Are you an aspiring documentarian, animator, cinematographer, video editor, or podcast producer? Reason is looking to hire entry-level video journalists who are self-motivated, enthusiastic about learning new skills, and who love the art of good storytelling. Apply to join the production team behind Reason's videos and podcasts. This position is based out of our office in Washington, D.C.

The ideal candidate will have an in-depth understanding of politics and public policy, and an appreciation for the libertarian worldview. Candidates should be comfortable working in a flexible, collaborative environment taking edits and assignments, but also interested in coming up with story ideas of their own.

We're looking for candidates who are eager learners, or who possess a variety of production skills.

Job duties may include:

  • Assisting with AV production for podcasts and videos

  • Assisting with motion graphics videos

  • Graphic design

  • Audio editing and sound design

  • Shooting B-roll

  • Writing articles to accompany the videos and podcasts published on

  • Creating your own documentaries for Reason TV, from pitching through post-production.


  • Strong interest in video production and/or graphic design experience

  • Solid grasp of journalistic practices

  • Sharp organizational and writing skills

  • Ability to analyze and formulate newsworthy stories from a libertarian angle

Send your resume, cover letter, links to relevant online work, and three short pitches for videos that you would like to work on if you were a member of our team. Email them to:

And get unlimited access to everything at