t tie a slip-knot that small, can you?

          1. sure you can, you just have to use 100lb braided fishing line. that should be strong enough to tear the nuts right off of the guy the moment you lift him off the floor by said ‘nuts’

        3. If the bamboo had a sharpened end they could poke him.

      2. Here you go – its CDM even to buy a teenager a 6-pack of beer, much less to hector and hound him into buying drugs on multiple occasions.


  16. The folk guitar was a nice touch in the video. Is Gillespie playing?

    1. : “He’s got that getting-away-from-the-cops speed.” The player was competing for a 7th grade team from a school from the Edison School District, which was visiting the unspecified Margaretta middle school.

      The Register reported that the unnamed student’s punishment will not be revealed by Margaretta officials, though district superintendent Ed Kurt made it clear that they had taken corrective actions.

      “We worked with the student, and we hope this is a learning experience,” Kurt said. “We want to move forward in a positive fashion.”

      Oh yes, the student has definitely learned a valuable lesson. Very valuable indeed.

    2. Imitating Gus Johnson should be actionable, on the grounds of disturbing the peace.

      I don’t understand how anybody can take his constant screaming.

  17. “A furious amount of texting going on” with the kids “new friend”.

    Parents, monitor the texting habits of your children, they might be talking to a cop.

  18. The broke California school districts are probably trying to cut down on their special education expenses. Nobody in a union will get laid off though.

  19. “Their son’s list of disabilities have many in the community wondering why he was targeted in this undercover drug operation. ”

    The article also says that the socially adept kids knew the cop was a narc. So the pigs picked on the friendless, disabled kids.

    And this has been posted before, but –

    “Video: Philly transit cop attacked, no one helps

    “Bystanders stood by filming rather than call for help when a transit cop was beat up by a fare jumper”

    Civilians know their place – a civilian wouldn’t jump on the battlefield to help one of the combatants, would he? So if cops are soldiers and non-cops are civilians…


    (much of the comments seem taken up with a gun-control debate)

    1. From the comments:

      Regardless, I hate people who expect us to be superman but don’t have the sack to do anything on their own. I’m looking forward to the collapse of modern civilization because a world full of those people will be easy for me to rule!

      The mask slips and what’s underneath is ugly and brutish.

    2. “Their son’s list of disabilities have many in the community wondering why he was targeted in this undercover drug operation. “

      Because fuck you, that’s why.

    3. Being that it’s Philly, I’m surprised that the crowd didn’t join in beating the cop.

  20. Very OT, but I’ve been in a know-your-enemy sort of mood today, which makes this know-your-enemy piece from the NYT especially fun. As usual, do not miss the comments.

    mbkennedyPasadena, CA
    Anger can cut both ways. I see the new Republican party threatening my way of life. A life where I was able to work my way up from the middle class into a good job as a research scientist and professor in a major university A life where I can work at my science and thereby help people. A life where I can contribute taxes that help to build and sustain the foundations of civilization. A life where I can “pay forward” by helping others, who are less able or less privileged, to better themselves. My anger and that of others like me is growing fast. The evangelicals/tea partiers/rigidly religious do not have the right to impose their way of life on me. Are we moving toward civil war?

    1. Good, use your aggressive feelings boy. Let the hate flow through you.

    2. Len CharlapPrinceton, MJ
      But the really depressing point is that the majority of the Republicabn party is divorced from reality. They have no use for data or history. The have the ability to hold beliefs that are not supported by facts or even in contradiction with facts.

      What can realists say to such people? How can we compromise with such people? How can we work with such poeple?

      Please tell me how.

      Projection, seasoned with self-pity and despair, baked with just a touch of typos. DELICIOUS.

      1. I think I know that guy, or at least who he is. If it’s who I think it is I went to HS with his daughter. She was always pretty crazy-liberal. Now I know where she got it.

      2. I’m kind of stunned at how complete their projection is becoming. It’s actually kind of scary. What happens to people who project 100%?

        I mean, these people are perfectly describing themselves, without the tiniest bit of awareness. None. Not even a hint. What does that mean?

        1. Well, remember that Star Trek episode where Kirk switched bodies with some ex-girlfriend?

          1. That was the one where he used a judo throw, right? And some guy in a red shirt died? And then there was some sort of unexplained psychic phenomenon?

            1. You really need to watch the series. I mean, it’s been almost fifty years now.

            2. No, it was the one where Bones and Spock made snide remarks to one another.

              1. If there had been a fourth season, I bet they’d have done an episode where McCoy and Spock switched bodies but had to keep it secret for some reason.

                1. Nobody wants to hear about your Trek slash fic, ProL. Keep your sick fantasies to yourself, or possibly NutraSweet.

                  1. I’m firmly convinced that the whole reason that kind of crap got started (I recall hearing about it back in the late 70s, though I was too young to get the point of it), was because of that “aroused” line Kirk used in the spores episode.

                2. At the end of that episode:

                  Spock: I must say Doctor, it was…fascinating to experience living in a human body.

                  Bones: Yes, well that green blooded contraption you walk around isn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

                  Kirk: You see gentlemen, now you know why it’s important to take a walk in someone else’s shoes.

              2. Are there tribbles? I only care about episodes with tribbles. No wait, tribbles and Wil Wheaton…even better if he has Q deliver some deep dish pizza.

                1. Have I told you about my network pitch for Star Trek: New Voyages?

                  Captain Wesley Crusher and his First Officer Alexander, son of Worf boldly go where no politically character, gender-neutral pronoun has gone before!

                  1. Yeah, that’s a “pitch” all right.

                2. That’s also in the fourth season. A tribble joins the crew.

            3. I saw that one. He gave himself a blow job.

    3. Sherry WackerOakland
      Imagine you are the President of the United States and you know that the other party hates you just because of the color of your skin. But you have the dignity and intellegence to always handle yourself in a non angry manner, full of grace. And the people who hate you largely call themselves Christians. I am amazed that President Obama has been able to maintain his dignity through all the dirt that has been thrown in his face. And the Republicans feel no shame for their unChristian behavior, they only feel rightous indignation that they are led by a black man.
      Oct. 9, 2013 at 2:25 p.m.RECOMMENDED4

      I once heard somebody complaining about people who are divorced from reality. I forget what he said, though.

      1. W….wow. WOW. Wow.

      2. full of grace

        Hail Obama, full of grace. The Lord is with thee.

        1. Note too, that he’s non angry. I don’t think that’s an accident. I’ve heard Martin Bashir say that Obama is the “Angry Black Man” that whites fear.
          I guess the progs constant invocation of race shows that they are not racist ?

    4. Animosity toward the federal government has been intensifying at a stunning rate. In a survey released on Sept. 23, Gallup found that the percentage of Republicans saying the federal government has too much power ? 81 percent ? had reached a record-setting level.

      My God, anarchy is just around the corner! Don’t they know that we just haven’t given government enough power?

    5. Are we moving toward civil war?

      Oh, I DO so hope we are, Progtard! Cause I have guns, and YOU don’t!

      What a dumbass.

      1. Me too. In fact, I cant wait to see the supply system in the inner cities fail so we can trim the fat.

        Prepared + Guns + Knowledge = Priceless;

    6. john smallNew YorkNYT Pick
      If ignorance is bliss, then why are Tea Party members so angry all the time? The numbers suggest the answer is their irrational fear of change.

      The issue among Republican and Tea Party conservatives is not entitlements like Obamacare, since they never, ever refuse to accept Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and food stamps themselves. The issue is their fear of Obama himself; he embodies the social change in the country which they foolishly derided in the last two elections.

      The wounds to the nation being inflicted by the GOP’s actions will be permanent if they lead us to default, and it will be their own foolish actions that damage the country more than any outside enemy ever could.

      Meanwhile China, India, and others will replace the US as world superpowers, other currencies will replace the dollar, and the worst fears of conservatives will come true largely due to their own extremism.

      There is so much projection and delusion it’s insane.

      1. As I said above to Warty, what is the next step? What happens when people go FULL PROJECTION? There have to be case studies, right? Patients who psychologists have treated who project everything about themselves onto others?

        But what happens when it happens en masse?

        1. The Man Who Mistook His President for a Hat

          1. Nice.

    7. walter torontotoronto
      This very insightful article foreshadows a replay of the politics of Barry Goldberg and George Wallace. Obamacare today is equivalent to busing and school integration yesterday. The most likely scenario, in my liberal’s daydream, is one where a contemporary equivalent to Barry Goldberg will run for the GOP, leading to its implosion. The Tea Party will remain, as its strength is supported by gerrymandering producing a homogeneously white, senior electorate but the GOP will not be able to keep the Congress hostage to its politics of resentment.
      Oct. 9, 2013 at 2:00 p.m

      A liberal resentfully daydreams about an autocratic new LBJ destroying the resentful. I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise.

      1. In a post accusing others in effect of racism, he refers to the late Sen. Goldwater as “Goldberg.”

        1. I’m surprised he didn’t say Goldstein.

        2. I noticed that too.

        3. Joooos!

          Typo or anti-Semitic Freudian slip?

          I’m going with the latter.

      2. Who’s Barry Goldberg?

        1. My Jeweler.

          1. Never been a fan of jewery, myself.

      3. The most likely scenario, in my liberal’s daydream, is one where a contemporary equivalent to Barry Goldberg will run for the GOP, leading to its implosion.

        What a moron. Barry Goldwater is the reason we had Reagan, he fundamentally changed the GOP.

      4. Who the hell is Barry Goldberg?

          1. I thought he was that guy who tried to cut Bond in half with a laser.

          2. President Goldberg – he’ll flip the national debt on its back and jump on it!

            Wait, that doesn’t sound right…

      5. “…as its strength is supported by gerrymandering producing a homogeneously white, senior electorate …”

        I heard something like this somewhere else the other day. It seems that a lot of people don’t understand the purpose of gerrymandering (hint: it’s not to concentrate all of your own voters in one district).

        1. but that doesn’t fit the narrative

      6. The Tea Party will remain, as its strength is supported by gerrymandering producing a homogeneously white, senior electorate

        That’s not the fruit of gerrymandering.

    8. RichardLouisianaNYT Pick
      Obama gets a tad of blame. About three months ago, there was an article, perhaps in NYT, about the number of states Obama has not visited or has infrequently visited over the past four years or so. In short, except for the occasional visit to a large city, we in the red states never see the president. Not much in 2008. Not much in the 2012 campaign. Not much between the two campaigns or after his last campaign.

      The article is correct that hatred of the president is the fuel for the intense opposition he is encountering. And I have never understood the personal hatred for the president because on a personal level he seems such an admirable individual, certainly more admirable than President Clinton. But it exists and is widespread regardless of class or educational achievement.

      Ya see? The Dear Leader just hasn’t visited the backwards Red States to minister to them and spread the light of his eternal truth about the goodness of Government.

      1. 180 degrees wrong. I intensely oppose the president because I disagree with his policies and philosophy. But on a personal level, I would hate to spend time with such an arrogant prick. If he ever tried to pull an interception when my friends and I are passing a joint, he’d be on his ass.

      2. Who wants a pain-in-the-ass visit from the President? They shut down the highways and airport, disrupt the whole city, and cost a bundle just so some political hack can campaign on the taxpayers’ dime. Presidents should stay in DC.

    9. “Are we moving toward civil war?”

      Can we get it over with already? I’d like to sort through his valuables.

    10. A Civil War versus people who think guns are icky? Bring it on lol

    11. The article’s criticism would perhaps have some validity if the US economy were humming, college graduates could get jobs commensurate with their education and student loan repayment, unemployment rates were 4%, budgets were in rough balance and deficits under control, the US was at peace, monetary policy made sense, and fundamental American rights were respected by government.

      But none of these things are so. But the Koolaid drinker who wrote this article thinks that anybody who experiences some anxiety over the true state of affairs is nuts and just opposes the progressive agenda because they’re white or something.

    12. “A life where I can contribute taxes that help to build and sustain the foundations of civilization. A life where I can “pay forward” by helping others, who are less able or less privileged, to better themselves.”

      I love how leftists talk about taxes as if they’re charitable contributions and use words like “can” instead of “must, under threat of imprisonment.”

      Dude, nobody’s stopping you, ever, from paying forward. The cool thing about paying forward is that by *choosing* to do it, you uplift yourself as well. If everyone *has* to pay forward, nobody gets uplifted by it.

      Do you give a fist pump every time you see the sales tax added to your bill? “Oh yeah! Booyaa! 10% sales tax! Take that, poverty!”

  21. Nope. Not even gonna take a quick look at this one. Nope. Uhn uhn…nope.

  22. Something similar happened in my town a few years ago. A young man with I believe Asperger’s was tricked into buying liquor for an undercover cop. It was known that he’s “special needs” or whatever but they didn’t seem to care. They probably could have just said “we’ve heard rumors that you’re buying booze and cigs for your underage coworkers. If it’s true, stop doing it.” But no, they had to make an example of this ruthless evildoer.

    1. It’s not that they are out to make examples, they are out to grow their budget.

    2. It could had been worse but the kids already had easy access to pot and coke.

  23. The issue is the same as what we are seeing at every level of government. We are supposed to have limited government, but we now in effect have unlimited, exponentially expanding government. Law enforcement departments are no different that any other government created and funded agency, bureau, or department, once created, their primary mission is to grow and get a bigger budget. For law enforcement that means we have to make more things a crime and by doing so, create more criminals. Doesn’t matter at all if the new criminals are teens, seniors, or toddlers, as long as they help to get mo money.

  24. I thought the undercover cop here maybe had to go through placement testing, so he was naturally in a special ed class and it was easier to target one of the kids in his own class.

  25. I think it would have been sweet if one of the normal kids would have taken this guy’s picture when he tried this stuff with them, and then posted it all over the interweb.

  26. Geez, why not just throw disabled kids in juvenile hall from the moment they’re diagnosed if the cops are going to treat them this way when they’re just struggling to fit in.

    1. Progressive decides juvie hall needs renaming as the Special Happy Needs Camp and fully agrees

  27. From the linked article: “The Los Angeles Police Department pioneered undercover drug busts in high schools decades ago. But the department discontinued its program in 2005 after Los Angeles Unified School District officials noticed an increasing number of students arrested were in special education and that police typically found very small amounts of marijuana. District officials feared the program was failing to catch the serious drug dealers.”

    EVEN the authorities in the public corruption ridden agencies of LA think these “busts” are a bad idea…

  28. Even back when I went to HS, they had undercovers in the school. It took about 30 seconds to realize they were narcs. Doesn’t surprise me that they end up targeting the only group that may not quickly understand what they are.

  29. Replace “cop” with “private industry” and “pot” with “tobacco” and this story would engender enough outrage to generate a half dozen laws vigorously punishing such behavior.

  30. Which makes me wonder… what if pot were legal in the state? would this be illegal marketing to children?

  31. It seems to me that Dan the Detective is the one that deserves to be labeled with mental health disorders. It’s not that surprising to hear about a cop willing to do clearly illegal and immoral stuff to get an arrest. It seems to be pretty common. What’s appalling is the lack of common sense coming from the community around him.
    “The school district is currently appealing this judge’s ruling, stating that their son was cognitive enough to know right from wrong. The school district has a “zero tolerance” policy when it comes to drugs.” Gimmie a break. This is vindictive, evil, and won’t be tolerated.

    1. “What’s appalling is the lack of common sense coming from the community around him.”

      This is the most shocking aspect.

  32. I have a cousin who spent over a decade in the military. When he got home from his last deployment, he worked in the electronics wholesale business for a couple of years.

    Then he got this idea that there wasnt enough structure and he wanted to put his Criminal Justice degree to use. He had the degree before going into the Army. Anyway, he has been a trooper for about 5 years now and he is hard to be around anymore. Always with the authoritative attitude. Telling everyone else what to do and when to do it.

    I cant stand most cops for a reason. Too bad one of my cousins is turning into one of those cops…

    So yeah, law enforcement and their entrapment and better than the rest of us attitude can suck a dick!

  33. The war on drugs needs to end. It has done nothing other than ruin people’s lives. Wrong house busted into, children taken away from good parents, dogs shot , innocent people shot. This madness needs to end. Like the gentlemen at the beginning of the video said, the war on drugs is just a way to line the pockets of the cops, jails, prisons. Courts get money, lawyers get money, all these jails and prison and cops get money. It is all about the money and our government is evil for allowing this to keep on going. North Korea has more freedom than we do when it comes to the war on drugs. Enough already.

  34. In March, an administrative judge ordered their son to be reinstated into school stating that the district had left their son “anxious and alone” to defend for himself against an undercover police officer.

    To defend for himself against an undercover police officer ?


  35. How nice. Officer Doug Zipperstein seems to have a FB page. Always a wise move for LE personnel.

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  37. Riverside County has a history of doing this. They just entrapped about 300 hippies at Lightning in a Bottle over the summer, using similar tactics: they would approach a person, start a conversation, ask for a bud, then when the person refused money for it, throw money at them and arrest them for “sales”. Over and over and over. Please explain to me how this is legal in any way? How is this not entrapment? How the hell can those pigs get away with doing this?

    Basically, if you’re ever in California, AVOID Riverside County (Temecula). It’s a fetid shithole, and I can’t wait until all those pigs are rotting in their own jails.

  38. Second page, second paragraph: “The Snodgrass’ say…” Who is this idiot writer who doesn’t know the difference between pluralization and indication of possession? It should be “The Snodgrasses say…” Go back to elementary school.

  39. This boy was not tricked, he was harassed and bullied.
    The police could stoop no lower than to exploit the intellectually disabled in this way.
    This was a “crime against humanity”.
    End the drug war.
    Prosecute the Perpetrators!

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  42. Once upon a time I was a cop.

    This guy is a jackass.

  43. What happened to the entrapment laws? Another right taken away from the innocent. The cops should have never been able to set someone up for failure. If the cop did not do that, he most likely would never be in possession of pot of any kind. Kids are curious, I know I was at one time. While I realize that there are large problems in schools today with drugs, this is not right. Go after the ones who are actually participating in selling and buying, the real trouble makers. Did those officers really look like high school students? Wow. bunch of babies.

  44. When i was a kid growing up i liked the police in my small town…….now 30yrs later they are all MILITARIZED DICKS!!!!!!!

  45. This is entrapment, plain and simple. You don’t go out of your way to befriend the social reject who’s desperate for acceptance, pester him with, “You’ll buy me pot if you want to stay friends.” until he caves, and then declare you’ve found a Dealer. The fact is, he had no ready access to drugs, no interest in selling drugs, and probably never would have been in any way involved in anything involving drugs, if “Deputy Dan” hadn’t pushed him into it…and pushed HARD. Even more baffling, they didn’t arrest him until he REFUSED to buy more drugs. Kind of makes you wonder. Point is, though, that all that they managed to prove is that people who are sad and alone will go to great lengths to fit in…and I think we all knew that already. I’m sure they did, or they wouldn’t have targeted this kid. That say to me that it was never about finding criminals. It was about making arrests, no matter what.

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