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Courtesy J.C. Sheitan TenetCourtesy J.C. Sheitan TenetJ.C. Sheitan Tenet lost his right arm as a child but still wanted to be an artist. Despite being right-hand dominant, he learned how to tattoo with his left hand. Then he met industrial artist Jean-Louis Gazal, who had the idea of building Tenet a prosthetic with a tattoo gun attached. Tenet still uses his left hand for detail work, but the prosthetic has made him a tattooing celebrity.

Photo Credit: Courtesy J.C. Sheitan Tenet

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    What he needs is a non-prosthetic equivalent for his left hand, that he could slip on and off with minimal fuss.

  • Deconstructed Potato||

    [blockquote]I don't like the theatrical, "steampunk", "maker" type LARP costume vibe this thing has. How functional is it? I guess it's for people with top hats with skulls on, monocles, fat girlfriends, neckbeards, Bernie Sanders bumper stickers, a penchant inflicting incredibly awkward weird creepy music on their coworkers, and a pet iguana who is forced to also where a creepy top hat and a monocle. Hey fuckers, anime isn't real! Go back to your mom's basement and cry into your stupid lolita sex pillow you ordered from Rakuten, pervert![/blockquote]

    Sort of this but less bizarrely specific.

  • Deconstructed Potato||

    During the past 24 hours I have forgotten how to format my tags on Reason :(

  • Deconstructed Potato||

    industrial artist

    That sounds like a way to actually make a profit on your art if you don't have the right piece of paper from the right institution that grants you the magical seal of approval for having gone through 3-4 expensive years of pomo garbage; make it in industrial quantities instead. You might not be able to command several million dollars for a dead shark, or a piss-drenched crucifix, but you're playing for the other end of the market where quantity is king.

    Oh dear, I've just been informed that "industrial art" doesn't mean what I hoped it did.

  • Deconstructed Potato||

    I like his Iron Man picture. He's like the Winter Soldier, or Misty Knight, or Nebula, or Phil Coulson, or- why do so many Marvel characters get their arms/hands chopped off? I understand there are apparently "extreme body modification" enthusiasts which is a scene that overlaps heavily with the world of prosthesis/amputee fetishes. This is the kind of stuff that I imagine Pink Hair and the Sex Crusader would be up for featuring in Reason.

    I'm sorry if I gave anyone the impression that I am into this stuff. I prefer dressing up as an M1A2 and blasting women dressed up as Iraqi T-72 tanks.

  • Horatio Cornblower||

    People can be awesome at times


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