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Cocaine, Lamborghinis, and Dark Humor Served up in Black Monday: New at Reason

Seth Rogen teams up with Don Cheadle for an ‘80s Wall Street Comedy

The texture of Showtime's Black Monday may be divined from two observations, both from the first 60 seconds or so of the show. First, the show opens with a body plummeting from the upper floors of a Wall Street to land on a car below. Second, this is a comedy, splattered brains and all.

Tales of frat-boy dementia among investment bankers are not uncommon these days. Showtime itself has already done two: Billions, soon to start its fourth season, and House of Lies, which lasted five.

But this is the first time anybody has unleashed director Seth Rogen, the overlord of Hollywood juvenilia, on the subject, and Black Monday is every bit as madly, sickly funny as you might expect. Television critic Glenn Garvin explains.

Photo Credit: 'Black Monday,' Showtime


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