NSA Whistleblower: Snowden was Right to Not Go Through Official Channels


"Where I see it going is toward a totalitarian state. You've got the NSA doing all this collecting of material on all of its citizens - that's what the S.S., the Gestapo, the Stasi, the KGB, and the MVD did," says William Binney referencing the National Security Agency's (NSA) collection of personal data on American citizens.

Binney, a former intelligence official, left the NSA in 2001 after more than 30 years with the agency. Since resigning, he has gone before Congress and the Department of Defense in an effort to bring accountability to the NSA. 

For the full 50 minute interview, click here

About 2 minutes.

Produced by Amanda Winkler. Camera by Todd Krainin and Winkler.

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  1. Oh don't worry, the "official channels" work just as they're supposed to. Thank goodness Snowden was smart enough to see that.

    1. Exactly. I suspect that all the idiots who say Snowden should have used the official channels realize that, and just say that because their real opinion - he should have kept his mouth shut - is too unpopular.

    2. The Snowden Snowjob is a CIA limited-hangout operation.

      As Binney will tell you, real journalists have documented NSA's illegal spying for a decade.

      Greenwald's job is publicize that knowledge in a controlled way which will minimizes congressional reaction and avoid prosecution.

      Ed and Glenn will receive their multi-million dollar payoff from NSA billionaire Omydiar later this year.


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    Yes, I remember her, and there is no way in hell she is remotely fuckable 15-20 years later.


    1. Do it anyway.

  3. This is an amazing interview. The accusation is that the NSA is building this data collection out as a make-work project (at worst) and faith that they can automate huge dataset analysis (at best). They're either evil or stupid, take your pick. The problem is that they're in power.

    This is also amazing in how Gillespie hair-shames his interviewee. Be sure to watch in HD for the full effect.

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  6. Snowden is a hero to free-thinking Americans who believe the government - "public servants" - are there to serve the public, not for the public to serve them.

    But is some of the data collected being used for black-mail? It's scary how some judges are ruling it's all okay despite the clarity of the constitution they've pledged to uphold...

  7. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.


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