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Remy: Fake News

Remy visits CNN


Remy stops by CNN to deal with "Fake News."

Written and Performed by Remy. Produced by Austin Bragg.

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Nothing else to report, Ed
as we've been banned from the press gaggle
and labeled as "fake news" by the president.

We'll have to prove him wrong. Thanks Tim.

Trump's approval numbers have gone to new lows
according to a new poll–and we're never wrong about those
And is Starbucks' new cup bringing people to tears
No, but we'll find two tweets like we do every year

Uh, Ed? Yes Tim? Look, this is obviously bad
But do you think we could maybe help our case a tad
They say we're not news, that we just make stuff up
My apologies, Tim, I'll fix that right up

A nurse shark bit a man in a Florida park
Could this summer be the SUMMER OF SHARKS
Plus, a product you own causes death exponentially
The answer to that misleading question eventually

Ed, you're hiding the cause of acute meningitis
Do you see why perhaps there are folks who don't like us
I really believe that they're flatly just wrong
But could you just help me a little? Can do Cap-i-tan.

A Hero Is Born! Meet the daring A.G.
who won't enforce the laws with which she disagrees
Plus, Kim Davis, the mouth-breathing slob
Should we jail public servants who won't do their jobs?

Okay, see, that's what I mean. That's what they accuse
That we color the coverage to match with our views
Should we not be objective and foster a trust?
I suppose you're right, Tim. I'll do what I must

A World on the Brink! Perils unfurled
as Trump speaks with the most dangerous man in the world
Plus, Mitt Romney's gaffes just don't seem to slow
His moronic claim Russia is our biggest foe


Finally, it's given all journalists stupors
But proof has been found by Pricewaterhouse Coopers
The President making with great genuflection
concessions to Russia if he wins the election

A White House in chaos? We give you a peak
at the transcripts we got from a delightful new leak
Plus, Edward Snowden, the traitor abroad
Should leakers be hung like the cowards they are?

NEXT: CIA: Protect Americans First Instead of Hacking Their Phones and TVs

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  1. This can’t be true, I was informed by none other than Reason Columnist Ron Bailey that the press has never lied about Trump.

      1. I asked Ron in the Global Press Freedom at 12-Year Low article the question-

        do you think the press has lied about Trump at all?

        This was his answer-

        T: First, let’s define lie (v): 5. to speak falsely or utter untruth knowingly, as with intent to deceive; 6. to express what is false; convey a false impression

        There may be some members of the MSM that who knowingly spoke falsely about Trump, but in my judgement most of them did not in their reporting on the campaign. Far more often they were blinkered by ideology and class so that they actually ended up sometimes “expressing and conveying a false impression about Trump.”

        OTOH, the evidence is piling up that Trump is perfectly happy to “speak falsely or utter untruth knowingly, as with intent to deceive.”

        Get beyond tribalism: Just because the MSM calls Trump a liar, doesn’t mean that it isn’t so.

        1. That doesn’t sound like a “no” to me. More of a qualified “probably”.

          1. That’s just bullshitting when you don’t want to answer the question.

            The answer, as Remy so eloquently expresses in the video, is absolutely YES. Pulling out your Merriam Webster definition to “qualify” your answer is ridiculous.

            1. I think it is quite reasonable to distinguish lies from other forms of untrue or misleading statements.

              1. So do you think the press lied/lies about Trump?

                1. I can’t think of any examples of outright lies. But I don’t have an exhaustive knowledge of what they have said about him and I don’t watch cable news or read the New York Times or Washington Post. I expect they probably have.

                  1. They published a widely discredited fake dossier that claimed Trump paid hookers to pee on him. It was a legitimate news story for a few days. That one was ridiculous.

                    But to me it’s not just the lies, it’s the manipulation of the news story to put Trump in the worst possible light, such as claiming his EO on immigration was a “Muslim Ban” which is a lie, or saying that Trump is a Putin stooge without any evidence to support the accusation.

                    When you compare this to how the media literally covered FOR Obama, who used the IRS to attack conservative groups and had his surrogates lie about Benghazi or the whole Dmitri thing from the Remy video, it stands in stark contrast.

                    1. None other than the world’s smartest living human being, the most venerated hero of media liberals and professional fake liberarians Nate Silver, has basically admitted that the media has a liberal bias and that it’s a problem.

              2. Whenever someone pulls out a dictionary definition for a word that everyone knows the meaning of, you can be sure some rhetorical/semantic tricks are on the way. English dictionaries are descriptive, not definitive, i.e. they describe a language rather than defining it.

                I think it is quite reasonable to distinguish lies from other forms of untrue or misleading statements.

                In most situations, yes. However, for the press, whose profession is supposed to be about spreading truthful information, the difference is irrelevant. Especially when they had access to information countering their statements.

                Determining whether someone had the knowledge and intent that transforms a false statement into a lie is nearly impossible. Note how Bailey dismisses evidence of false statements by the media by claiming they were blinded by ideology, but suggests that evidence of false statements by Trump indicates he was lying.

                Being drunk is not an excuse from blame for drunk driving. Being biased is not an excuse from blame for biased reporting.

          2. Sounds like an equivocating “yes” to me.

            1. I think he is right. I think they actually believe their own BS. So when they color the story beyond the truth, they are really telling the truth as they see it. That is how they can say that Trump wanting to work with Putin is evil. Meanwhile saying that Obama wanting to work with Putin is wonderful and just and all that is right and holy with the world. Because that is what they really believe.

              1. Some might, but the stories that the NY Times was writing on the subject always conclude with but there’s no proof yet or the equivalent. Which means that they knew the innuendo that made up 95% of the article was misleading bullshit.

              2. The problem is, that doesn’t explain things like how they ignore their own earlier reporting, when the preferred narrative changes. “Sure, we said Trump was wiretapped back in January, but now it’s March and we’re just going to pretend that never happened.”

                1. … and then in April it will be ‘I know we said it didn’t happen, but Trump and THE ROOSHIANS!! We know it because of the wiretap’.

          3. Really? A hundred words about why the press isn’t really “lying,” followed by “Trump lies too!!?” I’m not even a Trump fan and I find that answer to be disturbingly evasive.

        2. I like Ron, but he comes across as completely tone deaf when discussing the media. He should watch this video.

          1. I do too. I’ve learned many things reading his columns, but the idea that the press hasn’t deliberately lied about Trump is just asinine.

            I do have to give him props for mixing it up in the comments though, he’s one of the few that will at least try and have a debate even when I think he’s 100% wrong.

    1. This is so obvious that it goes without saying–well, except to the plethora of lying, contard faux libertarians who infest these comment sections–but those most guilty in the media of lying and peddling fake news and crazy conspiracy theories are the very lowly likes of those at Fox, Breitbart, psycho Mark Levin, psycho Alex Jones, fat, ugly pig Limbaugh, etc. The Clintons and Podesta are child molesters, there was Democratic voter fraud, Trump The Hump’s inauguration crowd was the biggest ever, The Hump’s election margin was a landslide, The Hump’s apartment was bugged, etc., etc. etc. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  2. Good to see that Remy’s still here. I was starting to wonder.

    1. Always need more Remy.

      1. He’s Reason’s best columnist.

        1. This is what libertarians need to do: constantly ridicule both sides with biting humor. It’s easy and fun.

          1. And totally effectual.

          2. Chipper, the daily show didn’t become successful because people like having their views challenged.

    2. I heard he was moving to the Glibertarian site

    3. Remy rocks. This was entertaining and well produced. He should do another one about Fox News. Plenty of material there as well.

      1. “Chipper Morning Wood,” don’t hold your breath. This Remy guy will never be intellectually consistent and ridicule Faux News and their crazy right-wing brethren because, like most who comment here, he loves them. Unless it’s to critique them for not being conservative ENOUGH on something.

  3. A refrain to “This is CNN”!

    Losing Remy would be a significant downside to losing/leaving Reason.

  4. Some ideas are so stupid, only intellectuals believe them. -George Orwell.

    Seattle Mayor Ed Murray has appointed Jessica Finn Coven to a newly created post as the “Chief Resilience Officer” for the Emerald City.

    “As CRO, Finn Coven will report directly to Mayor Murray and oversee the development and implementation of a comprehensive Resilience Strategy for Seattle,” said the announcement Thursday by the city.
    What does the resilience officer do?

    “Position will lead citywide efforts to build holistic resilience to the social, physical and economic challenges that are an increasing part of the 21st Century,” the city explained.

    “Seattle’s Resilience Strategy will be a holistic, action-oriented blueprint to build partnerships and alliances, financing mechanisms, and will pay particular attention to meeting the needs of low-income families, communities of color and other vulnerable populations.”

    1. I see nothing in that word hash of a job description about “What the fuck do we do when Mount Rainier blows its stack and/or the big earthquake hits?”.

    2. “Seattle’s Resilience Strategy will be a holistic, action-oriented blueprint to build partnerships and alliances, financing mechanisms, and will pay particular attention to meeting the needs of low-income families, communities of color and other vulnerable populations.”

      They sure did manage to pack just about every buzzword in there. Someone should have thought to throw ‘agile’ in there.

  5. What was the obama thing at the end?

    1. It was from 2012 at a global nuclear security summit in Seoul. President Obama was overheard over a hot microphone telling President Dmitri Medvedev of Russia he would have “more flexibility” after the election.

      The irony of the press losing their minds over Trump maybe possibly having a member of his campaign maybe possibly speaking to a Russian Ambassador at some point while he was running for president vs. the press covering for Obama after he got caught telling Dmitri that he will be able to work with Putin “after he gets elected”.

      Fuck them all sideways.

      1. the difference though is that Obama was president at the time so he was not undermining himself. so its a poor comparison

        1. “It’s not treason when a democrat does it”

          Um, yeah, ok.

        2. the difference though is that Obama was president at the time so he was not undermining himself

          He was running for re-election at the time, and he was asking Dmitri to help get Putin to hold off any major actions until he got elected because he would then have “more flexibility”. That makes it even worse. The press covered for him completely.

          Then he made fun of Romney for saying Russia was our greatest geopolitical foe.


      2. wow yea i think i remember this now lol.

  6. Did reason cover this today:…..icate.html

    Malicious Malik: Attention-seeking half-brother of Obama posts image of ex-president’s ‘Kenyan birth certificate’ while declaring his support for Trump in series of bizarre and bitter tweets

    1. Is that worthy of coverage? It might have been useful as a topic of discussion eight or nine years ago. It’s still would not have impacted Obama’s citizenship or native-born status, unless you believe that his mother was some other person than the one he claims.

    2. Did reason cover this today:

      Did Trump retweet it?

      No? then no.

  7. This smacks of Epic Rap Battles of History; which is also awesome.

    1. The first couple times I heard Remy I realized he was different and, IMO, better than just musical parody (like Weird Al) or topical rap (like ERB) because his subject matter is at least a bit contemporary or time-oriented. I admit plenty of overlap and not that the others are bad (exactly anyway) but Remy’s got/displays more talent, IMO.

  8. Not that any of the libertarians here are Trump supporters. They’re, they’re just concerned that Lyin’ Don Trump isn’t getting a fair shake.

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