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Brickbat: Neither Snow Nor Rain Nor Heat Nor Gloom of Night

Postal WorkerKarl Sonnenberg / Dreamstime.comA federal judge has sentenced 16 U.S. Postal Service workers to between three and nine years in prison each for delivering cocaine. The workers, all from the metro Atlanta area, took bribes of as little as $250 to deliver the drugs for dealers.

Photo Credit: Karl Sonnenberg /

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  • Eddy||

    No wonder Mr. McFeely was always so energetic.

  • John Galt is back.||

    So there IS a way for the post office to turn a profit..

  • Deconstructed Potato||


  • Fist of Etiquette||

    The workers, all from the metro Atlanta area, took bribes of as little as $250 to deliver the drugs for dealers.

    The Post Office is most upset that the dealers didn't pony up for stamps.

  • Rat on a train||

    I bet they also used unapproved packaging.

  • frankania||

    PROHIBITION always causes corruption...big brother, leave us alone!

  • Rev. Arthur L. Kirkland||

    What is this content doing at an ostensibly libertarian website?

  • Griffin3||

    The bribes, Rev. In libertarian utopia, your cocaine should be delivered for the price of postage.

  • Eddy||

    Using the Postal Service? Nonsense, there should be cocaine trucks going through every neighborhood, which could sell ice cream out of a separate window so as to keep the children away from the window where they're selling the cocaine.


  • Rev. Arthur L. Kirkland||

    As a libertarian, and adult, I find your comment concerning cocaine trucks perplexing.

  • Longtobefree||

    Exactly. The real crime was that the government did not get any of the money.

  • Rev. Arthur L. Kirkland||

    Bribes? You mean the payments for service, provided and accepted among those engaged in business?

  • This Machine Chips Fascists||

    Troll bait, apparently.

  • Conchfritters||

    They've been delivering my drugs for years now for nothing more than the postage on the package.

  • Longtobefree||

    So does the prison time count towards their retirement?
    Were they fired, or do they get the jobs back afterwards?

  • loveconstitution1789||

    If only the Controlled Substances Act were repealed for the unconstitutional abomination that it is, no taxpayer money would have been wasted by postal employees nor the DOJ to prosecute them.

  • Rev. Arthur L. Kirkland||

    Republicans are on their last gasp with respect to authoritarian laws governing marijuana. Cocaine, ecstasy, and other substances -- dare we dream of unshackled Sudafed? -- destined to follow.

  • loveconstitution1789||

    I remember when Democrats were against drug legalization before they were for it.

    Obama legalized all drugs, of course, when the Party of slavery controlled the House and Senate.


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