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Bernie and Trump Sing From the Same America First Hymnal: New at Reason

Their differences are mostly stylistic, not substantive.

As they say, in politics, pepople fight most fiercely when they disagree the least. So it is between social justice warriors and alt-right extremists. While theyBernie Trumpalex edelmandpapicture-alliancenewscom come to blows on college campuses and elsewhere, their standard bearers, Bernie Sanders and Donald J. Trump come closer together. Examine the issues, and you realize that any disagreement between the two is more stylistic than substantive.

Exhibit A, notes Reason Foundation Senior Analyst Shikha Dalmia, is that they both are America Firsters. Rather than talking optimistically about taking America to new heights in the future, they look backwards to the past for a paradise that never existed. They both wax darkly about America's decline that they seek to reverse by going after their preferred scapegoats: rich people first and foreigners second, in Sanders' case—foreigners first and rich people second, in Trump's case. They are yin and yang—yang and yin.


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