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Was Trump's Victory a Win For School Choice?

Ed reformer Lisa Graham Keegan says yes.

"Trump has been good on these issues in a very vague, 100,000-foot level," says education reformer Lisa Graham Keegan. He's made statements in support of expanding school choice and giving more control to the states. And two of the rumored candidates for U.S. Department of Education secretary—Gerard Robinson, a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and a former education official in Florida and Virginia, and Williamson Evers, a fellow at the Hoover Institution—would be great picks, says Keegan.

On the other hand, former presidential candidate and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson—another rumored candidate—is a head scratcher.

Keegan is a former Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction and head of the education consulting firm, the Keegan Company. She'd like to see Trump appoint a secretary who can "manage [all the regulations on the books] to the benefit of freedom...and the people [on the local level] who are actually doing the work."

Nick Gillespie caught up with Keegan for an interview yesterday afternoon. Click below to listen to that conversation, or better yet subscribe to our podcast at iTunes.

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  • tarran||

    About the worst thing that could happen to that referendum was being scheduled on the same year as Hillary v. Trump.

    All the proggies came out of the woodwork excited to make their mark on electing the first female president in History, while people who were ambivalent or skeptical of the proggie elites thought "why bother?"

    Naturallly a referendum allowing for more charter schools was doomed.

    Ironically the most vocal opponents were the suburbanites - the state has a program to ship kids from places with bad schools that are overfull to good suburban schools with openings. And the state povides extra funding to pay for the kids' education.

    For example, in my home town, they take full advantage of this extra money; the schools are filled over capacity; the middle school is actually putting in modular classrooms in the playground because they don't have enough classroom space. And the state money goes into hiring more teachers etc.

    If those kids were to be taught in their home towns, the enrollment would crash, teachers would have to be laid off and programs like arts would have to be cut.

  • Sevo||

    "...teachers would have to be laid off..."

    Really? They can do that there?

  • pan fried wylie||

    If those kids were...

    Conditional clause with improbable true condition, so, no, no they can't.

  • C. Anacreon||

    When shitty schools are everywhere in MA, it makes it that much easier to send your kid to super-expensive prep schools like Middlesex.

    Public schools are for losers. None of the elected leaders would dare let their kids go to such places.

  • Auric Demonocles||

    Beat me to it.

  • robc||

    The Trump coattails leading to a landslide take over of the KY state house guarantees that the charter school bill will pass next year after being blocked this year.

    So, yes.

  • Zero Sum Game||

    Gillespie's voice is so loud compared to his interviewees.

  • Citizen X||

    As the host body fades, The Jacket begins to lose Its ability to control certain functions, including vocal modulation.

  • C. S. P. Schofield||

    Trump's victory is a win for school choice in that Shrillary would have been absolute poison on the subject.

  • Zero Sum Game||

    To be honest, who the fuck knows with her? Public positions, private positions. Positions taken for one crowd she's gathered different from positions taken while addressing other crowds.

    Pandering, lying, spinning, etc. The one thing I don't think anyone can accuse her of is flip-flopping. Her internal positions never changed all these years. For most of them, the layers of lies make it hard to determine what that internal position is.

    She kept reiterating the word "consistent" as if chanting it like a mantra made it true. Thank the FSM she's finally gone. Hopefully she stays gone.

  • OldMexican Blankety Blank||

    Ishtar be praised.

  • chemjeff||

    She wasn't going to ever approve of charter schools because of her public union employee base. She could get rich extorting money from the public employee unions.

  • Zero Sum Game||

    Unless someone else paid her more.

  • Zero Sum Game||

    On the subject of education, one of my wife's coworkers was crying about the election and told my wife that she thinks Trump is going to dismantle everything. He's going to destroy the Department of Education and schools will be destroyed in the process.

    This is an educated woman saying this, far more educated than most of the public. She doesn't know what the DoE even does. She's almost certainly representative of proggies in general. How can it be that federal power has gotten so huge that people don't even know how our government works, where the funding from schools come from, who runs local school systems, etc.? How can someone not understand that if the DoE just vanished today, that the schools would get along just fine without it?

  • ||

    Yeah, well, some people assume that the "R" next to the name actually means something, and other people assume that it means something that is an exaggerated version of whatever it is supposed to mean. Like people saying that if Trump is elected he's going to ban abortion, which is basically a hallucination. Not only has Trump not said jack about education, it's basically a public sector union thing and he's totally happy to throw the auto unions a bone on trade, and the construction unions a bone on infrastructure spending. He's basically a Democrat on those subjects, so I don't see why he would go against teacher unions.

  • Ayn Random Variation||

    Wrong again. Trump is proposing taking 20B from DOE to cover vouchers.

  • John C. Randolph||

    Maybe. The Republicans certainly don't owe shit to the teachers' unions.


  • Swiss Servator||

    OT: Did I really just read this?!

  • Sevo||

    I agree with one of the commenters; he will be punished.

  • Zero Sum Game||

    "The Harkonnens sneered at the Fremen, hunted them for sport, never even bothered trying to count them. We know the Harkonnen policy with planetary populations - spend as little as possible to maintain them."

  • OldMexican Blankety Blank||

    Was Trump's Victory a Win For School Choice?

    I can't say for sure that is the case. All I know is that El Trumpo's victory is a win for Americans worried about the millions of Mexican butt-rapists amassing on the border like Hannibal's Gauls and Carthaginians, China pirate traders and bringing back Buggy Whip industries so that people can travel back in time to the 50s when life was better or something.

  • OldMexican Blankety Blank||

    At least that is what I gathered from my years arguing with right-wing Socialists at Townhall dot com, Daily Caller and Breitbart (before it became Trump Media). The Fascism just oozed from their lips like honey.

  • Swiss Servator||

    Townhall? Why didn't you just smash a couple of fingers with a hammer instead? Faster and less aggravating.

  • OldMexican Blankety Blank||

    They published Stossel's pieces before Reason. I mean, why else would I visit? And the comments section was so... enticing. Anyway, I got banned.

  • ||

    They're going to be pissed when those factory jobs don't come back from Mexico. What do they think Trump can just wave a wand and make the factories reopen?

  • Swiss Servator||

    Also, for shriek:


  • Robert||

    TL;DL, but what did they say fedgov can do about this issue?


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