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The Four Things President-Elect Trump Could Do to Dismantle Obamacare

Q&A with the Cato Institute’s Michael Cannon

"[Health care] is not the only thing that matters, and, on balance, I think Donald Trump is going to be worse for freedom than Hillary Clinton would have been," says Michael Cannon, the Cato Institute's director of health policy studies. "But health care reform is one area where he might be better if he follows through on his pledge to repeal Obamacare and replace it with something better."

Cannon joined Nick Gillespie for a discussion of the four things President-Elect Trump could do to dismantle Obamacare—and what congress might replace it with.

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  • BearOdinson||

    So the first thing the CATO guy says, right out of the gate is overall Hillary would have been better.

    Can't just answer the fucking question.

    Trump was more open to marijuana legalization (certainly spoke much more favorably about respect state's decisions)
    Trump is less likely to send drone people and send troops into quagmires
    Trump is FAR more likely to get something done about Obamacare. (Or at least to try)
    Trump is FAR better on 2A issues.
    Trump is somewhat better on 1A issues (I know he has talked about loosening libel laws, but Clinton was actively going to try to overturn Citizens United, oh and hate speech is bad and shouldn't be protected.)

    Trump may be worse in terms of illegal immigrants (and may get legal immigrants and US citizens caught up) and this needs to be watched. But, Hillary was all for giving drivers' licenses to illegal immigrants, and of course, voting rights.
    Trump can't build a fucking wall unless Congress approves the funding.

    So not only do I get openly prog tears, but the left-libertarians as well.

    It truly is morning in America!

  • Tundra||

    You forgot one, Bear:

    "If it is a constitutional right, then it, like every other constitutional right, is subject to reasonable regulation," Clinton said.

    Give it a rest, Cato-guy.

  • Wasabi Headrush||

    Yeah, that was a quote that didn't draw nearly enough condemnation as it deserves. In Hillary's world, "reasonable regulation" would have basically meant "f**k what the constitution says".

    This country just narrowly escaped rule by a dangerous authoritarian.

  • Je suis Woodchipper||

    tariffs? in the Podesta archive, Hillary's position was pro free trade.

  • ATXChappy||

    Maybe if she had said that openly instead of co-opting Bernie's trade position...

  • To: Trshmnstr From: Hrod [C]||

    So not only do I get openly prog tears, but the left-libertarians as well.

    Yup. I think it was pretty clear to all clear-headed libertarians that Trump was the lesser of two evils. Most of us didn't feel like playing the lesser of two evils game, but it didn't change the fact that Clinton is a dyed in the wool authoritarian, and Trump is an unprincipled populist.

    The progtarian tears are extra sweet and extra pure. It's fun watching them knot themselves up trying to mourn for Hillary's loss while hiding their affinity for her.

  • T.F.G.||

    The only thing that concerns me most about Trump, though, is economic freedom. Trump is against free trade and abysmal there.

    And that, frankly, is the most important thing.

  • ||

    Nobody is mourning Hillary's loss. They are mourning Trump's victory.

    Seriously, nobody really liked Hillary, even her supporters.

  • Malvolio||

    Let's not forget, even assuming we could divine Trump's policy and then approve of it, Trump is

    1. an idiot -- he clearly knows zero about governance, foreign policy, economics, or really anything that a president needs to know
    2. a shitbag -- his motivations are only self-love and hatred of others.

    I'm not crying that Hillary lost -- but I'm not happy that Trump won either.

  • Citizen X||

    Pen and phone, bitches!

  • ||

    Please stop! My schadenboner can only get so erect!

  • grrizzly||

    It's expected by most people who aren't dazzled by the glints of gold from everything associated with Donald Trump that he will lose decisively tonight to Hillary Clinton. And then probably pitch a fit for the next couple of weeks.

    Nick Gillespie, November 8, 2016 6:40 pm

    It would be better to let Gillespie go.

  • Sevo||

    Repeal it.
    Repeal it.
    Repeal it.
    Repeal it.

  • Hamster of Doom||

    No! No repeal-and-replace! For the love of God, man. Repeal and keep repealing until the problem is solved. Just get the hell out of the way. For fuck's sake, let my people go!

  • Tundra||

    Yes. Retail motherfucking healthcare, por favor. Catastrophic insurance for those who choose.


  • Glide||

    But without an Obamacare replacement the whole country will die from lack of medical care, like they did between 1776 and 2009 when there was no Obamacare and life expectancy increased by 44 years while the population grew by 13,000%!


  • Citizen X||

    Overpopulation!!!!1! Gah! FUCK!!

  • Microaggressor||

    Socialized medicine would deal with that little problem just fine.

  • Robert||

    I thought they were all replaced by immigrants, over & over. Like a roach motel.

  • Robert||

    I thought they were all replaced by immigrants, over & over, like a roach motel.

  • ||

    The only chance we were going to git rid of ObamaCare is if the R's won both houses and the presidency.

    However, given that Trump is basically a Democrat on trade and fiscal policy, and has supported single payer in the past, I wouldn't bet on it.

    They'll probably get rid of the tax on "Cadillac plans" as a gift to labor unions. But I don't think Mr. Populist is going to get on board with repealing the pre-existing conditions clause.

    Also, Trump is a man who doesn't pay his debts. He's not going to feel he owes anything to the Republican party, so why would he give a shit? He's won now and can do whatever he wants.

  • thom||

    He's won now and can do whatever he wants.

    Which is fly around on Air Force One and make speeches. Seriously, I think the guy is in it for the pageantry. Seems like most of the power will lie with the Republican establishment.

  • Robert||

    But he wants accolades too, & he's got to know that just as enacting ACA was Obama's legacy, repealing it could be his. He'll sign the repeal bill in a heartbeat, then fly around & make speeches about having done that.

  • Robert||

    I'm still listening, but how complicated could this be? All he has to do is sign the repeal bill that's been on the floor repeatedly. Then they can think about enacting things that could be even better than pre-ACA.

  • PTSD||

    And so it begins. Apparently Trump is only kinda sorta against the ACA.


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