Police: If You're Carrying Condoms, You Might Be a Hooker (Don't cops have better things to do?!)


Imagine a city that passes out condoms for free and busts people who carry condoms. That's what seems to be happening in New Orleans, where the city's health department doles out protection while the city's police department doles out harassment.

According to "In Harm's Way," a recent report from Human Rights Watch, sex workers and those suspected of engaging in sex work report that cops use the possession of condoms as evidence of prostitution. (Similar police practices have been documented in cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington, DC.)

How do prostitutes react to harassment in the Big Easy? Often by carrying fewer condoms or by having unprotected sex.

The watchdog organization suggests that condom crackdowns, along with vague loitering laws and bans on the non-medical sale and distribution of syringes, may help explain why New Orleans' rate of new HIV/AIDS infection is the third-highest in the nation.

Cleo, a 36-year-old woman, claims officers' reach extends beyond the streets. "In the French Quarter [in March 2013]," she says, "I was at [a bar] with a man and the cops asked only the trans women to go outside and they searched us. If we had condoms we got arrested for attempted solicitation."

However, the New Orleans Police Department takes issue with the report. "NOPD does not arrest individuals for carrying condoms, as possession of condoms is not a crime," says a police department spokesperson, who goes on to admit that carrying condoms, "can--by law--be considered evidence" of prostitution.

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  1. OTOH, you *just* might be a redneck.

  2. Related: if you concealed carry a firearm you MUST be:

    1) an arms dealer
    2) a drug dealer
    4) a wacko bird anarchist rebel working actively to overthrow our benevolent Overlords in the Federal Gummint (PBUH)
    5) All of the above and more.

    In any case, we'll shoot first, ask questions later.

    1. 4) a wacko bird anarchist rebel working actively to overthrow our benevolent Overlords in the Federal Gummint (PBUH)

      Actually, yes.

  3. I suppose this explains Sandra Fluke's desire to have her Pills subsidized.

  4. If we had condoms we got arrested for attempted solicitation.

    These arrests can't be leading to convictions. And who would plead out on this?

    1. Someone also found with drugs on them?

  5. Fuckin' New Orleans? Are you kidding me?

    Pointing out the stupidity and corruption in New Orleans is like pointing out that retarded kids drool.

    Pray for another Katrina.

    1. Pray for another Katrina.

      Hell no, Houston doesn't need any more refugees from New Orleans. We got thousands last time the FedGov set up in apartments and started sending checks to. Guess who has no urgency to move back 'home'?

      1. OTOH, Treme wasn't too bad

  6. You me'd the first link.

    1. For HM. ^ Can't link, can't thread.

        1. The sinister gay agenda strikes again.

      1. You P Brooksed your response.

        1. I admitted that. I guess Mr. Ted S. is just soooo perfect.

          You have made an enemy this day.


  8. Imagine a city that passes out condoms for free and busts people who carry condoms.

    In "free" America, crime commits you!

  9. The spokesman is, of course, lying. New Orleans has arrested people for carrying condoms for years; they just usually invent some other BS to go along with it. For most of '99 they even had undercover cops asking unaccompanied women, "Do you have a condom?" and arresting them for any yes or no answer; the "nos" were forcibly tested for HIV & STIs, and woe to any who came up positive despite the fact they had committed no crime. And in the years I owned my escort service, every girl I knew who got busted (including me in October '05) had her condoms counted as "evidence". An additional tyranny: Until 2011, accused women too poor to afford a lawyer were condemned to the "sex offender" registry for life for "crime against nature by solicitation". In other words, until the court fixed it, there were many poor women in New Orleans condemned to lifelong "sex offender" restrictions for carrying condoms.

  10. They should have tried the "No, I just love cock" defense.

  11. I lived in New Orleans, a city with a LONG history of corruption and abuse. I have seen police kill a student at Mardi Gras with a baton in broad daylight just because they could. Police murdered Katrina victims for crossing a bridge. If you are carrying condoms In the Crescent City, it's more likely that you are a cop's sister or Mama, which could also mean you are a hooker. Welcome to the deep deep south. Louisiana has the lowest rated education system in the US ( below Arkansas, MS, AL, and even FL (that's pretty low). It has been home base to the KKK for more than 100 yrs. What a disgrace o the country. The New Orleans adage never seems to fail: "It's not the humidity, it's the stupidity!"

  12. These techniques have been many places by LE (law enforcement).

    In DC they have given them out at the NHI (National Health Institute), then arrested sex workers for having them a short distance away. The arrest usually consists of three components 1) being a known sex worker (strippers, escorts n massage therapists qualify). 2) You have an ad up, are in a certain area of town, or set up an appointment 3) have in your possession more than 1 condom Those three concurrences are enough alone to allow them to use condoms as intent of committing a crime and convict. The consequences? Those who are being trafficked are NOT ALLOWED TO USE CONDOMS - pimps what those people free on the street and able to make money. As a society we send a message to those who are victims that their life does not matter. Crazy and sad... Next thing you know we will be arresting men for carrying money...lol.

    So... these tactics will continue until one of their daughters contracts AIDS because her boyfriend saw a prostitute who was too scared to use condoms... Or maybe their son.. their wife, or even themselves. It's a shame that police in order to rack up arrest numbers are so willing to throw away what is good for society as a whole and that "Harm Reduction" - the whole point of law is going right over the top of their heads!

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