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Without a Prayer

Credit: Paula R. Lively / photo on flickrCredit: Paula R. Lively / photo on flickrOfficials with the Florida High School Athletic Association banned a prayer from being said over the public address system before the start of the Class 2A state football championship game. The game was being played between two private Christian schools, but association officials said they could not allow it because the stadium the game was being played at was built with taxpayer dollars.

Photo Credit: Paula R. Lively / photo on flickr

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  • Fist of Etiquette||

    "Based on previous court precedent, legally we cannot, we do not have the authority to allow that type of request," said Corey Sobers, with the FHSAA.

    Let's just let that phrasing sink in for a moment.

  • ||

    Only secular prayers shall be permitted.

  • SatanicBunniesOfDeath||

    Like the pledge of allegiance, right?

  • Free Society||

    OSU picture? Couldn't find a stock photo of high school football teams?


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