"I Can't Take the Loss of Liberty" or, How to Radicalize a Suburban Mom

Meet Gigi Bowman, Ron Paul-inspired candidate for New York state Senate.


"I didn't want to run for office," says Gigi Bowman, "liberty candidate" for the New York state Senate. The Long Island native decided to run for office after Empire State pols passed sweeping new gun control legislation. What particularly irked her was the large number of Republicans who supported the law. "That was shocking," says Bowman. The vote underscored for her the idea that the two major parties don't really offer voters a clear set of choices.

Bowman, editor of How to Run for Office on a Liberty Platform and head of Liberty Candidates, encourages citizens who prize individual liberty to step up and run for a local office. What positions do "liberty candidates" take? "Sound money, free markets, individual liberty, constitutional government, and non-intervention in foreign policy," she says. "Basically the same as Campaign for Liberty," the group founded by her political inspiration, former Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas).

About 5 minutes.

Interview by Nick Gillespie. Camera by Joshua Swain and Amanda Winkler. Edited by Winkler.

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  1. "For most people that are running, the biggest challenge is money."

    But I thought libertarians were all uber-rich, monocle-wearing, multi-national corporate monopolists?

    1. No, most libertarians are automatons brainwashed and controlled by by said corporate monopolists.

      1. Also, while we make a lot of money from our holdings in Polluting Sweatshops, Inc., we waste all of it on hookers, blow, and video games.

        1. And Internet porn. And machine guns. And humongous sugary drinks.

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            1. Well, somebody must spend money on it... otherwise the business wouldn't exist.

              I guess those people who aren't happy with the 320x240 teaser videos and don't know how to do Torrent.

              1. "Torrent"? What's that and how do you "do it"?

                1. I'm sorry, I meant P2P.

                  1. I personally go more for A2A

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    1. Reason, you really need a filter or something installed.

  4. The two party system allows plenty of choice. You can vote for the D, or you can vote for the D with a bible. That's essentially the difference between the parties. R's and D's may have differing ideas of what would be good for America, but they both have the same device for getting there. Force of an all powerful centralized federal government in direct violation of the intent and statement of the U.S. Constitution.

    The R's talk states rights, but only as long as the states don't do anything that the R's don't approve of. As far as individual liberty, see states rights. Both support balanced budgets, but only when the other party has majority. Both have a deep and abiding love of the constitution when it can be used to thwart their opponents, not so much when it gets in the way of doing what they want to do. Fiscally comparing R's to D's is like putting a dead, fetid pig next to a cesspit and claiming it smells better.

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