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UPenn Created a Post-Election Safe Space Complete with Puppies and Coloring Books

President Donald Trump: a mass-triggering event.

Ivy League students feeling triggered by Trump's victory on Tuesday are in luck: the University of Pennsylvania has a created a "breathing" space for them to do some coloring, hug a puppy, and recuperate.

UPenn's Fisher Hassenfeld College House hosted the event, according to The Statesman.

Student Daniel Tancredi reported that the people who attended were "fearful" about the results of the election.

""For the most part, students just hung out and ate snacks and made small talk," Tancredi told The College Fix. "Of course, that was in addition to coloring and playing with the animals."

Yes, there was a puppy and cat on-hand to provide therapeutic cuddling for shell-shocked students.

Administrators had also printed out sheets of paper from a coloring book. The pages contained positive messages for students to color.

Tancredi found all this dismaying.

"If the result of an election takes this much of a toll on their well-being, what is going to happen when they directly face difficulties in the real world?" he said.

Students are easily triggered by everything these days: when Wendy McElroy came to campus, Brown University created the most infantilizing safe space of all time. The presidential election is a high-stakes contest, though, and Trump's ascendancy will have serious consequences for public policy. It's more understandable that students are freaked out about Trump winning. This isn't akin to a controversial speaker coming to campus: Trump is actually going to do things, not just say stuff.

So hurt-feelings are a lot more justified than usual. But that doesn't change the fact that elite universities have utterly failed to prepare students for life outside their liberal bubble.

Photo Credit: Anke Van Wyk

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  • Juvenile Bluster||

    Don't ever change, Robby.

    I totally would've gone for a place to pet dogs and cats hen I was in college. I missed my dog!

  • The Fusionist||

    [joke involving grabbing cats deleted]

  • Adans smith||

    Oh come on just say it. Grab the pussy. It's ok. Your safe here.

  • KerryW||

    No you're not, it's you're, not your.

    /Grammar Nazi

  • Adans smith||

    I'm sorry, you're an ass. Better?

  • The Fusionist||

    Maybe I don't *want* to say "pussy," you pussy.

  • Adans smith||

    Made you say it bitch.

  • toolkien||

    If you put the cat on top of the dog, would you be able to say "That's a nice pussy on that bitch?"

  • C. Anacreon||

    Or, as George Carlin said, you can put three slang terms for vagina into a single sentence so innocent you can say it in a Disney movie:

    "We're going to snatch that pussy, put it in a box, and take it on an airplane!"

  • toolkien||

    You can prick your finger, but you'd better not finger your prick...

  • WillMG||

    Carlin would have a field day with these fucktards.

  • CZmacure||

  • The Fusionist||

    (sorry about your dog)

  • Half-Virtue, Half-Vice||

    It could always be safer! We just need to try harder... Why are these walls not laden with padding?!

  • SQRLSY One||

    I think some of them are holding out for Mommy's tits...

    The REAL thing!

    If we really have to go there, let's get efficient, and issue safe-space mommies with some udderly "upped" handling capacity, like this...

  • Mntineer||

    You forgot to mention the soft blankets and napping mats. ;-)

  • Pan Zagloba||

    Seriously, other than potentially traumatizing poor things by taking them to the strange place where a bunch of idiots will grope them, puppy clinics sound A-OK by me. Doubly so if you setup some donations for working dogs organizations.

    Oh holy shit that, first sentence - I swear I meant "puppies" but just realized that it might apply to "students" as well. Let it stand!

  • LarryA||

    The one good bit in this is that they actually used live puppies, instead of videos of puppies.

    Baby steps toward real life.

  • johnl||

    Anything that puts more dogs on campus is good.

  • jhfenton||

    Was this for post-election trauma or in anticipation of their football team's spanking by @HarvardFootball tonight?

  • Hugh Akston||

    I wish I had worked harder in high school so I could have attended a prestigious institution like UPenn.

  • Acosmist||

    If you can't get into Yale, or Harvard, or Princeton, ..., or even fucking BROWN, there's always Penn to bail you out. Ivy Lite! Great taste, less filling!

  • C. Anacreon||

    I always cheer for their hockey team, the razor-inspired Penn Gillettes.

  • Lee Genes||

    So would they have created a post-election safe space if Clinton had won?

  • Microaggressor||

    I remember my college had cheering parades in the streets when Barry won in 2008. So yes, but it would look a little different.

  • DesigNate||

    No, because conservative and libertarian racist's feelings don't matter, duh.

  • kateliabeth||

    Would this have happened if Clinton had won?

  • Texasmotiv||

    I know team sports are fun but I reckon it would have happened regardless of who was elected.

  • Sevo||

    "Ivy League students feeling triggered by Trump's victory on Tuesday are in luck: the University of Pennsylvania has a created a "breathing" space for them to do some coloring, hug a puppy, and recuperate."

    C'mon, "Onion", right?

  • The Fusionist||

    No; the Onion isn't that funny any more.

  • Alsø alsø wik||

    That's why they had to branch out to Clickhole, which is more absurdist one-liners than satire. They actually tried to parody college safe spaces once and it was almost indistinguishable from what a straight reporting piece on the above would be.

  • The Fusionist||

    Plus the Onion is currently *trying* to be unfunny.

  • Citizen X||

    At this point, real-world events are so ridiculous that they're impossible to parody. I feel bad for the Onion. Satire is dead.

  • CZmacure||

    It's true that William Safire died in 2009.

  • Scarecrow & WoodChipper Repair||

    No; truth is stranger than fiction because fiction has to sound plausible.

  • kateliabeth|| via a legit media source. get out of your white supremacy echo chamber.

  • 0x90||

    We trust this was planned long in advance of the surprising election result.

  • Grand Moff Serious Man||

    And then a unit of Trumpabteilung showed up and shot the puppy while spray-painting swastikas all over the place.

    True story.

  • Sevo||

    And peeing on the coloring books!
    (and pee on the skwirrls, too)

  • Rhywun||

    Sturm und Drumpf

  • kinghiram91||

    Blut und Eisen!

  • Longtobefree||

    Coloring books and puppies. What an appropriate statement about the mental state of Hillary supporters.
    PS Note to employers: Look carefully at the name of the college on your applicants diploma. Determine if crayons will "work" in your business!

  • Sevo||

    "Ivy League students feeling triggered by Trump's victory on Tuesday are in luck: the University of Pennsylvania has a created a "breathing" space for them to do some coloring, hug a puppy, and recuperate."

    C'mon, "Onion", right?

  • Lachowsky||

    "Ivy League students"

    Holy Christ, this is where our future government leaders are coming from.

  • C. Anacreon||

    As the father of a high school student, seeing what the kids go through trying to get into the top-tier schools these days, you pretty much have to be a well-rounded world-beater. That's what makes it so hard to understand these entitled little princes and princesses who can't possibly face alternative opinions. How did they even get into these schools in the first place? Do they have affirmative action for social justice warriors?

  • Rhywun||

    There's more than one way to get into a top school.

  • Cynical Asshole||

    That's what makes it so hard to understand these entitled little princes and princesses who can't possibly face alternative opinions. How did they even get into these schools in the first place?

    Two words: legacy admissions.

  • 0x90||

    The Triggerening.

  • Adans smith||

    What,no juice box's and finger paints?

  • Scarecrow & WoodChipper Repair||

    You're utilization of apostrophe's and comma's is s'trangely comforting,

  • Rhywun||

    Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.

    As opposed to bone-chilling.

  • Citizen X||

    So hurt-feelings are a lot more justified than usual.

    Oh Robby, at least the election didn't change you.

  • Lee Genes||

    You know he's keeping a tally on how many take the bait. Probably is trying to get everyone else to do it to.

  • Microaggressor||

    Maybe Reason pays extra for higher comment counts. A man's gotta eat.

  • Pan Zagloba||

    In a world without AdBlock, each comment is an extra impression for every ad on page.

    Of course in a world without AdBlock, there's no one commenting because fucking asshole website keeps crashing their browser.

  • SugarFree||

    Is this that place where the child rapist worked and was protected from scrutiny and punishment for so long?

  • Raven Nation||

    That was Penn State

  • SugarFree||

    Ah. I get all those Yankee schools mixed up.

  • Dick N. Bimbose (née Cooper)||

    Penn State is in the middle of nowhere in central Pennsylvania. State College (the town) is a podunk burg that's a pain in the ass to get to from anywhere civilized.

  • Detroit Linguist||

    Also, Penn State is public (it's the flagship Penn public, like Michigan and OSU). Penn is private, Ivy League etc.

  • Pan Zagloba||

    Actually, probably is, we juss don't know 'bout it yet.

    /tips MAGA hat, spits out chewing tobacco

  • Raven Nation||

    There has been butthurt on my campus as well. One of my colleagues, who is from western Europe, went to a meeting on Wednesday where the organizer said they had thought of cancelling the meeting because of the election. My colleague (who thinks Gary Johnson's economics are crazy) is outraged at the attitude of "I can't go on" coming from so many academics. She said to me, "you know, maybe they should take responsibility for their own lives instead of trusting the government." Despite this, she strenuously rejects the idea that she is libertarian in any way.

  • Lee Genes||

    Despite this, she strenuously rejects the idea that she is libertarian in any way.

    That is just more evidence that the higher education environment is completely tainted by politics. I'm aware of at least one professor at William and Mary who participates in Democratic Party events because it's good for her career.

  • Raven Nation||

    My friend has only been in the States about ten years. I think she's generally a moderate European leftist with a strong self-reliant streak. She's also frequently appalled by the overt public bias shown by her fellow academics.

  • Rhywun||

    It's all virtue signalling. I think there's less of that kind of snivelling behavior across the pond.

  • Raven Nation||

    I'll also add that she's thinks Hillary is incompetent and primarily blames her for the migrant crisis in Europe because of Hillary's support for the Libyan war.

  • 0x90||

    From what I've seen, "libertarian" has been reduced to little more than a pejorative in many such places. The terminology is just generally screwed up on that (or this, depending) side of the pond... my friend from Bucharest had a hard time getting it through his head that when he hears about the "liberal" party doing things in the US, it means the party that wants the govt to be larger, not smaller.

  • Raven Nation||

    She liked GJ's general non-interventionism but couldn't wrap her head around is unregulated economics.

  • Johnny B||

    You might want to get her to read Viscusi, Vernon and Harrington's chapter on economic regulation so she can see how messed up it really is in practice.

  • Pan Zagloba||

    Well they shat up "progressive" as a term.

    Then they shat up "socialst".

    Now they shat up "liberal".

    Good thing that the "progressive" seems to have been redeemed or they'd have to find another term to shit up.

  • SimonD||

    Progressive is becoming tainted again, so I'm sure they're working on a new one.

    'Inclusive' maybe?

  • Bill Dalasio||

    It's more understandable that students are freaked out about Trump winning. This isn't akin to a controversial speaker coming to campus: Trump is actually going to do things, not just say stuff.

    So hurt-feelings are a lot more justified than usual. People who disagree with you get elected all the time. You get drunk, pick yourself up and move on. Think about it this way, if Hillary were to have won and campus conservatives were demanding a safe space to deal with all the gloating they'd surely have to endure, with snacks, puppies and coloring books, would you be saying it was kind of justified? Or would you (rightly) say these kids need to grow the hell up?

  • mr simple||

    Do people actually think this line wasn't typed tongue-in-cheek?

  • mr simple||

    Do people actually think this line wasn't typed tongue-in-cheek?

  • Cynical Asshole||

    Some folks still haven't figured that Robby is a troll.

  • The Late P Brooks||

    Trump's ascendancy will have serious consequences for public policy. It's more understandable that students are freaked out about Trump winning. This isn't akin to a controversial speaker coming to campus: Trump is actually going to do things, not just say stuff.



    For fuck's sake.

  • The Real American Hero||

    Who ever posted this is one of the funniest people I have ever encountered. Ooogah Boogah......ha ha ha ha ha....that's too much. Thank you for making my day!!!

  • lafe.long||

    Robby is always good until the last paragraph or two.

  • Eternal Blue Sky||

    Said it before, I'll say it again.

    How isn't it incredibly SEXIST to assume women need to be LITERALLY TREATED LIKE CHILDREN?!

    How isn't it incredibly RACIST to assume minorities need to be LITERALLY TREATED LIKE CHILDREN?!

    Every single racist, sexist official at the University of Pennsylvania should be forced out of their job for this gross, offensive display.

  • Nunya||

    Good luck undoing 50 years of programming to actually convince a significant portion of the population. Even after I get people to admit they don't need someone else or government to care to even a single need, much less all things, they still transition back to the feeling that someone somewhere needs to be coddled. Because children, racism, sexism, et al.

  • Raven Nation||

    Agent Solo has died.

  • Adans smith||

    That's too bad. I watched The Man from U.N.C.L.E as a kid. Cool show for that time.

  • C. Anacreon||

    Yet Illya Kuryakin still lives -- and is even a medical examiner on TV now, last I heard.

    I really liked Man from UNCLE as a kid as well. Along with Mission:Impossible it was one of the two coolest shows on TV. Girl from UNCLE sucked though.

  • Raven Nation||

    even a medical examiner on TV

    Great in-joke in the second season...

    Kate: "Gibbs, what did Ducky look like when he was younger?"

    Gibbs: [after brief pause] "Ilya Kuryakin"

  • Rhywun||

    I almost had a heart attack until I wiki'ed this and found that Steel still lives.

  • Lachowsky||

    Serious Question. When did this safe space, trigger warning bullshit start?

    I went to a trade school right out of high school circa 2005 and i never heard any of it. In my entire life, I have never heard an actual flesh and blood person say triggered, trigger warning, or safe space. Admittedly, I have spent my entire life in the real world, where those things don't exist. This phenomenon appears to widespread at liberal arts colleges from what I read here and other places. I don't really recall hearing anything about until a few years ago. Was I just ignorant of it and it has been going on for a long time, or is this a new thing?

  • Alsø alsø wik||

    first generation of college of students to have had helicopter parents and participation trophies throughout their adolescence.

  • 0x90||

    It had no beginning. It has always existed.

    In twitter-time.

    So, around 7 months ago.

  • Lee Genes||

    Not certain of the timing, but most of this crap is coming out of third wave (and on) feminism, starting with intersectionality, which I'm fairly certain was coined in the eighties.

  • Lachowsky||

    That's another term I have only recently heard onlone and have never heard another human being actually utter. I honestly haven't even looked up what it means. The content I have seen it used in so derpy that I have decided it's not worth my time.

  • Rockabilly||

    I found this article dated 1999

    I Can't Seem To Make My Apartment A Safe Space For Women

  • MythicalLibertarianWoman||

    People say it originated on college campuses, but I think it originated with children on Tumblr who then brought it out of the internet and to the real world when they got to college. Tumblr (and now Twitter) seem to be the source of all evils.

  • Haybob||

    This country is doomed if these people are the future leaders.

  • Reformed Republican||

    They are not the ones that will be the future leaders. The leaders will be the ones that laugh at them while they are actually accomplishing things with their lives instead of hiding from the world.

  • Billy Bones||


  • Diane Reynolds (Paul.)||

    With each passing hour, I'm increasingly convinced this country is completely unhinged, and it's not the Trump voters.

  • Nunya||

    They're slow on the uptick with the change curve. About four years from now they'll move from denial to acceptance once their wreck of a candidate tries to achieve dictator pro tem status again.

  • Sevo||

    Well, the MSM finally found a Trump supporter who wasn't nice to the reporter (and pretty much nailed it):

    "Perry seemed to be trying to engaging the woman to speak with her at greater length, asking her for her name. "You'll edit it and portray it as something totally different," she said. "You're not getting my name, you're getting a 'fuck you,'" she replied."

  • Lachowsky||

    That really is a perfect response. Sad when you have to start talking to reporters with the same amount of trepidation that you would cops.

  • GILMORE™||

    On that same tip...

    Milo Y here was interviewed by someone with the BBC; it makes for some entertaining tete-a-tete because he's just waiting for them to try and bait him. He seems entirely aware that no matter what he says, the only thing they'll actually run is some 2 second clip hoping to confirm some 'racist' narrative or something, but he sees them coming 100 miles away.

    I think this sort of skepticism/hostility of the media is becoming the new-normal, and i think helps explain the way BLM was so crazy-hostile to anyone trying to film their events/protests = they know that unless they control their own 'message', that other people will probably try and twist and distort it. But they understood that most-intimately mainly because its become SOP on the left. they just assume that their 'enemies' all do exactly what they themselves would do.

  • PurityDiluting||

    All will be well again once the masses return to watching cat videos instead of political news

  • Citizen X||

    So, about the middle of next week?

  • Jake Stone||

    As much as I am laughing about this, and believe me I am -- mercilessly -- this MUST be a good lesson for some of these snowflakes, right? That the real world outside their college campus isn't going to bend to their twisted will, infantile tantrums be damned?

  • SugarFree||

    If they could learn lessons they wouldn't be like this.

  • NoVaNick||

    Thanks to proggies, they do now expect that the real world should bend over backwards to their demands. Thats why our country is starting to resemble a South Park episode.

  • T.F.G.||

    Embarrassed about my alma mater now.

    At least yesterday I could laugh about Yale.

    There will be no donations from me.

  • Scarecrow & WoodChipper Repair||

    Does ICD-10 include thumb sucking by so-called adults? I wonder if it is rising in college towns.

  • Invisible Finger||

    People of Coloring.

    I hope the school provided juice boxes as well.

  • Hank Phillips||

    Somebody donated a sandbox, but the anti-Star Wars faction protested that as cultural appropriation. Expropriation is still PC.

  • Invisible Finger||

    So the school actually provided pussies to grab?

  • AndrewHMPalmer||

    So... I don't buy this, and I consider this a bit irresponsible. This author gives no photos. We live in society where everyone under the age of 30 has as phone? Not one photo of the coloring pages or anything. So I followed the link to The College Fix and again that author has no photos? The article where it was supposedly first reported was The Statesman which is simply a blog....with no photos and no links to nothing? C'mon, you're better than this.

  • Cynical Asshole||

    Oh, FFS...

  • kateliabeth||

  • Bra Ket||

    Seriously though, the little snowflakes are committing suicide like crazy nowadays. At UPenn especially. Even in terms of purely calculating self-interest the administration would want to bend over backwards to head off any they can. Everyone always attributes suicides to the school.

  • NoVaNick||

    Not a libertarian position I know, but can we please start committing the mentally ill to institutions again? Oh wait, we have, institutions of higher learning...

  • sgreffenius||

    You could say, too, that socializing over snacks after the returns come in is better than throwing Molotov cocktails at police cars. As anyone in a safe space might say, "It keeps me off the streets."

    I wonder who supplies the puppies?

  • IbrahimN||

    I don't know if it's been said already, to lazy to re-read the comments. Every time this article's picture scrolls through on the front page. I just chuckle so hard, the photo is so appropriate.

  • Hank Phillips||

    The Democrats will learn from their mistakes... AFTER Robby stops calling socialists liberals and knee-kerk conditioned reflexes triggering.

  • Enemy of the State||

    The click bate ad for the blond yoga chick is hot. Can she be in my safe space?

  • anagke||

    Yea it's not just the students... One Penn professor screamed at a graduate student in my department today (for going into the library at the same time the professor was in there) and excused her behavior by saying she was upset about the election.

    But you know, theoretically these are people who get paid to think.

  • rfpollard||

    Never been so ashamed to be an alumnus. The last time I checked the UPenn web site had not "admitted" that one of its graduates had just been elected president. I guess they won't be hosting the presidential library.

  • Radioactive||

    Ahhh, lets see...yes here it is UPenn...cross off recruiting trip list

  • jgress||

    I'm ashamed for my alma mater.


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