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Behold the very first pages of the debut issue of Reason magazine, published in the summer of 1968.

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Joanna AndreassonJoanna AndreassonBehold the very first pages of the debut issue of Reason magazine, published in the summer of 1968. With hand-drawn masthead lettering and typewritten text, founding editor Lanny Friedlander previews the content on the pages to follow—reflections on violence, racism, and poverty, three subjects that have continued to be of great and terrible concern in the decades since—and introduces to the world the journalistic philosophy that is to guide his creation. "Others preferred to be incomprehensible and incoherent," he writes. "We don't. Others preferred to ignore your mind. We won't." For 50 years, the writers, editors, and artists of Reason have sought to make good on the promises first articulated in this inaugural issue.

Photo Credit: Reason

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  • Eddy||

    The art on that magazine is as good as the comment feature on the modern Web site.

  • vek||

    Oh lordy, reading the text on the right hand side... If only Reason STILL believed in reason!

    They've literally abandoned the ENTIRE POINT of the magazine. They now lean on feelings and emotions ENDLESSLY to try to make their point. "Well this thing is practical, logical, more cost effective, better for the country, and works well with human nature... But it's mean so we definitely can't accept that policy!"

    That basically sums up a solid 70% of the articles Reason write anymore on many topics. So sad.


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