Want to Make an Untraceable Handgun at Home? Cody Wilson Can Help.

His Ghost Gunner and 3D printing are destroying the concept of gun control.


"Gun control is not dead, gun control is undead," explains Cody Wilson, the director of Defense Distributed. "We just keep killing it but it keeps coming back."

Wilson, a crypto-anarchist and serial "troublemaker," helped launch the age of the digital gun when he published files showing how to make the Liberator, a 3D-printed pistol, in 2013. It set off a panic in the media and in anti-gun political circles, and the State Department demanded Defense Distributed remove the files from their website.

But five years after the Liberator debut, the technological limitations of homemade firearms have started disappearing. The materials are cheaper and better, the machines are more precise, and the software is more advanced. Groups of hobbyist gun printers started gathering in IRC chats and internet forums, and are working together to make their own gun designs. It's a new reality that hasn't entirely filtered into public debates over gun control.

"I like the Liberator, it's fine," union carpenter and hobbyist gun printer Darren Booth says. "[But] it's only good for one shot. I thought, 'what can I do to make it a little better?'"

Booth developed the Shuty AP-9, a semi-automatic, mostly 3D printed, 9mm handgun based on the AR-15 platform.

Booth is a regular of the FOSSCAD group, and the community worked together to create the digital files for the Shuty. "It's an open community. It's an open chat," says Booth. "Anyone can go on there and just ask questions." Files for the Shuty, as well as other firearm designs, can be easily downloaded from the FOSSCAD repository.

"I've watched some of these groups begin," says Wilson. "And it's great. In our earliest days I imagined that that would be what victory looked like. There would have to be communities taking up these projects on their own."

In late 2017, Defense Distributed released files that allow the Ghost Gunner to mill out unfinished metal handgun frames. Wilson says the new focus on handguns is in part a legal strategy based on the 2008 supreme court case, District of Columbia v. Heller, that affirmed the right to own a handgun for self defense.

"The handgun is at the center of what is protected in the Heller decision," explains Wison. "So, whereas, AR-15's may not ever be backed up by the Supreme Court, there's no way of getting around, right now, the protections that the Supreme Court gave to the handgun. And so this is the core of the Second Amendment liberty as it's currently understood."

Produced and edited by Mark McDaniel. Additional footage by Todd Krainin.

Music by Kai Engel and Nine Inch Nails. All music licensed under Creative Commons. (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 US.)

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  1. I have a friend who bought one of DD's ghostgunner platforms. It's a uh... process to make a firearm with it.

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    2. To be frank, if you can make that, you probably have the ability to mill at least a hand-cannon like the liberator the old fashioned way.

  2. Question: Will the 3D printer or miller be capable with open source configuration files of producing pearls for me to clutch?

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  3. Files for the Shuty, as well as other firearm designs, can be easily downloaded from the FOSSCAD repository.

    TOR Recommended, and best be on your neighbor's wifi, or down at the starbucks when you do so. And for the love of Pete, don't use Bitcoin.

    1. Use TunnelBear (I like it, easy to use, FREE for limited total through-put per month; after that, you have to pay) or other VPN (Virtual Private network).

      Oh, OK, I see TOR is highly similar...

  4. The Soviet Union banned printing presses-- successfully enough to have thrown a lot of people into gulags for decades. I'm wondering how long it'll be before the US bans these printing presses for firearms.

    1. Weren't you listening to the dude's story? It says in the video that it can't be stopped now. The government can do nothing to stop 3D printed firearms.

      1. No no, you miss my point. If the goal is to throw a lot of people in prison, then it can be done now. I didn't say anything about the success of stopping the presses.

        1. Well, they haven't banned home machine shops, and a few thousand in home shop equipment would let you churn out guns a lot more untraceable than a special purpose mill that's got to be fed partially completed guns whose manufacturer records can be seized.

          All Ghost Runner does is take some of the skill out of it, at the expense of losing most of the untraceability.

      2. Government: Hold my beer....

  5. So who do you people want to shoot, exactly?

    1. Preferably no one. But I like to have the means to if someone decides to force my hand.

      1. So you're an action movie fantasist. Fine, we all have hobbies.

        Why does the weapon need to be untraceable? What does you committing legitimate self-defense have to do with shielding murderers from accountability?

        1. I didn't realize self-defense equaled "action movie fantasist". Your insights are intriguing.

          Your other statement assumes that people who are intent on committing harm are denied the means to do so because of gun control. This has been repeatedly proven false.

          1. Fewer people die from guns in countries with stricter gun control. You are allowed to admit to basic logic and still hold a political position. It just becomes embarrassing when you are reduced to denying obvious reality in order to hold onto it.

            1. It just becomes embarrassing when you are reduced to denying obvious reality in order to hold onto it.

              You must be quite embarrassed then.

              1. USA! We have less gun violence than gang-infested shitholes!

                Mexico is doing better than us dude.

                1. We have less per gun than Finland, Switzerland, and Japan too.

                2. "Tony|2.5.18 @ 3:39PM|#

                  USA! We have less gun violence than gang-infested shitholes!

                  Mexico is doing better than us dude"

                  Right and all those mass graves of unarmed people killed by the coyote's never happen right Tony ?

            2. People don't "die from guns" anymore than people "die from cars" or "die from swimming pools."

              That is an idiotic statement.

              1. It is. And no matter what he says, both the statistical argument and constitutional argument are on the side of firearms rights.

                1. Which...really doesn't matter anyway, since it isn't about utilitarian points.

              2. So why do you need one to defend yourself? Use a handful of marshmallows, since the device has no relation to the outcome.

                1. "So why do you need one to defend yourself? "

                  That's also none of your fucking business

                2. "So why do you need one to defend yourself?"

                  When seconds count, the cops are minutes away.

                  1. I'm sure all the dead appreciate that you have cliches.

                    1. Where I live everyone is armed to the teeth, and gun-related crime is very rare.

            3. Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Chicago, Baltimore.

        2. Well, some of us do not trust Government Almighty, when Government Almighty is entrusted with deciding if our self defense was "legit" or not. That's one issue... There are others...

          I personally am not (not yet?) supporting the idea of common folks needing un-traceable fire arms... I am NOT (not yet?) in favor of revolution via the bullet, as opposed to the ballet...

        3. Why does the weapon need to be untraceable?

          Because people like you will take it away, otherwise.

        4. "Why does the weapon need to be untraceable? "

          Why do you continue to insist that is any of your fucking business.

          1. Because lots of schools get shot up in this country.

              1. But the near-anarchic availability of guns in this country (which you want to make worse) is a major causal factor. Unless you'd like to argue that Americans are simply more likely to be insane mass murderers on average?

                In which case you'd probably need to revisit your policy on gun rights anyway.

                1. And yet, Tony, nothing there makes it your business.

                  1. So you keep saying. What if you said you wanted to murder a bunch of children. Would it become someone else's business then, or are you perhaps making a circular argument?

                    1. I don't say that, so it has nothing to do with me.

                2. Wrong again:

                  Still, the U.S. doesn't rank No. 1. At 0.15 mass shooting fatalities per 100,000 people, the U.S. had a lower rate than Norway (1.3 per 100,000), Finland (0.34 per 100,000) and Switzerland (1.7 per 100,000).

                3. 20+ thousand laws regulating firearms access is "near-anarchic availability"...

                  I'd like to argue that Americans are supposed to be free and that some people are bad and you are not going to stop someone intent on committing harm to others by restricting the rights of the innocent.

                  My policy in gun rights is simply to read what the govt is not allowed to do per it's founding document and interpret as it would have been at the time of its writing.

                4. Every right-thinking, gun-hating person knows that the only way a homicidal maniac can kill a lot of people is to use an AR-15 with a 1,000 round "clip", a "shoulder thing that goes up", and a bayonet lug. Any other weapon is out of the question.
                  Forget that "mass slash" in Japan with 19 stabbed to death. Those Sarin attacks were only a Japanese prank, like stink-bombs in American schools.
                  That home-made bomb in Oklahoma City was just some harmless mix of fuel oil and lawn fertilizer, common stuff you can find around anybody's home. Nothing at all dangerous, like a gun.
                  Of course, if we want the advantages of motor vehicles in our society then we must accept the risk of bloodthirsty truck drivers, who murder over 80 victims with a truck, like that "man-made disaster" that occurred in Nice, France. The vehicle jihadist attacks we are seeing more and more frequently are just coincidence, not "copycat" crimes. Pay them no mind.
                  Never mind the mass-murders by machete in Rwanda, or by arson, or the lethal combination of fireworks and pressure-cookers, or that of box-cutters and airplanes.

                  They are meaningless. Only guns can be used for mass murder.

                  The danger isn't the killer, it is his gun that we must fear. Take away his gun, and he'll be "right as rain".

            1. Statistically speaking, school shootings are actually quite rare.

            2. Schools are chosen as targets because they are "gun free zones full of people who can't fight back."

              1. "A handgun in every kindergartener's backpack!"

                NRA 2018.

                1. "A handgun in every kindergartener's backpack!"

                  NRA 2018.

                  You certainly put that straw man in its place.

                2. Burn that straw man, Tony!

                  1. I had to think about it, but I did come up with a reasonable scenario for Tony, who I think deserves a civil answer? ***I*** do not really need an un-trace-able (or home-made) firearm, because I have no criminal convictions (I can legally own one).

                    What about a dude in a poor, crime-infested area who needs one, but has been unjustly convicted? He got drunk one night, yelled at his wife, called her a slut and a whore? OK, that wasn't nice of him? But he never laid a hand on her. Still, because of a "justice" system run amok? Which doesn't distinguish between sticks and stones and bones, v/s mere words, and all-to-common problem? He is comvicted of "domestic violence". Now, hot-tempered-once ?in-his-life dude can no longer defend himself and his family? ? Oh, yeah, Dude, I can see you don't want to risk buying a gun in the criminal underworld, and you'd like to make your own! Go for it!

                    1. "What if you said you wanted to murder a bunch of children"

                      Going through your life based on your constant efforts to live inside the heads of crazy people isn't healthy, son.

                    2. What about a dude in a poor, crime-infested area who needs one, but has been unjustly convicted? He got drunk one night, yelled at his wife, called her a slut and a whore
                      "Slut! Whore!"
                      "I dare you to lay a hand on me!"
                      *Whoop Whoop
                      "Tell it to the judge, cracker!!"
                      *Gavel slams
                      "Daddy...I got sodomized on the way home from school again."
                      "Damn you, slut!!!"

                    3. Written like a true inner-city poet!

                      If'n ye ever want to write rap lyrics for yourself as a white person... Or for any other white rapper... Then, "Vanilla Ice" is already taken...

                      So, for your stage name, may I suggest...

                      "Cracker of Doom!" (Ba-da-BOOM!)

                    4. I was thinking I should call into KPFA and say I'm a spoken word poet and read that on the air during Hard Knock Radio

                      "The name of this joint is 'Defenseless Mothafucka'..and a one and a two..."

                3. Funny thing Tony, back in the day before they ourlawed firearms on school campuses, there were rarely ever shootings at school. They used to have shooting teams and shooting clubs at schools. This meant at least one adult coach/teacher with experience, and who knows how many students. I wonder why school shootings only took off after guns were banned at schools... Weird coincidence huh?

                  I mean you'd think mass shooters would go to places like shooting ranges, or police stations, or court houses where there are lots of armed people who can protect themselves. I mean it's only fair to give your victims a fighting chance. Why do they always have to be big meanies and specifically go to places where guns are explicitly forbidden? It makes no sense!

        5. Why does the weapon need to be untraceable?

          The weapon is untraceable by default even with a bona fide serial number. Just like if you show up to a crime scene and find a fingerprint, you don't automatically know it was John Doe who committed the crime. Same thing with a gun, you don't just know by looking at the serial number which guns are associated with which crimes.

          Also, just like fingerprints (only arguably worse because the 'flaw' was intentionally built in out of stupidity) where one set of fingerprints can be traced to 'multiple people' (e.g. John Doe a.k.a. Jonathan Doeth a.k.a. Johnny D a.k.a. Notorious JD), it's quite possible to have groups of bullets across a few crime scenes associated with several different guns and/or shooters.

        6. I am lost on how the ability to trace the origin of any firearm keeps a murderer from being held accountable.
          But I am an engineer, not a detective, in the criminal law sense anyway.

          But using healthcare, notably the ACA, as an example, if you can be fined for not having something, health care, you can bet you can be "taxed", "fined" required to "forcibly donate" to some entity for owning a firearm.

          Until it is unaffordable, not banned, just unaffordable.
          Kind of like when some guy said something about building coal power plants, but it would bankrupt you.

          Especially if there are records of ownership.
          And while there are many who will proclaim that form 4473 exists in paper only, it exists for 20 years.
          But coming from the GAO, the government agency responsible for firearms enforcement laws doesn't follow their own policies. Surely an isolated instance, after all the government does such a great job policing itself.


          and from the same report

          The Out-of-Business Records Imaging System (OBRIS) stores nonsearchable images of firearms records from out-of-business FFLs. Such FFLs are required by law to provide their records to ATF.

          Of course its non searchable, they keep it for practice.

          So probably the reason behind the allure of untraceable firearms.

        7. Google some mainstream news. Australian motorcycle gangs are making MAC-10 submachinegun copies using workshop equipment used to repair or fabricate unobtainable motorcycle parts.

          Radicals and criminals in UK, Sweden, Israel, India, Brasil, I suspect most parts of the world make copies of the MAC-10 or the equally simple Carl Gustav (Swedish K, "Carlos", "rattler") in very basic workshops.

          3D Printers? They don't need no stinking 3D Printers.

    2. People who are trying to shoot or stab or beat me to death, for example...

      I am "all ears" for a better solution to these kinds of thugs-caused problems, but I have not yet heard of that "better solution"... Yes, the better solution may exist, hidden away some where, or it may be invented soon, I am trying to keep an open mind. But I am still waiting...

      1. But why does your gun used for perfectly legal self-defense purposes need to be untraceable?

        1. I'm not really willing to defend that one right now, you'll have to ask others...

        2. Why does anyone need to know I have one?

          1. Exactly. Burden of proof should always be on those who want restrictions, not on those who want liberty.

            Tony is committing one of the left's favorite fallacies: switching the burden of proof.

            1. There's plenty of evidence out there, but you of all people are not going to believe what you don't want to, because you're incredibly fucking stupid.

              1. So Tony, are you saying that you want the cops to be the only armed people in the country?

                You think cops are bad now...

                1. There's no inherent reason even cops need to have firearms in a civilized society. They didn't in perfectly civilized countries for a long time.

                  Ever heard of the concept of an arms race? How far do you want this one to go?

                  1. There is an arms race going on right now. There is an imaginary war on cops going on, and as a result cops are becoming paramilitary organizations who view all of us as the enemy. Printed guns will not make a difference either way.

                  2. "There's no inherent reason even cops need to have firearms in a civilized society didn't in perfectly civilized countries for a long time."

                    Didn't have electricity or indoor plumbing for that matter either....

                  3. I'll see your 30,000 half-megaton ballistic missiles, comrade, and raise you one Strategic Defense Initiative and a couple thousand fanjet cruise missiles packing 100 kiloton fusion bombs. Feeling lucky?

        3. "But why does your gun used for perfectly legal self-defense purposes need to be untraceable? "

          Why do you even think you get to ask me?

            1. Then you'll appreciate that I tell you, again, that no matter what stupid justification you trot out, it's still none of your fucking business.

              1. I'm against humans being exploded.

                1. Tony|2.5.18 @ 3:41PM|#

                  Freedom, cocksucker.

            2. Tony asks the question, "But why does your gun used for perfectly legal self-defense purposes need to be untraceable? "

              Then, unwittingly, a few posts later answers it. "Freedom, cocksucker."

              You can't make this shit up.

        4. If I use a lead pipe for self defense, does it have to be traceable?

          1. If a gun is no more effective at self-defense than a lead pipe, why do you people jerk off to guns so much?

            1. Because gun oil is nice and slippery?

          2. Because those are the fucking rules. Whether it be the lead pipe, the wrench, the derringer, the rope...whatever...

        5. The "gun used for perfectly legal self-defense purposes" DOESN'T need to be untraceable. The gun kept as the last resort to foreign or domestic tyranny should indeed not even be known to exist to anyone but the owner, most certainly not to the government. That gun is the last resort to defend freedom --- "The ballot box, the soap box, the jury box, the cartridge box".
          That final check the people have over a government that ignores the rights of the people is not something that the government may in any way "control". Otherwise, you put the fox in charge of the henhouse.

        6. For the same reason that some people don't want to share their citizenship status with government agencies: the government, by its nature, cannot be trusted with such information. Perhaps today the government won't abuse the information. There's always tomorrow. The control of the government changes hands.

          You don't seem to be aware of this, but the government that can't be trusted with citizenship status and the government that can't be trusted with gun ownership status are the SAME government. I don't understand why you expect me to trust them.

    3. So who do you people want to shoot, exactly?

      People who falsely accuse innocent people of murder generally, and the ones who come after me or my family specifically.

      1. Anyone who presumes to initiate the use of deadly force is presumed to have waived all right to object to repayment in kind. How complicated is that? Even an Altrurian communist understands that, self-deception to the contrary notwithstanding.

    4. Do you wear your selt beat? Why do you want to get in a car accident?

      Do you have a fire extinguisher? Why do you want your house to catch on fire?

      1. Premise flawed. More guns means more gun deaths, not more people saved by guns. The NRA line is a myth employed to sell guns. And you're a victim of their bullshit.

        1. Nope. There are millions of defensive gun uses in this country every year, and most don't involve firing a shot.

          Regardless, I was just making fun of your idiotic assertion that wanting to own a gun implies wanting to shoot someone.

          1. So we both have incredibly high rates of gun deaths and potentially many more if not for guns employed for self-defense.

            There must be something very psychologically wrong with Americans, huh? Water fluoridation perhaps?

            1. Nope. Government. The War on Drugs, mainly.

              1. "Nope. Government. The War on Drugs, mainly."

                Pretty much.

                Exclude gang-related violence (War on Drugs) and suicide, and I bet the gun death counts would plummet.

                1. Roughly 30,000 gun deaths per year. 20,000 of those are suicides (and Americans commit suicide at a much lower rate than Japan). Of the 10,000 homicides, 2/3 are felons killing felons, ie, collateral damage from the War on (Some) Drugs.

                  That's 3000 gun deaths for 330,000,000 people, which comes down to one gun death per 110,000 people. I don't know how many are self-defense, how many are murder.

                  I'm not worried about being murdered by anything, let alone someone with a gun.

                  For comparison, cops shoot around 1,000 people a year. No doubt quite a few are justified.

                  1. Yep. Despite all our guns, Americans are losing the suicide race.

                    The USA, # 1 in gun ownership, is in 50th place worldwide, tied with Uruguay at 12.1 suicides per 100,000. That is far behind "gun free" South Korea with the second highest suicide rate in the world ----- 28.9 / 100,000, even though South Korea is 148th in the world in gun ownership with 1.1 guns per 100 people.

                    If you prefer to look at a European Culture for comparison, it is interesting to note that while Lithuania has the lowest rate of gun ownership in Europe, 0.7 per 100 people,( little more than 1/2 the rate of South Korea) it still manages to somehow attain the 4th highest suicide rate in the entire world, 28.2 per 100,000.

                    The highest rate of suicide (44.2 / 100,000) is in Guyana, where there are apparently not enough guns to go around, and the prevalent suicide method is poisoning with insecticides.

                    1. Exactly, there are TONS of ways to kill yourself than guns, so taking away gun rights isn't going to change anything. It's culture that decides suicide rates, not gun ownership.

            2. Tony, it is mostly because of our large, unruly minority population. Blacks, and to a lesser degree Hispanics, shoot a shit ton of people. It's mostly gang related. If you remove our black/Hispanic gang problem, which no other first world country has even close to the degree we do, then our murder rate is comparable to all of your progtarded European countries. I can't believe how dumb people are. You literally just have to subtract blacks from our rates to see that ever with more guns than people we're no worse off than Europe.

              So Tony, if you want to end gun violence in America just figure out how to make the black people stop killing each other. Or if you want to get really ambitious you could fix our welfare, budget, and debt problems by just shipping them back to Africa! That's get rid of all the oppressive white mans racism at the same time too!

              1. Stop it with the inane racist comments. Those aren't welcome at reason. It's "freedom for all" not "freedom for racist white people."

          2. You have to understand. Tony no doubt associates with a lot of Marxists, and the implication that "wanting to own a gun implies wanting to shoot someone" certainly applies with them.

          3. It does if you're an altruist. In fact, even stealing a gun is, to an altruist the, empowerment needed to snuff our that egotistical corrupting influence on matter known as life.

        2. The idea of victims able to return fire is as bothersome to international socialists as the idea of selfish people armed with suffrage and guns is to nationalsocialists. Be still my schadenfreude!

        3. In recent years the number of guns sold has been astronomical. In addition to the well over 300,000,000 guns now owned by Americans, there are ~16,000,000 concealed carry permits issued to (some) of those gun-owners. So are we up to our knees in blood?

          No. Violent crime has continued downward over the same period that saw that increase in guns, and murder is at a 51 year low.
          From --- "FBI: US Homicide Rate at 51-Year Low" 06/15/2016, "Mises Wire" Ryan McMaken

          "The US homicide rate in 2014, the most recent year available, was 4.5 per 100,000. The 2014 total follows a long downward trend and is the lowest homicide rate recorded since 1963 when the rate was 4.6 per 100,000. To find a lower homicide rate, we must travel back to 1957 when the total homicide rate hit 4.0 per 100,000."

          That doesn't fit with your simplistic view that "More guns = more gun deaths/crime/violence". In fact, the direct opposite of your prediction is the established fact.

          So tell me Tony, just WHO has been bullshitted? What's it like to be the victim of the BS from VPC, and all of that ilk?

        4. The mantra of "more guns = more gun violence/crime/deaths" is often presented as "simple math".
          We see the same "simple math" in:

          "If a woman takes 9 months to give birth to a child, we will assign 9 women to that project, and deliver the child in 1 month."

          It's all VERY "simple".

    5. Bad guys, zombies, defenseless animals, pop cans...oh, and none of you business.

    6. So which defenseless women do you want to get raped, exactly?

    7. Typical snowflake comment. 99.999999% of gun owners hope they never have to shoot anyone. However, the 2nd amendment is crystal clear on it's intent, particularly given the study of tyrannical rule of the Brits just before the American revolution broke out. If other democratic nations want to become a land of the sheep home of the brown nosers of the government, that's fine, but I would like to think that America is cut from a different cloth and won't forget that government is there to serve the people, not the other way around.

  6. "gun control"

    Use both hands.

  7. Printing press
    Gun press

    What beautiful words.

    Best ok luck tomorrow SpaceX!

    1. "Best of luck tomorrow SpaceX!"

      Amen! Here's hoping that it will be a step towards affordable emigration to "Planet Libertopia", since Earth is looking pretty screwed up right now...

      1. A nice little homesteading asteroid would be just fine, and there'a zillion of em.

      2. "since Earth is looking pretty screwed up right now..'

        Besides the little communist infection... Isn't earth doing pretty damn good lately?

        1. Yes, compared to the depths of WW II, it is... And standards of living, and all.

          "Always look on the bright side of life!"

  8. So, here's what I just witnessed. In response to why he gets to question hun owners, Tony cited "freedom" despite words inarguably being responsible for more damage than any weapon.

    It's almost like he's a caricature of a parody.

    1. *gun not zee germans

      1. I love both guns and huns, so it's OK...

        Hun-guns? Some are not quite as reliable as the plain ol' six-shooter, which I am quite fond of, so I will pass, on the hun-guns such as the "Luger"... Hock a lubbie on the Luger, Ah Sez...

  9. The answer to Tony of "why untraceable" is very simple: Because if it has a serial number, the government knows its ownership. When the government is eventually taken over by people like Tony, they will use this information to come after people who own guns. So, because it is none of their business, I want my gun to be un-numbered, unknown, and readily available.

    1. Johnny B. Good!

      "He never learned to read or write so well,
      But he could play his gun like a ringin' a bell!
      Go, Johnny, Go!
      Johnny, Be Good!"

    2. Wasn't there a concealed carry registry that someone made public?

      1. Yes - In Westchster, Putnam, and Rockland Counties New York a few years back - not strictly a CC list, but a Pistol permit list (nominally the same in NYS, except where there are administrative restrictions placed on the permit....don't get me started!) with a helpful map of the robbery targets locations (hey! I can see my house on that map!) as well as a list to download of name and address. It was quite the kerfuffle. Gannet Newspapers in the form of the 'Journal News' - https://tinyurl.com/yaq3g8wo

  10. Progs aint gonna like this

    Central committee will be thinking about some regulating of some kind or other..

  11. Absolutely delightful that some bits and pieces of the Bill of Rights--rights that have never existed outside of These States--have survived the test of totalitarianism.

  12. Or you could just by an 80% frame and build one. The Polymer80 uses Glock parts. It's completely legal, federally, to make guns for your own use. You can even sell them, you just can't make them with the INTENT to sell.

    1. Yeah, when I was a kid the community college in my moms home town had a gun smithing class. I REALLY wanted to take it when I got older, but never did. Anybody can make any type of gun for personal use and not report it. I believe you have to apply for a serial number when you choose to sell it though if you want to be by the book.

      An interesting business idea I had was to have a 3d printer shop where people can come in and print stuff. These are becoming somewhat popular... Hacker space, maker space or whatever is a common name given to such places that have 3d printers, CNC machines etc. BUT you could ALSO buy one of Cody's machines to rent out as well. Presumably if someone were simply renting equipment to do WHATEVER project they happened to be doing, you would not in fact be making the gun yourself, hence no serial but you'd still be making some bucks. Interesting loophole that could allow a lot of people to get maximum use out of the machine, as $1700 for one person is a bit much to make one or two off the books pieces.

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    He was a master machinist. I asked him what his first g-job (personal project)was when he got a job in the States. He showed me a .38 he made from scratch. I asked him why and he said "because I could".

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