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The Growing Excesses of #MeToo: New at Reason

Victims shouldn't victimize

If Marie Antoinette's excesses launched the French revolution, Harvey Weinstein's piggishness launched the #MeToo movement.Feminist MovementLev Radin/ZUMA Press/Newscom And like the second, #MeToo might have begun to correct real problems and inequalities, but is now in danger of collapsing into injustice by breeding excesses of its own.

Recently, it took down The Detroit Free Press' liberal editorial page editor, Stephen Henderson, a Pulitzer Prize winner, for reasons that can charitably be described as flimsy, points out Reason Foundation Senior Analyst Shikha Dalmia. But a movement that throws decent men under the bus will discredit itself because it'll create more victims than it'll save. That's a pity because a responsible reckoning to hold genuine monsters accountable is something that women do indeed need.


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