Brickbat: When in Doubt, Choke Him Out


New York City school teacher Chester Hingle has been charged with endangering the welfare of a child and criminal obstruction of breathing. Police said Hingle choked a 12-year-old student at I.S. 217 School of the Performing Arts for roughly five seconds.

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  1. What was he thinking? There are approved ways of obstructing the breathing of school children.

  2. Speaking of breathing difficulties, Bill Gates has Covid.

    1. Come on karma!

    2. All the masks and vaccines failed? So surprised.

      1. That's like arguing that seat belts failed when you get a cracked rib in a 50mph crash.

        1. Seatbelts are 95+% effective at preventing car accidents. My seatbelt protects you, your seatbelt protects me. Two weeks to flatten the vehicular mortality curve.

          1. Wearing two seatbelts gives better protection.

            1. A child under the age of 14 without a seatbelt are virtually immune to car accidents, even without a seatbelt. They're far more likely to contract a car accident at school and take it home to grandma, whom it's far more likely to kill even if she is wearing a seatbelt.

  3. "criminal obstruction of breathing"

    Only in New York

    1. Welfare for lawyers! ONE law simply prohibiting bodily assault?!?! Come ON now! There's unwanted nose-picking, ear-yanking, nipple-pinching, ass-scratching... You name it!

      1. Okay, I name it Fred.

        1. OK then... Don't hit, pinch, slap, shoot, stab, yank, or crank my Fred! Or hurt it in ANY way! THAT should be The One Assault Law!

  4. I had the pleasure of being a fly on the wall when some cops got drunk at the bar, and one of their favorite topics was choking people. They absolutely love it. The feeling of someone going limp like they are dead, over and over. These guys were bragging about choking women who were so confused they kept fighting back, so they choked them over an over. The only thing better would be actually killing them.

    People wonder why I have no respect for cops.

    1. Do they serve lobster rolls at this bar?

    2. It's amazing how many conversations between cops you have been privy to.

      Get a grip.

      1. More than you apparently. Cops are scum. They are the guys who beat people up in high school. Now they do it for a living. You get a grip. On reality.

        1. FWIW,..a few years ago a boxing buddy and I went a couple of times to a bar in lower Manhattan after our workout. He'd been in British intelligence in Afghanistan. After the second time, he said, "I never want to go here again. The atmosphere is all wrong. There's something about the people here I don't trust."

          I was talking to a friend about this who knew the bar, she said, "funny, it's a cop bar".

          1. Yup. They make regular people uncomfortable and drive out customers. But what are you going to do? Call the cops?

      2. He must live in a 'Man In The High Castle' alternate reality where the Gestapo can openly talk about choking out Jews in any local beer hall without fear of being recorded by any one of dozens of local patrons carrying cell phones.

        The cops are terrible and he overhears dozens of stories first hand that would get any/all of them investigated, reprimanded, and/or dismissed but he's too helpless to do anything and posting videos online is a lot of work.

        1. Believe it or not but there was a time before everyone carried a camera. It's true.

  5. Usually you can obstruct any child from breathing just by forcing them to read any one of a number of godawful textbooks.

  6. Police said Hingle choked a 12-year-old student at I.S. 217 School of the Performing Arts for roughly five seconds.

    Method actor.

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