Finding Mr. Righteous: Lisa De Pasquale on Dating Conservative Men


Given the overabundance of men who show up, says Lisa De Pasquale, the odds are good for women trying to find a date at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). But, cracks the former CPAC organizer, "the goods are definitely odd."

A long-time conservative activist with libertarian leanings, De Pasquale is the author of the new book, Finding Mr. Righteous, which Ann Coulter calls "a true Christian story disguised as racy chick lit." The memoir documents De Pasquale's misadventures while dating right-wingers, Republicans, and conservatives. "A majority of conservative men I see like to talk about how 'hot' women on 'our' side are," she says, with a laugh and a sigh. "These were the dorky kids in high school and they want to brag about how now they have a hot wife."

Reason TV's Nick Gillespie sat down with De Pasquale to discuss Finding Mr. Righteous, dating in D.C., and how liberal and conservative men may not be so different when it comes to talking about women in politics.

About 5 minutes.

Camera by Amanda Winkler and Joshua Swain; edited by Swain.

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  1. Nice trolling, but I'm not taking thebait

    1. Holy shit guys, way to (unironically) live up to the "this is why there are no women libertarians" meme.

      I mean, it's well established that SIV is an inbred asshole, some of you other folks ought to be ashamed. This wasn't some Tumblrina complaining that men owed their attraction to her.

      1. The comments below are why Virginia Postrel hates us. Jesus Christ, have some self-respect, guys.

  2. John would.

    1. Did you stay up late working on that? Good thing you are not tiresome or repetitive or anything.

    2. zing

  3. Hey honey how about you mix in a salad and try joining a gym before your start lecturing anyone about the relative attractiveness of the men you meet. Just saying.

    1. Why? I see butt ugly men (like, Clint Howard ugly) rating women's attractiveness all the time. That's what we do as human beans.

      1. And you can call them out for it Kristen. They are pretty much asking for it. So is this chick.

        Looks aside, she doesn't strike me as much of a catch. I am thinking she should be lucky any of these guys are paying attention to her.

        1. I don't call them out. I think it's just fine to judge people on their looks. That's how we decide whether we want to have sex with them.

          1. Sure. And she is whining about how she doesn't want to have sex with these guys. I think it is pretty fair for them or anyone else to observe that they likely feel the same way about her.

            1. Whatever, John. You love the fatty fat fats.

              1. As pathetic and tiresome as it is coming from sarcasmic, he at least thought it up. You didn't even do that.

                1. If it didn't bother you so much they wouldn't waste their time.

              2. Hey man fat chicks need lovin too.... but they gotta pay

        2. she doesn't strike me as much of a catch

          Depends where you are. She'd be considered quite a catch in Jamaica, judging by the tastes in women that a number of Jamaican men of my acquaintance have.

          1. Some women have special ethnic appeal. Maybe she needs to realize hers.

          2. Thing is, she already lives in DC, a city where there are a metric shitton of men wanting to date hefty white girls. Methinks she doesn't date outsider her race, though.

      2. And the bangs Kristen. The bangs. What the hell was she thinking with the hair?

        1. Interesting. My hair is a much shorter version of hers (picture Amelie). It's the "in" style right now. Which means I need to change mine soon (since I'm a compulsive contrarian).

          1. Please don't soil Audrey Tatou by referring to her in reference to this woman. Audrey is an epic babe and you leave Audrey alone.

            1. My hair is like Amelie's, fer cryin' out loud!

              1. I am sure it looks great.

                1. Stop now John. No win scenario approaching.

                  1. Nerfherder,

                    Audrey Tautau is hot. If you homos don't get that, that is your problem.

                    1. She's a waif, man. Fucking that objectified actress would be like plowing a vapor.

                    2. would be like plowing a vapor.

                      but vaping is all the rage now.

          2. Big girls with round faces should never wear their hair long and straight because it emphasises their round faces.

            She would look better with your hairstyle.

        2. I just don't get bangs. No one looks better with bangs (though some people do look good with them, I have to admit). Though it does seem to be fashionable at the moment.

  4. Yep, her DC dating experience is typical. The anecdote about guys emailing her from dating sites saying "could you get me on a CPAC panel?" was spot on.

    BTW, who thinks reason does its web development on their production site?

    1. I hear about about the general douchyness of Washington. But, if you don't like people obsessed with politics, why did you come here?

      This chick isn't like you and I and just came here because this is where the paycheck is. She is just as politics obsessed and douchy as these guys are.

      Isn't this really just a case of her hating her own kind?

      And yeah, how can the reason servers work fine for years and then one day completely fall apart and apparently never return to normal?

      1. I came here for the politics, believe it or not. It didn't take me too long to see that being successful in the DC bureaucracy (whether it's govt or not-for-profit) requires skills that I ain't got. Willingness to fit in and tow the lion being the big ones. The phrase "the nail that sticks out gets pounded down" applies here.

  5. There is no way I'm watching this. It sounds excruciating.

  6. She has big fat cheeks.

  7. I guess the dating scene in DC is pretty awful.

    1. "Politics is Hollywood for ugly people"

      1. I've heard other variations, equally accurate; such as

        "Politics: Intellectualism for the stupid"

        "Politics: a popularity contest for Assholes"

        1. Dunking contest for dwarfs?

    2. There are tons of hot women running around DC. I won't vouch for their personalities or character. But there are a lot of hot ones.

      The number of hot women to decent looking non dorky guys is very high. This chick doesn't stand a chance in DC. I bet she hasn't had a date in years.

      1. There are tons of hot women running around DC.

        Yeah, they're called "Hookers" or "Lobbyists", take your pick.


        1. What's the difference?

          1. "AT this point what difference does it make" -HRC

    3. I guess the dating scene in DC is pretty awful.

      Not just DC. I have friends who date and the stories they tell. Yikes. Glad I'm married.

      1. Little Rock's no prize.

        1. I have no idea what that means.

  8. Yes, that dress makes your big ass look big.

    1. "Does this camera make me look fat?"
      "Does this mirror make me look fat?"

      1. Yes, that dress makes your big ass look big.

        Right answer: Yes, we better take it off you right now.
        Wrong answer: No, it is not the dress.

    2. Yes, that fat makes your fat ass look fat.

  9. I may change my profile userid to DontOtherMeWithYourMicroaggressions or IAmTehMaleGaze.

    1. "IAmTehMaleGaze"

      You'll be a huge hit with the boys.

  10. which Ann Coulter calls "a true Christian story disguised as racy chick lit."

    In very few words you have given me three reasons why this book is not for me. That's some damned efficient writing. Nice work.

  11. I was perfectly happy just ogling down the teenager's shirt in the previous post. Why'd you have to go and hit me with this 'relationship' stuff?

    Besides, all the women I date never know anything about my personal political leanings... until its *far, far too late* 🙂

    If that shit is on your list of 'wants', you're fucked up and I want nothing to do with you anyway. I would think Nick, a guy who so often points out that "there are many spheres of life where politics has no place", would be the first to point this out.

    It reminds me of Bo-tard, who is constantly hectoring people for not meeting his preconceived notion of what a 'proper-libertarian' is supposed to be.... yet completely missing the point of "first = *Don't Be a Dick* = all else is less important". I'd rather be knocking boots with an amusing socialist than spend 5 minutes in the same room as that dickhead.

    1. Well said Gilmore. Is there a more boring subject of conversation on a date than politics? I have had some very good times with women who held pretty stupid and appalling political views. I would take them over this chick all week and twice on Sunday.

      If politics are affecting your dating life, either you or the people you are dating are doing it all wrong.

      1. You learn this real fast in the swinging world. We've met couples who attend church every Sunday who are willing to fuck on Saturday. As an atheist/agnostic couple if we connect with that couple emotionally and physically the religious thing becomes a side issue.

        That being said I think you are rating pretty hard on this BBW. I don't think she's getting enough sex so you should cut her a bit of slack, man.

  12. These dating-in-the-political-realm subjects just... suck.

    1. Come on Paul. They are magnets for snark. People on both sides in politics are pathetic and make up for it by thinking they are anything but.

      I love a thread that allows for the normal world to heap the scorn and derision on these people they so richly deserve.

  13. John you owe me big time, because I'm about to take a lot of heat off you:

    I think this chick is somewhat physically attractive.

    1. To each their own. Honestly, I can't get past her snotty self importance to even worry about her looks.

      1. Hmmm.... sez the verbose one...

    2. Are you a whaler?

  14. Nothing about feminist or conservative female culture will ever fucking change the reality that attractive women are a great thing to end up in lifelong commitments with... ESPECIALLY when one was an ostracized nerd in high school like I was.

    1. Well to be fair you were most likely ostracized because of terrible blow jobs, not your looks.

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  16. She probably needs to meet Ferris Bueller. I hear he's a righteous dude.

  17. Clarice Starling: Mr. Gordon, good, uh... well Frederica used to work for Mrs. Lippman. Did you know her?

    Jame "Buffalo Bill" Gumb: No, nuh-uh. Oh wait... was she a great big fat person?

    Clarice Starling: Yeah she was a big girl, sir.

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