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Brickbat: Never Mind

BongYurchyk / Dreamstime.comPolice and firefighters in Massachusetts cordoned off Holliston High School and pulled a student out of class after receiving an anonymous call which they believed claimed that student had a bomb in his or her car. They were also able to ID the student who made the call and upon further investigation realized they had misunderstood the call. The caller had reported seeing a bong, not a bomb, in the other student's car.

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  • SQRLSY One||

    Make love, not war! Bongs, not bombs!

  • Tom Bombadil||

    I'm not saying this story isn't interesting enough to print, although I don't find it too interesting,
    But, usually Reason prints these school and police stories to make some kind of point.

    Does anyone know the point here?
    Is it to show stupid over-reaction? That's the normal motive to print such a story.
    Is it to show correct reaction by authorities?

  • Jerryskids||

    The point of the story is to provide an object lesson in paying attention. Lack of attention caused the authorities to send out the police and the fire department in response to what they thought was a bomb threat, had they been paying attention they would have known the caller had said 'bong' and they would have sent in a multi-jurisdiction SWAT team, a gunship, two APC's, a fleet of drones and an elite squad of ninja dog assassins. Bombs are one thing, you don't fuck around with drug paraphernalia.

  • Sometimes a Great Notion||

    To shame the little shit who ratted out their classmates.

  • SQRLSY One||

    He was a little twit, not a little shit, dammit!!!

    Had you been on the scene, and called him a little shit, out loud...

    Now, you know, turds contain TONs of bacterial, they are HIGHLY toxic biohazards...

    ... The biohazard MRAP would have been called out!

    (So the proper term is twit, not shit, and do PRAY that they will NOT hear you wrong!)

  • Sometimes a Great Notion||

    Well I have been properly schooled... about what I have no idea.


  • DiaWatson||

    It Is so weird news. Not informative but funny lol.
    Anyway thank you!
    This guys use cheap paper writer to save time for sure.

  • SQRLSY One||

    Could you write us a paper about how to keep SPAM off of comment boards, please!?!?!

    122 pages, 12 font, double spaced... At least 24 footnotes....

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    The caller had reported seeing a bong, not a bomb, in the other student's car.

    Prompting police to put away their bomb disposal MRAP and deploy their drug war MRAP.

  • Crusty Juggler||

    Ban narcs!

  • ThanksForTheFish||

    What's important is that no officers were injured, students responded as trained, and awareness man... awareness.

  • Quo Usque Tandem||

    Be it bomb or bong, a snitch is a snitch.

  • Seamus||

    If it was really a bomb, I really would prefer people to follow the "See something? Say something" rule. But when we're talking about bongs, the rule should be, "Snitches get stiches."

  • I am the 0.000000013%||

    This is the reason we need to maximize penalties for drug possession. Having no difference between a reaction for terrorism or harmless indulgence will shield our precious officialdom from embarrassment.

  • Longtobefree||

    So hearing tests for all officers?


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