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The Future of Science: Podcast

Michael Shermer, Ron Bailey, and Jim Epstein talk poverty-eradication, genomics, and blockchain at Reason’s 50th anniversary celebration

||| ReasonReasonIn the September 1968 issue of the newly created Reason magazine, founding editor Lanny Friedlander dreamed up a scenario of individualized telecommunications beyond just about anyone's contemporary imaginations. "Our man sits down to his telephone," Friedlander wrote. "It is a deluxe model, with a television screen, television camera, teletype outlet, electronic writing pad, copier, and, yes, a handset. He flips on the machine and speaks towards the television screen (there is a mike and speaker next to it). He identifies himself and asks for his "mail.'"

Forward-looking and occasionally prescient writing about the wonders of science is baked right into this magazine's DNA. So it was altogether appropriate at our 50th anniversary celebration in November to convene a panel, which I was fortunate to moderate, on where the future is taking us. Giving us that glimpse were Science Correspondent Ronald Bailey, Reason TV Managing Editor Jim Epstein (who talked about blockchain), and legendary skeptic Michael Shermer.

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Photo Credit: Michael Shermer

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  • A Lady of Reason||

    Sad that science has been used to push political agendas throughout history then and now... The agendas have shifted, but science is corrupted by bias!

  • Jerryskids||

    The future of science is looking pretty grim when our future scientists are being taught that facts and logic and reasoning are white supremacist remnants of the patriarchy and truth is a subjective social construct. All that matters is that you feel good about your sciencing.

  • Rob Misek||

    You got that right.

  • Martin Brock||

    Practically everything called "true", past and present, is a social construct. The hardest of the hard sciences tries to carve out exceptions to this rule, but formulations of even the most scientific "truth" remain social constructs, and I'd exclude most "science" from this hard category anyway. Climate science, for example, is inextricably mixed with politics, not to mention economics and other social sciences.

  • Ama-Gi Anarchist||

    Fuck Michael Shermer. He's just another goddamn pseudo-skeptic who should no more be listened to for what is/is not science than some anti-Copernicus Epicycles mathematician. His brand of "science" is just more orthodoxy hiding behind appeals to authority and the like.

  • Martin Brock||

    September '68 was post-Star Trek, so "beyond contemporary imaginations" is a stretch.


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