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Here's What's Happened So Far in the Florida Recount

Florida's Senate race is far from over.

|||Paul Hennessy/Polaris/NewscomPaul Hennessy/Polaris/NewscomThough the midterm elections are over for most, one state is still counting ballots.

On election day last Tuesday, Floridians stood in long lines to cast votes for their next governor, senator, and state representatives. Ballots also contained a number of proposed amendments to the state constitution. For weeks, the gubernatorial race between Republican Ron DeSantis, a congressman, and Democrat Andrew Gillum, the mayor of Tallahassee, garnered national attention following accusations of racism, socialism, and Trumpism.

Despite talks of a "blue wave," DeSantis managed to pull ahead and claim victory. Gillum then conceded the race to his opponent. Though Republicans typically win the Florida governorship, the results in this race were unusually close, with DeSantis carrying a victory margin of just 0.7 percent.

Meanwhile, in the race for U.S. Senate between Democratic Rep. Bill Nelson and Republican Gov. Rick Scott, the results slowly came within a 0.5 percent margin, triggering an automatic recount under state law. (Florida does not have runoff elections for these races.) Though Scott claimed the unofficial victory, Nelson announced on Wednesday morning that his team was "proceeding to a recount.

Much to the irritation of Scott's campaign, the Nelson campaign's recount efforts got a boost as the heavily Democratic counties of Broward and Palm Beach were still processing absentee and early voting ballots on the day after the election. State law also gives a 10-day grace period following the election to count overseas absentee ballots.

Then, on Thursday and Friday, pictures of undelivered ballots in mail centers began to cause panic that votes were not being counted. Though some voted as early as October, several voters either had their absentee ballots returned or received word that they were either delivered later than promised or lost altogether. Adding to those concerns was the slow pace at which Broward County officials were counting ballots, even missing a Thursday deadline to submit recounted votes.

Scott filed several lawsuits in response, including one accusing Broward County Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes of withholding information about the number of counted and uncounted ballots. Scott initially won those suits.

Yesterday, however, a Broward Circuit Court judge denied one of Scott's lawsuits requesting that the ballots and machines at the Broward Election office be impounded. Instead, Judge Jack Tuter requested the addition of three deputies who are not affiliated with Snipes. The deputies will monitor cameras and USB drives that contain votes, and also supervise, without reporting to the county supervisor of elections.

Nelson has pursued his own legal action. A suit filed on Monday sought to count absentee ballots that were sent before election day, but delivered after polls closed.

Other issues have arisen outside of Broward and Palm Beach Counties. The Manatee County Supervisor of Elections Office was forced to restart its recount effort when a human error was caught well after 33,000 early voting ballots were processed through a voting machine.

Amid the drama in the Senate race, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Gillum withdrew his concession on Saturday (neither his concession nor the withdrawal are legally binding). Acknowledging that his loss may remain unchanged, Gillum made an "uncompromising and unapologetic call that we count every single vote."

The move was largely ignored by DeSantis, who has already appointed a transition team in preparation for his governorship.

President Trump has also gotten involved in the Florida recount. On Monday, Trump demanded that the Senate race be called in favor of Scott and insinuated that fraudulent behavior was afoot.

Though Trump did not expand on his accusation, he later tweeted that the "characters" involved will not be able to "find" enough votes to swing the election in Nelson's favor.

Photo Credit: Paul Hennessy/Polaris/Newscom

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  • Longtobefree||

    I hereby withdraw my consent.

  • John||

    It is just human error Tulpa. Just because the error only occurs in Democratic counties and always results in enough new votes for the Democrat to win is just one of those things. Bad luck. And you are just a snowflake who hates democracy is you think otherwise.

  • Mr. Dyslexic||

    Are you being facetious John?

  • perlchpr||

    Signs point to "Yes."

  • Rev. Arthur L. Kirkland||

    The bigots and yahoos whined and ranted about the Arizona Senate race, too. It will be amusing to observe Pres. Trump trying to figure out why Sen. McSally doesn't return his phone calls in January.

  • Dillinger||

    pretense of legitimacy should be immediately extinguished

  • Rat on a train||

    Legitimacy is in the eye of the victor.

  • Dillinger||

    right. "dear everyone crying about recounts, fuck you I won" until there are no calls for recounts

  • SIV||

    "Broward County Deputies"

    They gonna "set up a perimeter" and hide while the election is stolen?

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    As they say, Florida is gonna Florida.

  • Mickey Rat||

    Broward and Palm Beach. Most counties in Florida do not have these sorts of problems.

  • Lowdog||

    Since I didn't vote for either the D or R candidate in either race, I can probably assume my vote went to the Ds somehow.

  • Dillinger||

    you'll be in "undercounted" ... this guy must have *meant* (D), so (D)

  • Rat on a train||

    I meant to move to Florida. How am I counted?

  • Mr. JD||

  • Jerryskids||

    "Count every vote" is nothing less than an endorsement of fraud. If you're going to count every vote anyway, what's the point of having rules about who can vote and when they can vote and how many times they can vote? An illegal immigrant shoveling boxes full of ballots into the Elections Supervisor's office the day after the election gets counted just the same as the little old lady that stood in line for four hours to cast her one lone vote - guess who's going to win?

  • Rev. Arthur L. Kirkland||

    Quit whimpering, bigoted rube.

  • Ron||

    The Media keeps claiming there is no evidence of fraud without showing proof of no fraud that is no more substantiating than claiming fraud. You can't prove fraud did or didn't occur without an investigation. lets investigate since its very fishy and not by some local sheriffs that don't know what to look for

  • DesigNate||

    Suddenly, Democrats aren't so keen about open and honest investigations.

  • loveconstitution1789||

    When elections dont end within a week, you can assume fraud is afoot.

    When elections dont end because of the same florida county, you can assume fraud is afoot.

    They got a week. Certify the results.

  • Rev. Arthur L. Kirkland||

    Public affairs certainly seem simple to simpletons.

  • Here for the outrage||

    Isn't it racist to suggest voting be anything but super simple?

  • Diane Reynolds (Paul.)||

    What Florida recount? What're they recounting?

  • Rat on a train||

    How many Floridas are in the US.

  • ||

    "We are all Floridians now": Richard Nixon (1972)

    On the same tape as "Fuck the Jews, they never vote for us anyway."


  • buybuydandavis||

    "Meanwhile, in the race for U.S. Senate between Democratic Rep. Bill Nelson and Republican Gov. Rick Scott, the results slowly came within a 0.5 percent margin, triggering an automatic recount under state law. "

    Was that before or after the Dems barricaded themselves in Broward, with trucks of unknown supplies travelling in and out?

  • Marcus Aurelius||

    Where are the impartial UN observers who ensure that democracy is happening?!?

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