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Brickbat: Not Heeding the Warning

Handicapped parkingCarl Keyes / Dreamstime.comSecurity at Jefferson Elementary School in Warren, Ohio, escorted the school resource officer from campus after he ticketed the principal for parking in a handicapped zone. A spokesman for the officer's union says the officer had warned the principal repeatedly that parking in the spot was illegal.

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  • Eddy||

    "A spokesman for the officer's union"

    FFS, can't the union and the school both lose?

    If the cop has a beef with the school, let him take it to the public - who are bosses of both the cop and the principal - and let the public judge the matter.

  • Robert||

    But where do you park it?

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    Warren City Schools Superintendent Steve Chiaro issued a statement on the situation this evening saying in part, "It is our belief that an individual event or series of events should never impede what we have accomplished or affect the positive rapport and interactions our students and staff experience with our officers each day."

    "The school-to-prison pipeline and the total absolution of our teaching and administrative staff of child discipline in favor of the state must continue unabated, so we are very confident nothing will ultimate change."

  • Still Curmudgeoned (Nunya)||

    Did that sound smarter in his head? It's basically saying that they refuse to learn from mistakes or example, which is spot on in this case.

  • Jerryskids||

    The article mentions that Officer Adam Chinchic gave the principal a ticket but no mention of the principal's name. Why is that? Journalistic practice that generally omits the name of the victim? Or they don't know which principal it was because Jefferson Elementary School in Warren, Ohio has three principals? Are you kidding me? Three fucking principals for an elementary school? How many diversity officers you reckon they got? Cop shoulda just shot the useless parasite and nobody woulda missed her.

  • a ab abc abcd abcde abcdef ahf||

    My memory is that my elementary school had a principal and nurse and janitor, and that's about it.

    Kid's school had a room full of bureaucrats and it wasn't any kind of special school. Counselors and who knows what to run up the costs.

  • perlchpr||

    I'm pretty sure mine had a vice-principal.

    By high school, there was a vice-principal for each grade.

    But yeah, this sort of administrative bloat is (part of) why the schools keep having to ask for more money. That, and buying lots of computer hardware that won't ever actually get used.

  • Brandybuck||

    My dad was a vice-principal. His duty was to be principal when then principal was sick. Which never happened. So no extra pay but no extra duties either. Eight hours a day teaching and two hours a night grading. Certainly nothing administrative.

    Never saw a real vice principal until junior high. He was the guy in charge of discipline while the principal was there in case they needed someone in front of a camera.

  • PCGUY||

    I believe her name is Carrie Boyer.

  • A Lady of Reason||

    Wow! Well the principal deserved that ticket! Breaking the rules because you have power is not a good example for the students!

  • sarcasmic||

    A cop was escorted out by security? I find that hard to believe. Cops do whatever they want. They don't let security escort them out. The king's men kill anyone who lays a hand on them. I don't believe this story.

  • Longtobefree||

    Continue to read the local paper. there should soon be reports of a huge increase in the number of tickets written to that school's security staff, and administrators. Perhaps an article about cars being towed from illegal parking places. It is possible that a random traffic stop will uncover (gasp) drugs.

  • Robert||

    But security at the king's school is also by the king's men.

  • Tony||

    The principal should have looked the cop directly in the eye and then stabbed himself in the thigh with a letter opener.

  • A Thinking Mind||

    Female principal and female cop, it seems. No "he" involved.

  • Tony||

    Oh. What a dumb bitch, then.

  • I am the 0.000000013%||


  • Rockabilly||

    Local Reverend Found Guilty
    Eunice Today
    By Joyce Billings
    March 3, 1996

    Rev. Arthur L. Kirkland told his parishioners they could benefit themselves while doing good if they invested in his Progressive Christian-based company lending small amounts of money to entrepreneurs in developing countries.

    Instead, a jury in Lafayette, LA agreed that Kirkland defrauded his friends and flock out of thousands of dollars.
    Kirkland told investors they would make their money back with profit, all while fueling growth in developing countries. But that never happened.

    Kirkland's crime was brought to light by a parishioner, whose name is being withheld because she is a minor, who told police that Kirkland explained his scheme and wished she would run away with him.

  • perlchpr||

    So... we're getting the post-prison Kirkland? No wonder he's so bitter.

  • SQRLSY One||

    Following the rules is for the little people!

  • Bearded Spock||

    As one who has seen the Publik Skool system both inside and out (attended public schools, homeschooled one of my kids, other kids in public schools) I can attest that teachers and administrators have this weird idea they are somehow special and above the rules.

    I'm not sure where it comes from, but it might be due to the recent (past 10 years) transformation of the school teacher from a Dull Government Employee Who Sounds Like an Adult in a Charlie Brown Cartoon, to Brave Heroes Who Protect Our Greatest Resource and Mold The Future.

    Some teachers, like some journalists, actually view themselves as equivalent to cops and firefighters. I kid you not.

    In their minds ignoring a handicapped placard is completely justified because of all the Good Work they do every day.

  • Ron||

    Most government employees think of themselves as heros for the honor of their "low payin" government job. per my father who worked for the government and was a proud liberal about it until the day he retired and he suddenly became a republican.

  • Wizard4169||

    One point to the spambot for at least coming up with a mildly amusing name.

  • Bearded Spock||

    Indeed. That's a great username for this forum.

  • Cynical Asshole||

    An SRO vs. a school bureaucrat being an asshole? I'm really not sure who to root for here. Can we just feed them both through a woodchipper?

  • Wizard4169||

    In this fight, I'm rooting for a double kill.

  • Will Seth||

    I'm rooting for the woodchopper.

  • Sevo||

    Well, it's obvious he is handicapped, not just in the way for which that spot was marked.

  • Brian||

    I'm sure the principal loves children, her job, and teaching youngsters how to become bright, capable adults.

  • 0x1000||

    And buys construction paper and paste with her own money!

  • Juice||

    The school has both security guards and a cop? And the security guards have rank over the cop to where they can escorts the cop off the premises? Interesting.

  • A Thinking Mind||

    It's an elementary school, so in addition to this, I'm guessing it has dozens of security cameras and a metal detector. Since this is Ohio and not, like, DC Metro, I'll assume they haven't adopted the see-through backpacks policy.

  • DatCrazyMongoose||

    Yikes. Looks like this school's awfulness starts from the top down.
    Great Schools website review

  • Bubba Jones||

    Wait. An elementary school had security guards IN ADDITION to the cop? And they had the balls to confront a real cop?

  • Xico Technologies LLC||

    They just could not imagine that the Pathan of all the people will remain nonviolent. ..

  • Longtobefree||

    Next time (and there will be a next time) the cop should just go straight to the tow truck.
    Or get a couple of friends with real handicapped permits to pull in so close to the principal's car she cannot open the doors.


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