Brickbat: When Time Is of the Essence


At around 7 p.m. on June 14, Parrish Chambers began banging on the door of Connie Dadkhah's San Diego home and screaming loudly. Two neighbors called 911 to report him. An NBC 7 report found that neighbors continued to call, at least five more times, over the next hour, but no officers were dispatched. At around 8, Chambers broke through the glass door on the balcony of Dadkhah's home. Neighbors again called, reporting the break in, with at least one telling a dispatcher that Chambers appeared to have a weapon. Cops arrived about 45 minutes later. When they arrived, neighbors pointed to the broken glass and told them Chambers was still inside. The police knocked on the door and called Dadkhah's phone. When she didn't answer, they left. The next morning, Chambers came outside and told a neighbor to call 911 because Dadkhah was dead. This time, police arrived in just a few minutes and arrested Chambers for her death.