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Mike Pence Won't Dine With Dangerous Women [Reason Podcast]

Nick Gillespie, Katherine Mangu-Ward, and Matt Welch talk Mad Men, Elon Musk, Venezuela, and the value of boozy dinners with male bosses.

"We are in a golden age of people feeling smug and arrogant," says Nick Gillespie. "It's not enough to disagree with people, but you have put them in a full nelson and beat their face into the pavement with your moral, epistemological, and theological superiority."

On today's podcast, Reason editors Nick Gillespie, Katherine Mangu-Ward, and Matt Welch discuss the news of the week, including Mike Pence's refusal to dine alone with women; why boozy dinners with male colleagues can, in fact, advance careers (and not in a gross way); how Mad Men ratified our horror at workplace social mores of the '60s and '70s; Big Bird, Nicholas Kristof (the pundit who reliably comes up with the dumbest thing to say on pretty much any topic), and our month-long, phony conversation about cutting government spending; Elon Musk's latest rocket launch; why Trump's tweet on fighting—and working with—the Freedom Caucus perfectly encapsulates the relationship between libertarians and the GOP over the last 30 years; and Venezuela as a textbook case of socialism leading to violence, starvation, and death. (Ok, but should we try it just one more time?)

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Mike Pence photo by Gage Skidmore.

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  • Fist of Etiquette||

    Isn't Matt Walsh the guy from Veep?

  • Not a True MJG||

    A few years back, I was excited to hear that Matt Walsh has a radio show.

    Life is full of disappointments.

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    You know, the actor is probably tired of getting pegged for both the other two's ideological bullshite.

  • Uncle Jay||

    Mike Pence Won't Dine With Dangerous Women

    Well, if Pence won't dine with dangerous women, I will.
    Send them all over to my place.
    I'll show them a good time.

  • GiveMeLibertyOrHandouts||

    Wait, Lena Dunham is a woman? I thought that was just an apparition of SJW and proggie ideals in a human like form.

  • DenverJ||

    Worst dating site ever.

  • Diane Reynolds (Paul.)||

    I have only dined with dangerous women. As a result, I've built an immunity to at least half a dozen deadly toxins.

  • simplybe||

    And if he did dine alone with a woman every progressive rag in America would be saying he was having an affair. Maybe he just doesn't want his wife to have to listen the news media rather low menality.

  • CE||

    "We are in a golden age of people feeling smug and arrogant,"

    I'm much better than that, and I'm exceedingly proud about myself for that.

  • AlmightyJB||

    "Mike Pence Won't Dine With Dangerous Women"

    Derptard "controversy". Rise above.

  • JWatts||

    Yes, this is a ridiculous non-story.

  • Brandybuck||

    This news story just recovered from 2037 via a timestream wormhole: "Vice President Mike Tuppence refuses to sleep with people who are not his spouse. Progressives blast him for antiquated moral attitudes. ''It's outrageous that this kind of puritanical attitude still exists. What about his aides? How can they crawl up the career ladder without the opportunity to sleep with the boss?''"

  • loveconstitution1789||

    Yup. The headline should read- Pence refuses to give the dangerous and corrupted media anything that undermines his family life.

  • Bubba Jones||

    Boozy dinners might be great for the woman, but they are unnecessarily dangerous for the man. Anything he says, can and will be used against him in an HR kangaroo court. Ask me how I know!

    Pence is smarter than the peanut gallery.

  • Mickey Rat||

    Exvept for the claim that avoiding boozy dinners with women not his wife is illegal be ause that is not fair to avoid potentially compromising situations.

  • A Cynic's Guide to Zen||

    Race Bannon is built to handle the steam of dispossessed intellectuals.

    Also, Do I detect a whiff of jealousy here? Someone break out the Patriarchy Smashing Balloons.

  • Diane Reynolds (Paul.)||

    Why not both?

  • Zeb||

    I prefer Hendricks's face. But my main image of her is of how she appeared on Firefly, so it's a bit dated.

  • A Cynic's Guide to Zen||

    It's funny. The only people I hear whinging about "superiority" these days are AntiFa, Leftists, and the Cosmos.

    Besides Alt-Mite Tricky Dick Spencer's Gifts in a hotel room enacting literal Sperg Hails, I have yet to come across any Right leaning outlets or talking heads claiming superiority on anything. Not to mention my own discovery of multitudes of Black Trump supporters, gay Trump supporters, female Trump supporters...

    But hey, anecdotes.

  • GILMORE™||

    Because "being right" doesn't matter in politics unless you can convince other people of the merits of your view.

  • Conchfritters||

    Larry Craig refused to dine alone with women, and Larry Craig didn't do anything wrong in the Minneapolis airport restroom.

  • EscherEnigma||

    'course not. He got arrested before the fun could start.

  • Africanis||

    I dine with women who aren't my wife all the time, oh wait I am not married! Never mind continue on with the silly moral judgments.

  • wingnutx||

    This is a pretty retarded bandwagon to jump on, Reason.

  • EscherEnigma||

    Any rule that says Pence can't dine with Ellen DeGeneres, but that Larry Craig can go out with a Calvin Klein model, ignores the nuance of reality (or at least ignores that gay people exist).

    That said, it's my experience that every man with such a rule has a history of cheating. I have never met a man that has such a rule that doesn't. Sort of like how it wasn't until all the stories about child abuse among the Boy Scouts that they developed their "no kid should be alone with an adult, ever" policy, or that McDonalds didn't slap "caution HOT" on their coffee cups until a woman got 3rd degree burns from one. Stupid sounding rules always follow stupid behavior.

    So yeah. Stupid rule, meant to deter men with poor discipline and self control.
    †Apparently the more general form of Pence's rule is the "Billy Graham" rule, in which men and women should never be alone with a member of the opposite sex unless they're married or related.

  • Diane Reynolds (Paul.)||

    I'm glad you mentioned Billy Graham. When you're Billy Graham, there was a real (and probably well-founded) concern that someone would stick a scantily-clad woman in your hotel room, and then a Nat'l Enquirer reporter would leap out of the closet and snap some pics before running out.

    That's why Graham had a security entourage that would enter all his hotel rooms first and thoroughly search, and declare the room 'clear' before he'd enter.

  • MarkLastname||

    That doesn't make any sense. Billy Graham = Christfag right winger = Pence = Trump = National Enquirer, so they're on the same side, and would never do such a thing.

    Such sentences are liable to cause Escher and other team players to short-circuit.

  • JWatts||

    "That said, it's my experience that every man with such a rule has a history of cheating. ...Stupid sounding rules always follow stupid behavior."

    Even assuming that this is true in his case.

    It would imply that he realizes his own limits and avoids the temptation. So, he's exercising Self Control. How is that a bad thing?

  • loveconstitution1789||

    It's a mind crime to see women as sexy unless they want you to think that.

    Pence is avoiding the whole controversy, so they create one. It's TDS but for Pence.

  • MarkLastname||

    If the average 'journalist' is half as presumptuous as you are, Pence is being reasonably cautious about his reputation and career.

  • Bra Ket||

    I know multiple people with such a personal rule and it's always about liability and danger from mentally ill people basically.

  • Bruce 6225||

    I don't care. If that's how he stays out of trouble, fine.

  • Mongo||

    If he dines with another male, he's some sort of faggot smdh

  • Marshal||

    "We are in a golden age of people feeling smug and arrogant," says Nick Gillespie. "It's not enough to disagree with people, but you have put them in a full nelson and beat their face into the pavement with your moral, epistemological, and theological superiority." - Nick

    This is far more smug than anything Pence has ever said. It's ridiculous Reason is joining the crowd of left wingers making a big deal about nothing.

  • loveconstitution1789||

    How else are certain reason writers gonna get invited to the fabulous parties?

  • Headache||

    I won't dine with Chapman.


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