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Defense Distributed Lawyer Josh Blackman on 3D-Printed Guns and Free Speech: Podcast

Cody Wilson's attorney talks guns, speech, and "Lochner-izing the First Amendment."

"There's been a massive effort by both the federal government and now the state governments to stop Cody from putting information on the internet," says Josh Blackman, attorney for Defense Distributed founder Cody Wilson, the self-described "anarchist" fighting for the right to post downloadable instructions for 3D-printed guns online.

"The efforts to silence people always fall on those who are outside the mainstream, those pushing the boundaries. And that's precisely what the First Amendment ought to protect," says Blackman, who joined Wilson's legal team in 2015 and also teaches constitutional law at the South Texas College of Law Houston. "The mere fact that this is code doesn't make it not speech."

I recently spoke with Blackman about the current state of Wilson's case and the fundamental constitutional questions it raises. In our wide-ranging conversation, we talked speech, guns, "Lochner-izing the First Amendment," and why Blackman thinks "the ACLU has been MIA" from the legal fight over 3D-printed guns. "If this case involved banning the posting of blueprints to 3D-print sex toys," Blackman told me, the ACLU "would be fighting to the teeth. But when it comes to guns, they're just not there."

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  • Rich||

    "If this case involved banning the posting of blueprints to 3D-print sex toys," Blackman told me, the ACLU "would be fighting to the teeth."

    Well, just market the Liberator as a sex toy: "Not intended to be used for anything other than personal massage."

  • ||

    "It will penetrate you like nothing else ever has or will ever again."

  • ||

    Didn't some Physics PhD candidate publish how to build a nuclear weapon?

  • Alcibiades||

    Nothing tops what this kid actually did:

    He sure earned his Eagle Scout badge.

  • Cy||

    It'd be interesting to imagine what people could do with their own nuclear reactors.

  • Wise Old Fool||

    A whole lot of unintentional dirty bombs probably. "oops..."

  • Chipper Morning Baculum||

    Thanks, that was an intetesting read. Looks like this guy actually succeeded.

  • Alcibiades||

    Yep, I read about that guy before.
    Seems Wilson had very supportive parents and he's clearly extremely bright, probably genius level intellect.
    Hahn sounds like more of an obsessive.

    Still, with youth like that America is probaby in good hands.

  • Alcibiades||

    It's also interesting that both these kids had interests that certain members of the US educational establishment would consider as qualifying for psychological evaluation and "appropriate" treatment.

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