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Coming Down the Home Stretch on Tax Reform: New at Reason

The House and Senate have both passed a bill. Now they have to iron out their differences.

Congress Architect of the Capitol/WikipediaThe House and Senate passed their own versions of a tax reform bill surprisingly fast. But now the hard work starts, as they need to turn those two bills into one. The trick is to produce a bill that can pass both chambers again, meaning a bill that appeases some powerful interest groups while still making the budget math work.

In some respects, this conference process may be easier than we think. Once lawmakers have come this far with such a big bill—when stakes are this high—it's hard to imagine them not doing everything they can to cross the finish line. Helping in the process is the fact that their bills aren't so vastly different in terms of philosophy and provisions that it makes reconciling differences impossible, writes Veronique de Rugy in her new column for Reason.

Photo Credit: Architect of the Capitol/Wikipedia


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