Nick Gillespie Discusses 3-D Printed Guns, Obama's Call to Trust Government, and Chris Christie on Fox's Red Eye


Reason TV Editor-in-Chief Nick Gillespie appeared on Fox's Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld to discuss 3-D printed guns, Obama's call to millenials to trust in government, and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's fight against spiders.

Airdate: May 7, 2013.

About 40 minutes.

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  1. Is this the weekend thread?

    Also, blah blah, cosmotarian, blah blah blah...

    1. Rob Ford Claims He Has Twin Brother.

      And blah blah blah, yokeltarian, economics, blah blah blah....

    2. From next year olive oil "presented at a restaurant table" must be in pre-packaged, factory bottles with a tamper-proof dispensing nozzle and labelling in line with EU industrial standards.
      The use of classic, refillable glass jugs or glazed terracotta dipping bowls and the choice of a restaurateur to buy olive oil from a small artisan producer or family business will be outlawed.

      For the children, of course.

    3. That's hilariously bad. I do so love it when Eurocrats do self-parody.

      Think Sam Clark is voting UKIP in the next election?

      1. Hey jesse, it's BIG GAY DAY in Long Beach today! Grab your assless chaps and come on down and join the festivities!

        1. I've never actually been down for the parade. Every time I've gone to the festival I wander around a bit, decide I really want a Utilikilt, realize it's a lot of money for something I don't really want, and go home.

          I'm planning on passing this year.

          1. Why the fuck are those utilikilts so damn expensive?

            It's basically like a pair of one-legged cargo shorts.

            1. I dunno, but I'm a cheapskate when it comes to clothes so a utilikilt is just not something I can wrap my head around buying. Especially since I don't see myself wearing it very often.


          1. "Assless chaps" gives a better mental image.

    1. An idiot chimes in:

      what if you know for a fact that the burglar is unarmed, would you kill him?

      a burglar could be a father who is unemployed and at his wits end at finding options to provide for his starving family. Not every burglar is a violent, armed psychotic rapist.

      First of all, no one in this country starves to death, unless someone is coercively starving them. Secondly, really? What the fuck man?

      Every news story on youtube about a homeowner defending themselves is littered with comments of this type of idiocy. "What if the burglar was just desperate because his job was outsourced and he needed to feed his family!?"

      I like that the invaders were dumb enough to lock the guy in a closet in Texas. I would assume that every closet in Texas contains a firearm.

      1. It'd be a good life lesson for his son: don't turn to burglary.

      2. Every news story on youtube about a homeowner defending themselves is littered with comments of this type of idiocy. "What if the burglar was just desperate because his job was outsourced and he needed to feed his family!?"

        The correct response is:

        "I don't care. You break into my house, you die. PERIOD!"

      3. what if you know for a fact that the burglar is unarmed, would you kill him?

        What a preposterous straw man. In what conceivable scenario could you know this for a fact?

        1. It's just like the 'what if he's a loving father whose family is starving?!?' Well, how the hell would I know if that's the case? What if he's a serial killer there to murder my whole family?

          You shouldn't put your family at risk based on the possibility that a home invader doesn't mean you any harm.

          1. Generally speaking, burglars who don't mean anyone harm try to break in when no one is home. If they are purposely breaking in when you're home, there is an extremely high risk that they mean you harm.

            1. "Don't mean anyone harm" is an intentionally vague reference. It could mean anything from, "not a serial killer intending to kill your whole family" to "someone dumb enough to think violence might no break out during a burglary". But the fair bet is, "someone willing to hurt me and mine". And you're not to be blamed for acting accordingly.

  2. I fully support Red Eye's "Put the woman at the end so we can see her legs" idea.

  3. "This is not about ideology or politics," Harris said. "It is a false choice to suggest you are either in support of the Second Amendment or in favor of reasonable gun safety rules. We can do both."

    Harris said her department has seized more than 10,000 firearms under the law and recently received an additional $24 million to expand its efforts.

    This is the program that gun-grabbers are hoping to be the future on a national level. Of course, the hard part will be getting nationalized health services to diagnose gun owners as mentally ill. Oh wait...

    1. They leave out that they visit the homes of gun owners that are related to convicts or the "mentally ill" and bully their way in to confiscate the weapons. One story I read was of a man whose wife once went under 72 hour observation for depression. They took his guns and not only will he not ever get them back, but he is most likely banned from ever buying another firearm.

      Leaving aside the facts that the mentally ill commit less violent crime than the population at large, and that defining mentally ill is subjective, at best, this practice is a huge move into what us "crazies" have been warning about for years.

  4. Give 'em Hell, Gillespie.

  5. Did Obama miss the whole week they talked about the American Revolution in High School?

    Trust government...

    I think that was the founder's motto.

    1. But he's a constitutional scholar!

  6. In re, the president's commencement address:

    Aren't "self-rule" and "democracy" two mutually exclusive terms? The whole point of democracy is being ruled by others, and I'd argue that it would be more accurately termed "mass-rule".

    1. Ochlocracy.

  7. Why don't you do this for when Kennedy is on?

    She actually talks and doesn't just mumble.

  8. I'm working on a 3D printer model to print a 3D printer. Anyone see a problem with that?

    1. Guess I should have watched the video first

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