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Mary + Jane

As much a show about sex, friendship, and the Los Angeles hipster scene as one about "ganjapreneurs," the MTV program Mary + Jane provides an interesting glimpse of what the stoner comedy looks like in a post-legalization era. The series revolves around a pair of female friends who launch a marijuana delivery service in L.A.'s trendy Eastside. But while weed is omnipresent in this show, protagonists Jordan and Paige—who "gave up" her "lifestyle blog" to become a "mostly legal" drug dealer, as she describes it—aren't presented as pothead stereotypes or cautionary tales.

They're quirky weirdos, sure, surrounded by other quirky weirdos, but most of the show's humor is mined (and played to absurdist heights) from the city's cartoonishly hip quarters and the normal quandaries of young adulthood. Perhaps most refreshingly, their marijuana-business issues revolve around things like marketing, not evading jail.

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