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Brickbat: Forget What We Said

medical marijuanaChimpinski / Dreamstime.comAfter Abigail Peck was offered a job at Connecticut's B.W. Tinker Elementary School, she told them she used medical marijuana for ulcerative colitis. She had a valid Florida medical marijuana card, but the school system's human resources office pushed back her start date so she could get a Connecticut card. However, when Peck got the card and tried to start her job, the school fired her. In a statement, the school system's attorney said marijuana use violates the school's drug-free policy. She has filed a lawsuit.

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  • MSimon||

    That kind of medicine is illegal because it is immoral.

    Military school dean fired after using cannabis to treat cancer.

    His cancer is in remission.

  • Still Curmudgeoned (Nunya)||

    His job is in remission too, obviously.

  • Jerryskids||

    She should just take a couple of aspirin for her ulcerative colitis and tough it out. Set an example for the kiddies, only pussies believe in pain amelioration.

  • Still Curmudgeoned (Nunya)||

    How dare she not use opioids for UC.

  • AlmightyJB||

    If God didn't want her to be in pain, he would take the pain away. She just needs to pray more.

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    More likely when they found out she has a chronic medical condition that could cause her to frequently miss work, they jumped on the opportunity to rescind her employment offer.

  • Echo Chamber||

    ding ding ding ding

  • Rev. Arthur L. Kirkland||

    When your prudish ardor for the doomed drug war causes you to be abusive toward a woman afflicted by ulcerative colitis, it is time to recognize you are just no damned good.

    The sooner these old-timey drug warriors take their stale thinking to the grave and are replaced by better, younger, progressive Americans in our electorate, the better.

  • Untermensch den 2||

    It's a holiday miracle. The rev. actually wrote something sensible.

  • SQRLSY One||

    Now wait just a minute!!! This "pot" stuff is evil- evil- evil- EVIL, and will one day be the death of us all!!! (If we don't stop it NOW!) Now hear me out, please, for the sake of us all!

    Because Elon Musk smoked pot on TV, the NASA safety bureaucrats didn't approve of new space transport for humans. For lack of that new transport, Americans will no longer be able to go to the ISS and maintain it (USA contracts for Russian rocket rides are due to expire soon, and there's a 3-year lead time on new orders). So in early 2020, the ISS will crash into my house, and kill me, and the gravity-wave transvorbulator that I am secretly working on in my garage in my spare time, will be lost to science. For lack of the the gravity-wave transvorbulator, humans will NOT be able to fend off the near-Earth asteroid that will cream us all in 2032.
    It all started with Elon Musk smoking pot!!!

    The "Reefer madness" movie was correct; pot is the death of us all!!!!

  • Ecoli||

    Just say NO.

  • SIV||

    Seems pretty clear.
    Waterbury, CT doesn't hire dopers.

    In a statement, she shared, "Marijuana is a schedule one controlled substance for which a prescription is not permitted under the federal controlled substance act and drug free work place policy.
  • Robert||

    A prescription is permitted. Filling the prescription isn't permitted.

  • m4019597||

    Plenty of employers don't want drug users and potentially inebriated workers around, especially in transportation, healthcare, construction, and childcare.

    Parents don't want their kid to be under the supervision of a drug user, even if the drug is legal or is allowed by prescription. Anything that has the potential to impair judgement and attention to the child is unwanted in childcare settings.

    Codeine cough syrup or methadone or Ritalin or marijuana or alcohol or Xanax or anything else. Doesn't matter. They don't belong in the bloodstream of an employee who has a hazardous job or cares for others.

    Let her get a job mopping floors, if using a drug is so vital to her intestines. Or digging ditches. She doesn't belong in charge of kids.

    Besides, she should've checked the school policies before applying for the job.

    She deserves to be fired for being stupid enough to think a principal would be cool with a teacher coming to work after drinking or smoking crack or ingesting pot.

  • markm23||

    She could be taking opiates by prescription, and the school would still hire her.

  • m4019597||

    If she had an employment history with the school, she'd be reassigned to an administrative post for the duration of any disability in which treatment caused impairment.

    Otherwise, no, she'd be fired.

    And rest assured, if she was found to drive to work on drugs, cops would be called.

    No one has a right to work with children under the influence.


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