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Female Student Said, 'I'm Fine and I Wasn't Raped.' University Investigated, Expelled Boyfriend Anyway.

Wrongfully suspended male athlete is suing the university and the Education Department.

CSUPDreamstimeColorado State University-Pueblo suspended a male athlete for years after he was found responsible for sexually assaulting a female trainer. But the trainer never accused him of wrongdoing, and said repeatedly that their relationship was consensual. She even stated, unambiguously, "I'm fine and I wasn't raped." 

That's according to the athlete's lawsuit against CSUP, which persuasively argues that the university not only deprived him of fundamental due process rights, but also denied sexual agency to an adult woman. Taken at face value, this case appears to represent one of the most paternalistic, puritanically anti-sex witch hunts ever reported on a college campus. 

But that's not the only reason this case is interesting. The student-athlete, Grant Neal, has named the Education Department's Office for Civil Rights as a co-defendant. OCR's Title IX guidance to universities "encourages male gender bias and violation of due process right during sexual misconduct investigations," according to a statement from Neal's legal team. 

Earlier this month, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education and the law firm of Kaiser, LeGrand & Dillon offered to represent a student who is willing to sue OCR. While Neal has retained different legal representation, it appears that his lawyer—Andrew Miltenberg—is prepared to make similar arguments against Title IX overreach. (More on that in a bit.) 

Neal's expulsion (it's silly to call it a "suspension"; multi-year suspensions are expulsions) stemmed from his allegedly improper sexual relationship with a female student and athletic trainer, Jane Doe. In the fall of 2015, Neal was a sophomore at CSUP: he and Doe became good friends and eventually developed romantic feelings for each other. Sexual relationships between athletes and trainers are frowned upon, however, so they first attempted to remain friends. 

On October 23, they went to the movies together. Afterward, they kissed and engaged in consensual sexual behavior. They did so the following evening as well. These were not drunken hookups: these were mutually-agreed upon encounters, according to the details in the lawsuit. 

At one point, Neal expressed concerns about giving Doe a hickey—a kiss mark on her neck—because the other trainers might notice it. Doe encouraged him to do so anyway, and promised to wear a hoodie the next day. These and other anecdotes demonstrate Doe's full complicity in the sexual activity that took place, though her statements are even more definitive. 

The hickey was indeed noticed by another trainer, described as the "Complainant" in the lawsuit. When confronted, Doe confessed to the Complainant that she and Dean had engaged in sex. According to the lawsuit, the Complainant "presumed" this sex was nonconsensual, and reported it to the director of the athletic training program. 

Later, when Doe found out, she gave Neal the bad news, and texted him the following messages: 

"One of the other Athletic Training students screwed me over!...She went behind my back and told my AT advisor stuff that wasn’t true!!! I’m trying so hard to fix it all." 

Neal and Doe met in person to discuss the situation. Without Doe's knowledge, Neal recorded their conversation. This audio recording further establishes that their sex was consensual. While in Neal's presence, Doe fielded a phone call from a coordinator of the athletic training program and stated "I'm fine and I wasn't raped." She then called her mother and told her the same thing. 

Both Doe and her mother pressed the administrators of the athletic training program—a husband and wife team—to drop the matter, but it was too late: they had already informed the Title IX office. 

To be clear, CSUP apparently believes that Title IX requires the university to investigate a student for sexual misconduct, even when his alleged victim resolutely insists that he is innocent and does not want the issue investigated. Administrators essentially treated Doe like an object that belonged to them—one that no one else was allowed to touch. 

Neal and Doe, it should be noted, had consensual sex again—probably because they genuinely liked and were interested in each other, despite the university's herculean efforts to keep them from touching each other. 

Doe told another administrator, "Our stories are the same and he’s a good guy. He’s not a rapist, he’s not a criminal, it’s not even worth any of this hoopla!" 

To belabor the point a bit, here are messages she sent to Neal, even after the university instituted a reciprocal no-contact order during the investigation: 

"I miss you & care about you so much Grant [Neal]! Everything will work out…I promise" 

“I hope you know I still care about you so much! I’m trying so hard to fix this… you don’t deserve any of this. I just wanna talk to you again… I’m sooooo SORRY!” I hope that you are okay. I’m so worried. I’m so sorry! I’m so upset they did this." 

The details of the adjudication process will be familiar to anyone who has read my other reports on sexual misconduct "disputes" ("dispute" being an increasingly odd word to use, given that I've now covered two consecutive cases where the "victims" agreed with the accused that their sex was consensual). He was denied full knowledge of the charges against him, presumed to be guilty from the outset, and could not cross-examine witnesses. He was suspended on an interim basis before the hearing could even take place. 

The adjudicator—Defendant Roosevelt Wilson, who is named in the lawsuit—even refused to interview witnesses who would have corroborated Neal's account. "Defendant Wilson professed that he was in charge of the investigation and would be the only person to declare someone a witness in this matter," according to the lawsuit. 

The predetermined outcome for Neal was a guilty verdict: he was suspended for the remainder of Doe's time at the university. 

This is as gross a miscarriage of justice as they come, and Neal has filed suit. His lawyer, Miltenberg, blames not just CSUP, but the federal government's illiberal guidance to universities to police sexual assault without any respect for due process: 

"From the outset, Grant Neal was presumed guilty of sexual misconduct based on nothing more than hearsay and his own male gender,” said Miltenberg. "In violation of the University’s own self-imposed policies and my client’s fundamental rights to due process, the University required Grant to prove his innocence, rather than requiring the University to prove his guilt.  This case illustrates the impact the Administration’s ‘Dear Colleague’ letter has had in creating a deeply-flawed process for sexual misconduct investigations -- as well as an inherent male gender bias — at colleges and universities throughout the country." 

The lawsuit was filed today. I will be eagerly anticipating the federal government's response. What happened at CSUP was nothing short of a scandal: a cabal of vicious, sex-negative administrators ruined a young man's life and told a young woman she has no sexual agency. This is the world according to Title IX.

Photo Credit: Dreamstime

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  • Diane Reynolds (Paul.)||

    The patriarchy made her say that. Ruling justified.

  • ||

    Stockholm Syndrome, etc., etc.

  • Tommy_Grand||

    false consciousness

  • B. Woodrow Chippenhaus||

    I am appalled that Reason would so blatantly show a picture of a man raping a woman like that.

  • ||

    Worse than that, it happened twice!

  • Medical Physics Guy||

    Doctor, I've got this terrible feeling of deja vu.

  • A Cynic's Guide to Zen||

    The student-athlete, Grant Neal, has named the Education Department's Office for Civil Rights as a co-defendant. OCR's Title IX guidance to universities "encourages ale gender bias and violation of due process right during sexual misconduct investigations," according to a statement from Neal's legal team.

    Ale is now a gender? LGBTBBQPGAQTTAJAXIPA?

    It's like Roman Census data!

  • A Cynic's Guide to Zen||

    Also, where-ever HM is, inb4 "non-issue."

  • Scarecrow & WoodChipper Repair||

    Better back out, rapist!

  • ||

    You don't know much about HM, do you?

  • Medical Physics Guy||


    Anyone remember the old Sesame Street where Big Bird tries to sing through the alphabet like it's a word? They should create a sequel for the above Gender-Oppressed-Omnibus-Acronym (meta acronym GOOA?)

  • SugarFree||

    QUILTBAG. It's so easy to remember.

  • A Cynic's Guide to Zen||

    I'm sorry, all I am getting is "Guilt-Fag." Is that right?

  • R C Dean||


    Easy to type.

    And mocking.

  • Sevo||

    LSMFT, too.

  • Radioactive||

    Lab Section for Making folks Tiny...props to MAD magazine parody of Fantastic Voyage

  • Crusty Juggler||

    "This is what you get when you squat, bro."

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    The hickey was indeed noticed by another trainer, described as the "Complainant" in the lawsuit. When confronted, Doe...

    ...told Complainant to mind her own fucking business?

  • Juvenile Bluster||

    "Where'd you get the hickey?" "Had sex with Grant. He's really nice." "OMG RAAAAAAAPE"

  • Careless||

    Seriously, as much as everyone in a Title IX department should DIAF, this person manages to be worse somehow

  • Dan S.||

    Does a hickey really constitute "sex" at all? Isn't there a distinction between "making out" and "having sex"?

    But yeah, why volunteer the information that it was Grant, if such relationships are "frowned on"?

  • Drake||

    Pissed in her water bottle, lit her car on fire, beat the fuck out her in a dark alley, filed a complaint about her for whatever she could make up, told everyone in school she has herpes, and dedicated her life to ruining the "Complainant.

    I can't imagine purposely doing something like that to ruin somebody else's life and not expecting extreme consequences.

  • Illocust||

    The complainant needs to be investigated and interviewed. If they have since recanted and the original report was just a misunderstanding, they should remain known as the complainant and their story should be added to the ridiculousness of this all. If they are okay with how things went down and/or think they didn't make a mistake with their original actions in light of what they know now, their name should be published in the headlines.

  • Pay up, Palin's Buttplug!||

    My money is on the Complainant being jealous of Doe or Neal and making the complain out of vindictiveness.

  • Loki||


  • dantheserene||

    I think we have a winner.

  • R C Dean||

    Remember when you had a right to face your accuser, and anonymous evidence was not allowed for much of anything?

  • juris imprudent||

    Not in the Star Chamber you didn't!

  • Juvenile Bluster||

    Can somebody please talk me out of throwing my chair through my window and jumping out? Because my brain just gave up on the world.

  • A Cynic's Guide to Zen||

    Conspiracy Time: Actual Sexists on the Title IX teams work to constantly undermine the sexual assault allegations the police have refused, moving to build a case that allows for dismissal of all college rape claims once and for all. "See," they'll say, "these girls can't be trusted; especially their jealous co-workers."

  • Mr Lizard||

    Just give me a heads up on where you are jumping. I'll have a refuge rated truck nearby...don't be a stooooopid mammal and waste good meat

  • Mr Lizard||

    ...refrigerated...although it kinda reads better the first time

  • db||

    "Man, it's a damn shame, people be throwin' away a perfectly good white boymammal like that."

  • Irish ♥s Lauren Southern||

    "The predetermined outcome for Neal was a guilty verdict: he was suspended for the remainder of Doe's time at the university. "

    LOL. We think this guy's a rapist, so all we're going to do is expel him for the time period this one student is going to school here. Then he's free to come back and rape again!

    If it was rape this punishment would be grossly insufficient and if it's not rape you just victimized an innocent person. It's like the worst possible punishment you could come up with.

  • juris imprudent||

    Of course they wanted him to come back and rape again - you think these cases generate themselves?

  • invisible finger||

    Sounds like Neal didn't pay Doe's pimp: CSUP.

  • Crusty Juggler||

    "Defendant Wilson professed that he was in charge of the investigation and would be the only person to declare someone a witness in this matter,

    Related:Military training prepares Wilson for director position

    The office is also responsible for the oversight and investigation of complaints of harassment or discrimination prohibited under law.

    “There are variations of how each institute fills those requirements. Some do much better than others, but having Title IX doesn’t mean you have more resources than other institutions, it’s how the person specialized in Title IX presents the knowledge to those in need,” Wilson said.

    He does not deal with criminal investigations but works strictly with a civil rights investigation.

    “Preponderance of the evidence is more likely than not, something occurred versus beyond a reasonable doubt on the criminal side,” he said. “People need to understand the civil rights construct so that they don’t feel that a crime has to be strictly dealt with criminally.”
  • tarran||

    A Chair Force Master Sergeant!?!

    We truly are dealing with a master of bureaucracy here!

  • Crusty Juggler||

    He was taught how to make decisions, sort of.

  • Bill||

    Hmmm. A nation of men and not laws?

    Or at least a campus of men and not laws.

    Except for the male students, they have no rights.

  • toolkien||

    The way things are going, all the males will be expelled, and all the scare tactics will prevent females from registering. The colleges will be ghost towns. But, somehow, the professors and bureaucrats will continue to have jobs simply due to the inertia of grant money, state matching funds, corporate support, previous budget surpluses and loans. It'll be 20 years before payroll checks stop getting cut.

  • A Cynic's Guide to Zen||

    I believe the prevailing sentiment here is "not an issue."

  • dbw1977||

    that somehow when you talk of bureaucrats and professors still having jobs is what they call "tenure".

  • Billy Bones||

    My inner Alex Jones is screaming to me that this is a coordinated attack to keep male college graduation numbers down. The higher the percentage of women graduating versus men, the easier to "correct" gender pay inequality

  • ||

    the administrators of the athletic training program—a husband and wife team—

    what the fuck?

  • A Cynic's Guide to Zen||

    Bill and Donna McConflictofinterest. (It's Belgian.)

  • Medical Physics Guy||

    Sounds Irish. Probably they appropriated Belgian culture.

  • Trigger Warning||

    I appropriate Belgian fries. With fucking mayonnaise, like Belgians and God intended.

  • Radioactive||


  • Drake||

    Somebody should file a rape complaint. I bet the husband has been groping her regularly.

  • Juvenile Bluster||

    Yeah, I mean why would they have an agent of the patriarchy and obvious rapist on the administration team with his victim?

  • JWW||

    Yes, apparently you can't sleep with someone else in the athletic department unless you are administrators.

  • brokencycle||

    Why would she admit to another trainer that she had sex with this guy? Why not tell said trainer to mind their own fucking business?

  • Juvenile Bluster||

    Because she was having a conversation with a friend, and had no way of knowing the friend would turn "I had sex with that guy" into "I was raped", because no rational human being would do such a thing?

  • toolkien||

    Because the other trainer was probably a bit of a confidant/friend, but being a crazy, hysterical, attention seeking idiot, blew this all out of the water.

    I have little doubt that most "rape" complaints that are filed occur only after a panel of friends talk about the "rape" over several meals at the food halls and a few hen meetings in someone's dorm room. Then after the "victim" has been good and supported, the rest takes care of itself. It's been 25 years since I was in college, but all I can think of is all of those 210 pound "best friends", with the mustache, cankles, and acne who just hated me. In this day an age I'd be petrified they'd convince my girlfriend to cry rape if we were going through a rough patch.

  • Horatio||

    This my friends, this.

  • Toast88||

    "I'm fine, and I wasn't raped."

    Aha! That's exactly what a rape victim who's being pressured would say! Therefore, she's a rape victim.

  • Crusty Juggler||

    Dude, young broads are weak and do not know any better, which is why they need strong others to tell them when they have been wronged.

  • Jerryskids||

    Maybe this was never the way she planned, not her intention. Maybe she got so brave, drink in hand, lost her discretion. It's not what she's used to, just wanted to try him on, curious for him, caught her attention. Ever think of that?

  • Trigger Warning||

    But does the rape allegation weigh more than a duck?

  • Pay up, Palin's Buttplug!||

  • AlmightyJB||

    Well fuck a duck

  • Radioactive||

    rape a duck?

  • ||

    In Soviet Russia...

  • ||

    Imagine having to air out for all to see one's most intimate emotions purely for puritanical theater.


  • Illocust||

    What the hell. Both parties involve claim the sex was consensual. He was not in a position of power over her (in fact she could be claimed to be in a position of power over him as his trainer), and the only evidence of a rape is a consensual hickey. How did he not prove his innocence? Seriously, I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. This is too patently ridiculous to fly. Some other evidence must exist. Maybe the other girl accused him of rape?

  • JWW||

    Its kinda hard for him to be exonerated when the only allowed evidence its the girl's friends statement that "he raped her". Sure all the evidence is obvious, but that doesn't matter, remember expulsions are the goal not fair treatment.

  • R C Dean||

    How did he not prove his innocence?

    No written, timestamped record of consent being obtained before each sexual action.

    No video evidence of consent being obtained.

    Can't prove affirmative consent. Guilty.

    And, what's really strange, is how many commenters, and even a writer here (yeah, Robbie, looking at you; nice hair, BTW), are on board with affirmative consent based on the discussion around the orgy/gangbang at the frat house. One even tried to argue that the current criminal law requires that the defendant prove consent, rather than the prosecution having to prove lack of consent.

  • dbw1977||

    The only piece of evidence allowed was the woman who made the claim (hearsay). nothing else mattered.

    Remember, when this guy gets paid out, and I HOPE TO (Insert your preferred deity here, please) HE DOES, the wonderful people of Colorado will be footing the bill.

    I hope they have to rename this university after these two people.

  • juris imprudent||

    Goddammit - a third party was OFFENDED by them having sex. Do you really think a university administrator can possibly tolerate that kind of violation?

  • Rasilio||

    Doe to Friend :
    "We went out to the movies, stopped by a bar and had a few drinks then went back to his place and made out then one thing lead to another and ..."

    Friend to administrator:
    "ZOMG Grant took Jane Doe out and got her drunk so she'd sleep with him, I know he did it because she told me before that even though she had feelings for him she didn't want to complicate things by becoming involved with an athlete"

    Administator to Neal:
    "Is it true that Mrs Doe had a few drinks before you had sex?"

    Neal's Response
    "yeah but what's that got to do with anything?"


  • ||

    you guys just don't understand the danger of second hand rape

  • A Cynic's Guide to Zen||

    Ban rape on buses, restaurants, and places of employment? Mandate "rape zones" where it will be permitted, if properly ventilated? I have more ideas.

  • josh||

    the natural trajectory of this kind of thing suggests that eventually, we'll see men "suspended" for simply looking at a woman the wrong way.

  • toolkien||

    Chemical neutering will be required before that happens.

  • Jerryskids||

    Eye rape, skull fucking - potayto, potahto.

  • Rasilio||

    It sounds ourageous but it would be an easily supportable claim.

    You'd just need a couple of women to come forward and claim that his male gaze made them feel uncomfortable and threatened

  • Notorious UGCC||

    "vicious, sex-negative administrators"

    I don't know their motives, but they could just as well have been trying to cover their butts with the Education Department whenever there's a suggestion of sex crossing hierarchical lines.

    If they simply said "athletes are not allowed to have sex with their trainers, even if it's consensual," and if they'd made these standards clear in advance, the case wouldn't suck as much because they'd have laid out a standard and students would know if they chose to break it and they wouldn't be labelled rapists if they *did* violate the standard.

  • JWW||

    That would be a fine excuse if the DAMN DEPARTMENT ADMINISTRATORS weren't married to each other!!

    One rule for me but not for thee.

  • Marcus Aurelius||

    that would be reason for removing the trainer from her position, and at worst kicking the athlete off his team...

  • Marcus Aurelius||

    This seems so kooky that I think it's staged to deliberately sue the school/OCR.

    "He gave me a hickey but I probably shouldn't have let him. I'm ok tho."

    Who even discusses hickeys before they happen?

  • dbw1977||

    probably a lot of people. a visible hickey today might as well be the fucking scarlet letter in today's society.

  • Loki||

    Did the chick in that picture receive affirmative consent before kissing that dude on the cheek? If not, I'm pretty she she's raping the shit out of that guy. It's kind of triggering to look at. It reminds me of all the times my wife has kissed me without asking my permission first. I think I may need a safe space. /sarc

  • Loki||

    The student-athlete, Grant Neal


    When confronted, Doe confessed to the Complainant that she and Dean had engaged in sex

    Wait, who's this "Dean" person? Did Neal get expelled because his g/f was hooking up with another dude at the same time? I'm confused.

    Or does reason need to hire another dozen or so "editors?"

  • juris imprudent||

    No edit button, no editors. It's pretty simple really.

  • Ama-Gi Anarchist||

    Ya know, I'm waiting for the day I read about a dude getting suspended on trumped up rape charges and he comes back to the university and uses a baseball bat to beat the fuck out of the assholes in charge of suspending him......

  • juris imprudent||

    Deak: Do you have any idea what we are gonna do to you, if we find one itty, bitty scratch on 'em?
    Shep Ramsey: Let me guess. You're gonna pound my face. Break every bone in my body. Then you're gonna drag me across a gravel road and feed my remains to a warthog. Is that about right?
    Deak: What are you nuts? This is the '90s. We're gonna sue you.

  • Horatio||

    Ugh you're such a typical violent cishet shitlord. FFS I can't even.

  • AlmightyJB||

    All hetro sex is rape.

  • ||

    "There's no perfect victim."

  • See.More||

    Seems legit. After all, PIV is always rape.

  • The artist known Dunphy||

    It's even more ridiculous under classic sex harassment 'doctrine' because the 'victim' was the make's trainer

    She had the 'power' position

    Obviously she's not a doctor, chiro, nurse, etc but a Trainer is still in an analogous situation although not as much as a coach is

    I've coached and done personal training and it's generally frowned upon but it's always the trainer/coach that would be criticised , not the athlete

    I'm not sure exactly what a 'trainer' does in the context of this situation, just speaking generally

  • MarkLastname||

    So, this is what feminist sex-positivism looks like, huh?

  • Robert||

    Roosevelt Wilson? You made that name up, didn't you?

  • Marty .||

    Can anyone add a "Controversies" section to CSUP's Wikipedia page? it's been too long since I learned any wiki formatting

  • ScoobyDoo||

    What demonstrates even more forcefully the gender bias at play here is the fact that she was in more of a position of authority than he was and they still found him guilty.

  • Richie||

    If I didn't know any better, I'd say colleges are trying to do the stupidest things because they're funded with public money. It wasn't too long ago when welfare was looked down upon by the working class, and poor people had a pride to refuse government charity. I have living examples in my family.

    This college case is an example of a guilt ridden administration. They know they indoctrinate kids with a strong bias, they know they can't get away playing "great dictator/supreme leader". However, they're going to self destruct to make a point... which is.. I lost my train of thought, nvm.

    this is a bad ass song, though

  • Hand Surgeon TX||

    It's been 25 years since I was in college, but all I can think of is all of those 210 pound "best friends", with the mustache, cankles, and acne who just hated me.

  • Cyto||

    I will be eagerly anticipating the federal government's response.

    The response will be for the Feds to move to dismiss the case against the OCR. A motion that will be summarily granted. The king is immune from such trivial matters.

    Unless they get a judge who is ideologically aligned with the Cato institute, this dog ain't gonna hunt. No chance a careerist judge will want to tackle this mess if he can avoid it. And anyone of the left will be eager to smack it down. That leaves the hard right and liberty-minded ideologs. And plenty on the hard right will be happy to kowtow to the power of the state. So the odds of finding a sympathetic ear in the courts are slim.

    The University is screwed though. Perhaps they'll join the plaintiff in suing the Feds after they get a multi-million dollar judgement.

  • baileymary355||

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  • Long Woodchippers||

    Here's what I don't get in their logic

    If a heterosexual male gives a girl a consensual hickey, or even looks at her the wrong way, Title IX says "ZOMG he's a rapist" and has to be banned from campus

    If said dude, who still has an attached penis and still professes to be attracted to women, puts on a dress and says he feels like a woman, he has a Title IX RIGHT to go in the the women's restrooms and lockers rooms and see those women in various states of undress (despite how they may feel about their privacy being invaded), and how dare you suggest he/she/it has any undesirable sexual intentions, you bigot!

  • Feiel||

    And why exactly did he feel like he needed to record the conversation? Sounds like you're leaving something out here.

  • Horatio||

    You did catch the whole "dude got fucking railroaded from the word go" gist of this story, right?

  • CMM042||

    To cover his butt. Shrewd move, but you're right, he must have had some insight as to what could possibly happen.

  • ammythomas4456||

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  • CMM042||

    Another Joe Paterno, Duke LAX style bus throwing. What's up with these people?

  • CoachBeef||

    If men have no rights on campus
    and most degrees arent worth shit because of identity politics
    and college athletics is a good way to get expelled
    and 40% of student loans are in arrears or default
    and free speech is intiimidated to assaulted physically

    don't to traditional college
    dont socialize on campus

    But better yet, make war on the specific activists and administrators of the his totalitarian piece of shit system.
    By libertarian principles, it is justified to target specific aggressors with disruptive action equivalent to the losses they inflict.

    Destruction of their offices, cars, or homes is equivalent to explulsion of a student, for example.
    If someone tries to shout you down, vilify them, and challenge to combat. When they move on you, defend yourself with extreme prejudice.

    This is war, folks. Snark is fun, but you're in a fuckin war. Get used to the idea. Prepare. Defend your liberty and the liberty of others.

  • Jhon Smith||

  • MSimon||

    Co Dean?

    What school?

  • Alan@.4||

    Rightly or wrongly, often wrongly,the bureaucracy grinds on. Sue the bastards unto death.

  • CZmacure||

    I hope he sues them into the poorhouse. Like, bankrupt. To the point where they have to hand him the keys to the campus and vacate.
    Staggeringly giant penalties and awards to the wrongfully accused are the only way this madness will stop. They don't care about justice, but maybe they'll care about their wallets. Especially when they have to report to their board that thousands or millions of dollars have vanished from their coffers because of their witch-hunts.


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