Is Russia About To Expand Its Warmongering?

Russia’s threats to reach into Transnistria could be a cheap distraction or an expansion of the conflict.


What in the world is going on in Transnistria? That's a question most of us never thought would cross our minds, and hopefully one we'll again be able to forget when we return to the happy neglect with which we previously treated the obscure breakaway state/Soviet theme park. But a strange outburst of violence there, along with ominous comments by a Russian general about gaining military access to the region, have observers worried that the already bloody war in Ukraine may expand.

"Three days of alleged attacks in a contested area of Moldova are raising fears the conflict in Ukraine may be spreading over the border," Britain's Sky News reported last week. "No one has claimed responsibility for the attacks."

Testimony and images from the scene show Transnistria's security headquarters damaged by rocket fire. Separate attacks targeted a military unit and radio broadcasting towers. Transnistria's foreign minister immediately blamed the incidents on Ukraine, which borders the region to the east. But why would Ukraine, which has its hands full fighting Russian invaders, stage attacks on an obscure internationally unrecognized postage stamp of a not-quite country? Well, it probably wouldn't, especially since such a move would potentially benefit Russia.

Transnistria, also known as Transdniestria or, if you absolutely insist, as the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, was a part of Moldova which seceded from that Romanian-speaking country even as Moldova seceded from the old Soviet Union. It occupies a strip of land between Moldova and Ukraine along the Dniester River. It's best known for, well, nothing really. But it's full of Soviet-style imagery, and also plays host to 1,500 Russian troops and a huge ammunition depot belonging to Moscow, making the region essentially a glorified military base. Importantly, about a third of Transnistria's population is Russian-speaking, which might ring a bell, since protecting Russian speakers was one of Vladimir Putin's excuses for invading Ukraine. And now the issue arises again.

"Control over the south of Ukraine is another way to Transdniestria, where there is also evidence that the Russian-speaking population is being oppressed," Gen. Rustam Minnekayev, deputy commander of Russia's central military district, commented on April 22. He spoke to justify Russia's plans to seize Ukraine's entire Black Sea coastline, including Odesa. Ukraine was already upset by the scheme, a reaction in which it is now joined by Moldova.

"These statements are unfounded and contradict the position of the Russian Federation supporting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Moldova, within its internationally recognized borders," Moldova's Foreign Ministry responded.

Moldova has multiple reasons to be upset by the comment since it still claims Transnistria, possesses unhappy memories of Moscow's intentions from its history as a component of the Soviet Union and the Russian empire before that, and has a Russian-speaking minority population of its own. Worse, if Russia did take southern Ukraine and build a land bridge to Transnistria, there's little officials in the capital of Chisinau could do about it.

According to the CIA World Factbook, Moldova's armed forces have "approximately 6,000 active troops" as of 2021, and their equipment is "almost entirely comprised of older Russian and Soviet-era equipment." The country is also formally not aligned with anybody else. Unlike other states, like Latvia, that have voiced concern about where Russia might turn next, Moldova is a non-member of the European Union, having just applied for membership, and of NATO, though it cooperates with the military alliance on some matters. "Moldova is constitutionally neutral but seeks to draw closer to Euro-Atlantic standards and institutions. NATO fully respects Moldova's constitutional neutrality," NATO noted in 2020 about the relationship.

So, if Russian forces were to consolidate their land bridge across southeastern Ukraine to Crimea, and if that bridge was then successfully extended through Odesa to Transnistria, Moldova has no allies on the hook to help defend the country from attack. It's entirely on its own and could constitute a relatively painless place for Russia to further reestablish old borders.

But that's a lot of "ifs" that would have to come to pass for the war to expand to Moldova.

"Russian tanks are unlikely to roll into Transnistria soon," The Economist noted last week. "They are mostly tied up in Donbas, in eastern Ukraine. A path through Odessa, Ukraine's main port, would be difficult: the city is heavily fortified. Russia might hope to attack Transnistria first, making a land corridor that would cut Odessa off from the rest of Ukraine. But in practice, this would leave its flanks dangerously exposed to Ukrainian forces."

It's also not obvious what benefit Moscow would gain from extending the fighting.

"For all its pro-Russia orientation, 54% of exports from Transnistria went to the European Union in 2021, compared with 14% to Russia and 9% to Ukraine," according to Bloomberg's Marc Champion. "That trade would be jeopardized should Russia take control of the territory, a move that would subject it to U.S. and EU sanctions."

So, what is Russia up to in Transnistria?

It should be noted that a couple of explosions and some shit-talking to the press are a cheap way of keeping western officials worried about the future and perhaps focused on protecting NATO members like Romania and the Baltic states at the expense of arms shipments to Ukraine. Concerns about a new western front might also cause Ukraine to divert forces from combat in Donbas to a phantom incursion via Belarus or the Black Sea, reducing the troops and materiel available to battle invaders.

The saber-rattling over Transnistria also almost certainly guarantees further additions to NATO. But Putin and company may already have resigned themselves to the addition of Finland, Sweden, and other nations to the alliance's ranks. If they take that as a given, there's little for them to lose by keeping the West fretting over a potential expansion of the war.

Or maybe this is a legitimate threat. It could be that Russia really does have its eyes on expanding its territory through a breakaway state into Moldova, which has no allies and is ill-equipped for self-defense. The uncertainty over how seriously to take Russia's designs on Transnistria illustrate the dangers posed by Russia's invasion of Ukraine for the world beyond those countries' borders.

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  1. Remember that 4 year period during which Putin did whatever he wanted because he knew he could get away with it because the President of the United States was literally a Russian intelligence asset?

    I'm glad that's over. Now we got the Russians right where we want them. Because Putin is terrified of Joe Biden.


    1. You must have forgot the terror of mean tweets.

    2. Let's not forget the critical role played by that brave freedom fighter Hunter.

      1. If Hunter hadn't been there fortifying Ukraine, we'd all be living in Russia right now.

        1. Who lost Putin's laptop?

    3. Which will occur first -- Trump removes his lips from Putin's ass or OpenBordersLiberal-tarian removes his tongue from Trump's scrotum?

      Carry on, clingers . . . so far as your betters permit, that is.

      1. At some point the delusion becomes an actual break with reality. Seek help, boomer.

        1. As a boomer, I resent any even hinted connection to the resident asshole bigot.

          1. Boy, that's rich coming from a fuckface like yourself.

            1. You’re subhuman garbage,…….

              That’s pretty much all I had. Oh, and fuck off.

      2. WE are YOUR betters bitch. If you love to see the dawn it’s because WE allow it. This far we have stayed our hand, but our oriented and tolerance are not infinite.

        Best you learn to obey.

    4. Well, did you hear that Biden is seeing a doctor? He has some gastrointestinal distress; he just can't stop Putin.

  2. "But why would Ukraine, which has its hands full fighting Russian invaders, stage attacks on an obscure internationally unrecognized postage stamp of a not-quite country?"

    The entire article demonstrates why.

    1. Gotta love when idiot journos prove their stupidity. It goes completely by him that an attack by Ukraine would be used by Western propagandists like him to push more Western involvement in the war on Ukraine's side.

      1. A far better Western propaganda would be to launch Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi into the heart of battle. Russians and Ukrainians would fall on their swords

        1. Now she has a “dodging bullets” story.

          1. Pelosi is a pretty scrawny target.

      2. It's possible but it really makes little sense from Ukraines perspective. If nato isn't going in for non nato Ukraine, this tiny place isn't going to tip the scales. If Ukraine really wanted a false flag to trigger nato it would need to be in poland or some other nearby nato country, or maybe even Finland. But not here, it doesn't have the cache to pull at heart strings and turn the citizens to war if Ukraine hasn't already.

        What's more likely is this is Russia waging false flags while simultaneously threatening/blackmailing this tiny government to go along or the missiles start falling from the sky.

        Or its anti-Russian citizens/militias within the country carrying out attacks on what they perceive to be pro-Russia targets. Which would also be called "Ukraine forces" by a puppet/blackmailed govt defense minister or whoever initially blamed Ukraine.

        1. This is assuming Ukraine has control of all the fighters.

          A not insignificant percentage of the Ukrainian forces are militias and it's not impossible that some militias have decided on their own to pre-emptively strike at Russian forces staged on the other side of the country.

          1. I agree and I think this is the most likely scenario.

            Anti Russia forces attacking pro Russia targets. But not official Ukrainian military operations.

          2. But you can actually watch a video of one of the "attacks" on a security building. It looked completely staged. I suspect the idea is provide some "offense" to justify drafting more useful idiots for cannon fodder.

            1. Ok?

              That has nothing to do with what we're talking about here.

              Some people are assuming the Ukrainian fighters are organized like a western nation state military and that they're firmly under the control of the government - they are not.

              So one possible explanation as to why Ukraine might be expanding this war is that *Ukraine is not* - 'rogue elements' may be off doing their own thing without considering or coordinating the politics with the UKis government.

              Or, of course, another explanation is that none of this happened and it's all Russian fakes.

          3. There was a secret gold stash there. Movie to follow.

        2. Out idiots are trying to pass bills saying we must go to war if 'Russia' uses biological weapons.

          This is how the false flag would draw us in.

          1. And if we had droolin' Joe as POTUS, it might.

      3. No need to theorize on false flag operations. Per the article itself, the country is Russian ally that is willingly hosting Russian troops and supplies. Motives are pretty clear cut. Of course having a motive doesn't mean someone actually did something.

    2. Let's not forget that nobody has claimed responsibility for the attacks - my guess is that it was Donald Trump.

      1. Wait, wasn’t nancy pelosi in the area?

        1. With the means, motive, and opportunity; book her, Dano.

          1. Cool that The Simpsons paid a little homage to the Hawaii Five-O theme last night. One of the all-timers.

        2. "Wait, wasn’t nancy pelosi in the area?"

          In which case, Trump is to be congratulated.

    3. Because the entire Ukraine war BS was started and staged by the US and Brits to goad Russia into fighting. Transnistria is a place with a large ethnic Russian population, like Crimea and Donbas.

      when the US and Brits kill them, it pisses off the Russians. And the US and Brits want nothing more than for this war to expand so they can send billions of weapons to use against Russians (or more likely get sold off on the black market for future use against the US and Brits).

  3. "But why would Ukraine, which has its hands full fighting Russian invaders, stage attacks on an obscure internationally unrecognized postage stamp of a not-quite country?"
    "But it's full of Soviet-style imagery, and also plays host to 1,500 Russian troops and a huge ammunition depot belonging to Moscow, making the region essentially a glorified military base."

    You answered your own question not even a paragraph later, but you never answered the question why Russia would attack an allied country that is willingly hosting it's troops, ammunition, and military supplies, when it already has its hands full with the Ukraine.

    1. Yeah I don't think this is too complicated. Anti-Russia sentiment is running very high in that region.

      What's truly hilarious about this from clownshow Putins perspective is not only is he going to be lucky to come put of this with the shitty, super poor, Donbass region. But hell also come out of this with MORE of his neighbors joining nato.

      It's like he went to the casino hoping to win a Ukrainian but all he came away with is a jenky souvenir Donbass. If he's lucky.

      1. You win the silliest internet post of the day with this.

        "What's truly hilarious about this from clownshow Putins perspective is not only is he going to be lucky to come put of this with the shitty, super poor, Donbass region."

        The Donbass region has lots of oil, mineral, and ag products and is possibly the richest region in Ukraine in terms of natural resources. You really need to get up to speed before making silly posts.

        As the old ditty goes 'follow the money'; and there is lots of money in the Donbass region.

        1. Care to give us a cite to support your claim?

        2. It is also the region of Ukraine that has the most ethnic Russians as residents.

          And Russians don't like it when ethnic Russians are getting bombed in against the terms of an international treaty.

    2. That's the issue I have. Why would Ukraine assault a relatively unprotected area that houses a military base of a country that is currently invading them?

      Perhaps to attack the ammunition depot and troops stationed there. To ensure that the Russian troops, for which communications are a critical weakness, cannot use the broadcasting equipment in what is essentially a vassal state.

      At this point, it's strategy, and Moldova is not neutral if they already host Russian bases on their soil.

  4. If Biden's handlers (who actually run the government) truly desired a Ukrainian victory over Putin (they don't based upon their actions to date), they'd:
    - give Zelensky the 28 Polish MiGs after two months of refusals,
    - block all Russian ships from leaving the Black Sea,
    - give Zelensky more missiles to destroy Russian ships, tanks, aircraft, and military installations in Ukraine and in Russia, and
    - tell Russia (and everyone else) that any negotiated peace settlement will require Putin to leave ALL of Ukraine (including Crimea and Dombast), abandon 200 miles of Russia (along the Ukrainian border), give a hundred billion dollars to Ukraine, and for Putin to be removed from office.

    1. Migs won't do the Ukrainians shit.

      If they already had planes that were shot down then most of their trained pilots are already gone.

      If they didn't then they don't have pilots trained for shit.

      Ground based anti-air systems - especially with counter-RAM capabilities - will do far more for them than a handful of planes they may be barely able to fly.

      1. They actually still have much of their air forces left. They just are very selective in how they deploy them. And they do much of their work with drones now anyway.

        The last I heard they were still flying 4-10 sorties per day. But they also need to stay away from border areas where Russian air defenses are stronger.

        1. If that's the case then their experienced pilots already have planes to fly and they'd be putting up barely trained pilots if they had more.

          1. You don't know shit about this. Ukraine has a well-trained (by us, by gosh) air force that is still largely intact and effective.

      2. only if they actually get deployed and not sold on the black market, which is where most of the arms the west is sending will end up.

        Just like Afghanistan. It's a racket.

    2. block all Russian ships from leaving the Black Sea

      This was rumored to have happened back in February, but turned out to be false.

      What happens if Turkey (a NATO country) closes the Bosphorous Strait and Russia forces the matter? Is Turkey going to sink a Russian ship? The only way to close it would be to close it to everyone and mine the strait.

    3. While the US could certainly get more involved with what you suggested and more a popular analysis is that at some point Russia would respond with more dangerous attacks. While the US holds a huge advantage in ICBMs with nuke heads Russia has something like a ten fold advantage in tactical nukes that could easily wipe out Kiev or similar targets and has made it clear (even if it might be a bluff) that using tactical nukes is not off the table.

      Not to mention that the Pentagon has made it clear that the US does not have an unlimited supply of arms it can ship to Ukraine; in fact the Pentagon has said there needs to be real consideration about how to keep it's arms supply to adequate levels not to mention keep the supply lines for arms flowing.

      As the link points out while Biden has just sent a lot of stuff to Ukraine absent from that stuff are Stingers and Javelins that the Pentagon worries are getting close to the minimum level the Pentagon wants in it's inventory.

      Much has been made of Russian logistic missteps but the US advantage seems to be approaching it's limits. Expanding the US/NATO support to Ukraine will only hasten how soon those limits are reached.

      1. it's all about spending more taxpayer money. The arms can just as easily be widgets. as long as the makers get to charge whatever the hell they want, they want to send as many as they can to anyone.

        And the bureaucrats get rich on the deals as well. They screw us and divvy up the profits between them.

  5. Putin to be operated on for cancer

    So, he'll be too weak to expand his warmongering, right?

    1. Actually, now I kinda wonder if "I'm gonna die, I have to make my mark" was some of his motivation for this.

  6. The biggest thing preventing Russia from expanding past Ukraine, which I think was their original plan, is the sheer ineptitude of the Russian forces and the massive losses they've sustained.

    At this point Russia simply doesn't have the machinery to do much beyond try holding the east and launching missiles.

    I don't know how much any of you have been following the conflict on the ground. But very early on the Ukrainians realized there's a major flaw in the newer Russian tanks, which were supposed to bulldoze Ukraine into submission. The newer Russian tanks were all equipped with auto-loaders for the shells for the main gun, thus removing a person (the loader) from the crew of the tank and saving space. But this essentially put the munitions in the cabin with the crew, with no major barriers.

    Very quickly the Ukrainians realized almost any strike on the turret of the tank that could penetrate would ignite the tanks munitions and basically explode the tank from the inside out. This has become so bad that now many of the Ukrainian soldiers and on the ground people I've been following have started a meme game to see how far away the turret was blown off the russ tank when they take pictures of destroyed ones in the field.

    This major design flaw basically neutered Russian ground forces since the majority of the rest are older, poorly armored, soviet Era holdovers, and is a massive embarrassment for putin.

    1. Any day now, the Ukrainians will take Moscow.

      1. Any day now you'll realize you've been duped multiple times by Russian propoganda and were actually having serious conversations with people, or possibly even bots, spewing the talking points right off Russian state run television lol.

        What we know for sure is...
        1. Regardless of Russian or Obama puppeteering over the last decade, a vast majority of the country voted for and still supports zelensky.

        2. A vast majority of the country wants nothing to do with Russia or its culture, even nearly half of the contested Donbass region.

        3. Russias military is wildly inept, disorganized, poorly trained, and poorly maintained. They may have a few high tech gadgets, but they don't seem very capable of implementing them. And they've already lost at least two of their newest 5th Gen fighters plus their black sea "flagship" which looked rusty and poorly maintained to begin with.

        4. All Russia and putin have at this point is nuclear threats. I'd certainly be willing to call his bluff. Especially now that their chances of victory look nil and their losses are so high. I honestly don't think putin would ever go full mutual destruction over Ukraine, but even if he did I think there's enough internal pressure/skepticism of him that he'd be stopped internally. And let's face it, putin wants a legacy in Russia. In order for that to happen Russia would still need to exist and not be nuclear glass.

        5. There's less and less reason to fear putin every day. They should really hammer the energy sector with sanctions, blockade the black sea and imports/exports, expel Russian citizens (who don't also posses us citizenship), and all Russians on visas in any stem/govt/university job. Cut off all their access to our tech and education (should do this with China as well). Ban all further Russian citizens from getting visas, visiting, owning property, investing, etc until/unless putin withdrawals fully from Ukraine and agreements are made to prevent it happening again.

        6. The only good communist is a dead communist.

        1. Take it easy, Ken.

          1. Wooo, you got me! It cut soooo deeeep

            1. Wrap your wounds in a Ukrainian flag, neocon.

              1. Ooooh another zinger!

                You think American media and politics is mostly propoganda but you're taking everything Russia says at face value.

                I'm smart enough to realize both sides are propogandizing so I go to sources on the ground and look into the Grey areas. And they largely show Russias military is inept and putin is a dog with a lot of bark, but little bite. And that Ukrainians overwhelmingly want independence, zelensky, and nothing to do with Russia.

                1. [B]ut you're taking everything Russia says at face value ...


                  1. About a month and a half ago you, and nardz, were engaged in a "serious" conversation with a guy claiming that putin was in the right because the majority of Ukrainians were pro nazi and there were nazis everywhere in the Ukrainian govt.

                    This is absolutely false. While yes, everyone knows of the azov battalion and Ukraine does have a few mayor's that are very nationalist/Russo phobic this is not something the is prevelant in their society. It would be similar to the way the KKK was engaged in policing and politics in the early 1900s. While it can be an issue, they aren't a sizeable portion of the population. The same way all southern politicians and policemen weren't in the KKK in the early 1900s. And the same way the KKK views have faded, the ultra nationalist neo nazi views are fading from Ukraine.

                    Not to mention zelensky got nearly 70% of the countries vote and he's Jewish.

                    1. About a month and a half ago you, and nardz, were engaged in a "serious" conversation with a guy claiming that putin was in the right because the majority of Ukrainians were pro nazi and there were nazis everywhere in the Ukrainian govt.

                      Complete bullshit.

                    2. But…. but….. Misek says Nazis are really all Jews!

        2. "What we know for sure is..."

          The Ghost of Kiev was a joke and there is no way to sugar coat it.

          While this link is behind a pay wall you can use the immersive reader or simply do a google search on the ghost of kiev.

          What we also know is North of 10% of the population of Ukraine has fled the country even with Ukraine imposing travel bans on military age men. The economy is in shambles and Russia has occupied some of the most productive parts of the country in Eastern Ukraine.

          I am no Putin/Russian fanboy but still stand by my previous posts that the ultimate resolution will be a partition of Ukraine with Russia getting land in the East and along the coast. Not happy to post this but I am being realistic in how I am now investing based on the partition.

          1. Kilroy most likely never existed either, but the potential and actual destruction of the enemy that Kilroy represtented with his wall-climbing bald head and proboscis did exist and was the confounding "made-you-look" bane to enemies of freedom and civilization everyehere! Ditto with all other pseudonymous mascots of Psy-War among the Allies:

            Kilroy Was Here--Wikipedia

            The "Ghost of Kyiv" is no different and the humorless Putineers need their self-imposed mental chains jerked! 🙂

          2. Ukraine is in bad shape, that's for certain. That's to be expected in the middle of a war. The issue was never whether Ukraine can fight Russia on an equal footing, but how long and how painful they could make the conquest of their country by a neighbor nearly ten times their size and power. The idea that Ukraine can genuinely win the war is a novel one.

            However, I must disagree with you. I don't think Zelenski is going to agree to secession of Ukrainian territory. Anything lost now will be lost forever and embolden any future Russian action, which might not have the widespread support that Ukraine holds now. Unless Ukraine is completely defeated, the border will stay. At this rate, Ukraine might even regain Crimea, but I think that's doubtful, unless Putin himself dies from this cancer and his successor is trying to extricate quickly.

        3. All Russia and putin have at this point is nuclear threats. I'd certainly be willing to call his bluff.

          Um... if he has stomach cancer... I'm not sure that's a great play.

      2. In your Masochistic jerk-off porn wet dreams. 🙂

    2. For anyone interested this is probably the best on the ground aggregate of images from Ukraine. And the guy or people running it are very knowledgeable and have called out several times old wreckages were used as propoganda pretending to be new wreckages. And not surprisingly its Russia doing that more than Ukraine.

    3. "The newer Russian tanks were all equipped with auto-loaders for the shells for the main gun, thus removing a person (the loader) from the crew of the tank and saving space. But this essentially put the munitions in the cabin with the crew, with no major barriers."

      1. Russian tanks have almost always had autoloader. Going back past the T-72. This is nothing new to them.

      2. Which 'new' tank are you talking about? Because the T-14 *does not* have the ammo in the crew compartment. In fact, it has an automated turret and all the crew are in their own space separate from everything else

      1. It would seem it's the t72 and all it's variants. As well as t80 and t90. It doesn't seem they've even deployed many t14 so I doubt they even have very many.

          1. Like I said, the Russians are going through machinery faster than hunter goes through a pile of blow.

            1. Damn! And that fucker can go through blow at a pace that would give pause to a 70’s hard rock band.

        1. T72s and 80s are old - an ammo bin like on the M1 won't help them here since these latgms have plenty of left over energy after penetrating armor.

          Sure, the flying turrets are impressive but these would have been total kills even if there was no ammo.

          1. Well it doesn't seem like they have many t14, and this is also happening on the t90 and several versions of apc lol.

            Not good when like 70% of your "heavy armor" has a major weakness.

            They're using commercial drones to drop mortars or ieds on tanks even now with great effect as long as they hit near the turret.

            1. I'm saying the 'major weakness' is being third generation tanks - not the ammo storage.

              1. Third gen tank going against weapons designed to be used against 4th and 5tj gen tanks.

                It doesn't matter where the ammo in a T-72 is stowed, a hit by an Javelin or NLAW is going to kill it anyway.

            2. They're using commercial drones to drop mortars or ieds on tanks even now with great effect as long as they hit near the turret.

              DJI, who supplies the most and best UAVs, has suspended sales and support in both Ukraine (where it makes a difference) and Russia (where it is a non factor).

            3. There are only 20 T-14s in existence, all of them various flavours of prototypes. There is no chance they will be used in this war unless the Ukrainian army is approaching Moscow.

              The T-14 itself is also rather dependent on western electronic systems that Russia can no long obtain. The odds on there ever being more than about 20 of them are rather low. Much like the other Russian "high tech" devices they boast about but are unable to produce in numbers.

    4. The Russians never had a goal of expanding. Everything that have done so far is exactly what they said they were going to do.

      Russia has wiped out much of the Ukrainian military which is a reason they are begging for more help. We should not give them any and should not look at them as a victim.

      They broke the Minsk Accord agreements and knew the results would be Russia's intervention because Russia told them what would happen. Zelenskyy's handlers in the USA wanted exactly what we have gotten.

      Now ask yourself why?

  7. "It's also not obvious what benefit Moscow would gain from extending the fighting."

    Do they have midterms coming up in November?

  8. They'll quit and return to Russia, blaming Biden's resolve, a week before the U.S. mid-terms, revealing the Biden-Putin connection.

  9. It's interesting to take a week off paying attention to politics to come back and immediately find Reason Libertarians warmongering.

    Why the Ukraine articles today?
    Hmm, maybe because May 2, 2014 was the Odessa Massacre?
    Keep doing you, Reason: support of totalitarian globalist murderers.

    8 years ago, on May 2nd 2014, Ukrainian radicals murdered at least 42 people in Odessa for the crime of being Russian. They burned them alive. They had tacit approval from the government; no one was punished. From that day on, it was clear that war had become inevitable.

    The War in Donbass had barely started; after May 2nd, 1000s of volunteers from Odessa & Russia joined the Militias. Ukrainian social networks were full of “funny” videos of people jumping to their deaths to escape the fire. Restaurants added "Vatnik shashlik" to their menus.

    Young girls poured the Molotov cocktails that lit the Trade Union House on fire; Ukrainian politicians joked about “the traditional May BBQ” for years; people who were involved in the massacre are now popular bloggers, pundits, advisors, military leaders.

    1. Jesus christ dude, could you look at both sides for once and not just suck the Russian propoganda dick?

      That massacre happened after weeks of clashes between pro and anti Russian protests and was mainly sparked when the main pro Russia agitator, Andre Rayevsky, was found in possession of documents he was sending to the Russian government calling for the death of Ukrainians and jews in Odessa and asking for the Russian government to invade.

      1. All evidence points to you promoting globalist, corrupt interests in Ukraine and repeating their lies.
        Go fuck yourself, useful idiot.

        1. Lmao. You do realize putin is one of klaus Schwabs best buddies and he has bragged about Putins involvement in the world economic forum numerous times don't you?

          1. Ok, Soros bot

            1. That doesn't change the fact that putin has much stronger ties to the globalist and klaus Schwab/the WEF than zelensky, Ukraine, or even pelosi for that matter.

              So how am I pro globalist when you are supporting the guy, putin, with the closest ties and friendship to Thee main globalists, klaus Schwab?

            2. You're a piece of communist shit!

              Soviet flags keep rising over Russian-occupied Ukraine


            3. Putin is an unabashed admirer of Stalin and has worked — successfully, in Russia — to rehabilitate his image, which suffered for years after a posthumous denunciation in 1956 by Khrushcheva’s great-grandfather Nikita Khrushchev...


              1. Funny watching totalitarian progs like you that regularly advocate for Stalinesque governance in America pretending to be offended by strongman communism.

              2. Communism? You’re soaking in it.

            4. Soros has fembots now?

      2. "YoU'rE fAlLiNg FoR rUsSiAn PrOpAgAnDa!"

        Because you globalist totalitarians aren't putting out loads of propaganda, and censoring all dissent.

        Fucking useful idiots.

        1. Both sides are propogandizing. It might do you some good to figure that out and try figuring it out for yourself.

          1. I did.
            I'm not the one mindlessly regurgitating State Department talking points

            1. So as a libertarian you concluded communist putin, with close ties and a close friendship with klaus Schwab, the globalists, and the WEF, is the guy to support?


              1. Only idiots think seeing through our propaganda means we support Russia.

                1. ^ This

                2. I don’t trust anything coming out of the Biden regime. I don’t trust the EU, I don’t trust Zelensky. I sure a shot don’t trust Putin.

                  I’m guessing the best result is for the invasion to fail, without the US getting any more involved than we already are. So the question is how long Putin sustain a military offensive into Ukraine?

                  Certainly it would be a much shorter period of time if the US want being controlled by a retarded puppet with mush for brains. Who has helped drive the price of oil to a level that has made Putin’s venture affordable.

                3. ^^^^^ mother fuckin this ^^^^

                  1. What’s more is instead of infighting here, we should be finding common ground. I honestly don’t know who is really right. It’s a big murky mess. However, I take it on faith that, other than maybe our prog idiot trolls, no one here wants WW3 or any kind of a hot war with Russia. This is why I haven’t really taken a side with anyone or condemned any of our regular posters outside of the aforementioned idiots. Amd I don’t think anyone here doubts my willingness to rip into someone aggressively as I see fit.

                    We shouldn’t be at each other’s throats over this. we are not each other’s enemies here. We already have enough problems with the Biden regime and their associated henchmen. It makes zero sense to divide ourselves over Ukraine.

                    Whatever the differences are in each of our analysis of the situation, at the end of the day we all want the same thing. So let’s act like it.

                    1. Ah, but we're not alike, O Cadbury ET Fur-Ball! 😉

                      I've never shilled for anything corrupt on the part of Ukraine's Government or Zelenskyy. I fully acknowledge every Government in the world has some kind of corruption.

                      All I've ever upheld was the Individual Right of Ukrainians and innocent Russians to Life, Liberty, Property, and The Pursuit of Happiness, and their right to defend these against all enemies, including Putin and the Putineers.

                      All that Nardz and Geiger Goldie have done this whole time is shill for this damn monster Putin and his atrocities! And call all who disagrees George Soros-loving, One Worlder, Collectivist Totalitarian Faggots...even thoigh Putin is a Collectivist Totalitarian who allies with Red China's Emperor Xi, who unleashed biological Hell on Earth and de facto ruled this Planet for two years with lockdowns and mandates!

                      No dice on saying 'we're all in this together 6 feet apart' or whatever the cliche is nowadays.

                      Legitimate lovers of Liberty and people of good will are my friends and apologists for murder, tyranny, and aggressive war can all Fuck Off after their own kind!

                      And if you want to send that message, I am never one to harm the messenger. Have fun with Marshmellow Peeps in Space exploding in the airlock too! 🙂

                    2. It’s so hard to tell what is really true that I’m not sure who is right and by how much. I don’t think anyone here actually likes Putin. I certainly don’t. But this Ukraine invasion is complicated. Made far worse by the fact that Biden has mush for brains, and his handlers are leftist academic type idiots. The US is just not up for this right now.

                      I want Putin to fail, but I’m not entirely certain what needs to happen. I don’t think anyone here can be sure either. More than failure I would like to avoid WW3. Something none of us want. We should come together on that.

                      We shouldn’t be beating each other up. We should be beating up Tony, Strudel, etc..

        2. Has there been even ONE 'heroic Ukrainian' story that was true?

          This is sort of like Trump......if Russia is so bad why do you keep lying instead of just telling the truth and exposing how bad it is?

        3. If Putin is not a totalitarian, why then does he still hold on to Russia's Seat on the Security Council in the One-World United Nations? And why is trying rehabilitate Stalin?

          Fuck Off, Revanchist Putineer! Fuck Off, You Dugin Hooligan!

          For those not in the know, here's the basal ganglia lizard brains behind Putin:

          Aleksandr Dugin--Wikipedia

          1. Here’s another question. If Putin were assassinated, or deposed, who takes control of Russia? Would they be any better?

            1. Ecog the dipshit can't think that far ahead

              1. Go slurp up your curdled, molded Jello Pudding and Boost and drive your Hoveround off The Grand Canyon!

            2. One would hope that when the Top Man crumbles, the Putineers would be sent scattered asunder.

              But even if they didn't, getting rid of Putin and all of the Duginist Eurasianists and National Bolshevists would be a good start to bringing Russia to something like Western-style Secularis, Individual Rights, Limited Government, and Prosperity.

              This time, all State Enterprises whould be divyed into shares and auctioned equally to all, not just to State Cronies.

              1. Correction: "Secularism" and "should," although "whould" would and should be a great combination of "would" and "should."

                Example: An instagram of the latest Poly/Pan/Swinger Party

                "Whould." 🙂

      3. They trapped people in a building and set the building on fire.
        You're objectively pro evil pieces of shit.

        1. After the people in the building said they wanted to, and attempted to, murder ethnic Ukrainians, jews, and have Russia invade.

            1. You could've provided the entire context in your original post but you referenced only the pro Russia perspective.

              That's called propoganda.

        2. The Russians level whole city blocks at a time - not just in Ukraine but in Syria and Chechnia too.

          You're objectively pro evil pieces of shit.

    1. There's like a million pictures of Putin and klaus Schwab together.

      1. And?
        Try, just once in this thread, to present a consistent argument

  10. Twitter is going on a censorship/banishment binge for anyone who doesn't suck Ukraine/globalist cock, but I'm sure yall are on the right side of history.

    1. I don't really care about that, I'm vehemently anti communist. So whoever else is anti communist is OK with me.

      It's not like Russia is on the right side here either, although you seem to think they are because you're easily duped.

      1. You are 100% aligned with the communists here.

    2. Also, it'd do you some good to realize that what happened with Russia/Obama jacking around in Ukraine the past decade doesn't matter now.

      The Ukrainians overwhelmingly voted for zelensky and overwhelmingly support him.

      Now maybe you think the majority of Ukrainians are propogandized, or the election was rigged. I do not. The Ukrainian people would seem to have freely chosen zelensky, and they are freely choosing to defend their independence. The same way they were free to gleefully become Russians and welcome them as saviors like putin had hoped/been lied to about.

        1. "LOL"
          nardz' absolute best response to anyone calling him on his bullshit.

      1. Also, it'd do you some good to realize that what happened with Russia/Obama jacking around in Ukraine the past decade doesn't matter now.


        Selective appetite for "context," it seems.

    3. Poor, poor nardz! Lost twitter as a primary source!

    4. I don't use the term "right side of history," but the Ukrainian Citizens fighting against Putin are indeed right and are indeed making Putin and the Putineers history. 🙂

  11. Putin is going to try to grab every non-NATO country he can. If he takes Ukraine, he's going to take Moldova.

  12. It's war. Everyone on all sides is lying like crazy. You can only trust stuff that both sides agree is true, and you shouldn't be too sure about even that.

    Who's behind whatever's going on in Transnistria? Someone who wants the war to expand. Someone who wants to suck the West into actual fighting. Unlikely to be Moscow, and probably not Kyiv either, but quite possibly some extreme nationalist Ukrainian faction. Possibly aided and abetted by some western intel agency.

  13. The invasion has been a disaster for Russia. Putin wanted to make Russia feared enough to be considered a major power in world politics. Instead it's revealed an utterly inept military incapable of defeating a force 1/4 its size and completely unprepared to fight.
    The smart step is to stop the bleeding. Russia lost this war the second Ukraine decided to fight instead of surrender. Nothing they can possibly come out of the war with is worth the lost reputation their military incompetence has already caused. Further military efforts prove Putin is also politically incompetent for not recognizing this.

    1. The Ukrainians have Moscow surrounded.

      1. Similarly we must have won the Vietnam War because the Vietnamese never captured Washington.

        1. The ghost of the Ghost of Kiev will wreak havoc on Putin's seaside mansions!

          1. The Supernatural does not exist, M'Ladies Goldie, Putin, Kirill, and Rev. Franklin Graham...But hundreds of thousands of very Natural Ukrainians do exist...and they'll drive out Putin and the Putineers and leave not one stone of Putin's mansions on top of another.

            They already sunk one of Putin's ships that had nukes on board.

            Though it should be handled with caution, of course, "Oppenheimer's deadly toy" does not scare the Ukrainians or any rational, science-informed freedom-lover.

            Just give up while you can and go prove you "love your children too."

      2. Your attempt to ridicule Ukraine only sfurther underscores the evil of Putin and the Putineers.

        There is no world conquest-aspiring ideology of Ukrainianism or Zelenskyy-ism, but there sure are the world conquest-aspiring Ideologies of Eurasianism/National Bolshevism and Putinism.

        Start again...preferably with your retreated, humilated fellow Putineers and Dugin Hooligans back in Moscow...preferably during the wake for your self-dispatched Fearless Leader. 🙂

    2. "...The smart step is to stop the bleeding. Russia lost this war the second Ukraine decided to fight instead of surrender. Nothing they can possibly come out of the war with is worth the lost reputation their military incompetence has already caused..."

      Any economic read of WWII makes it clear that the Axis lost the war the days the Nazis and the Japanese started it; there was simply no way either of them could 'win' if they didn't do so in the first 6 months.
      Any military read says the war was *LOST* by the Axis by January '42. Stalingrad had been recaptured, the Allies had cleared the Mediterranean littoral, the Japanese had been shoved off of Guadalcanal; neither the Japanese nor the Nazis ever again launched a successful strategic offense; even Hirohito was aware of that. Putin's in a similar circumstance; he's betting the (anemic) Russian economy is sufficient to 'outgun' the massed support of the west, which it is not.
      The blood and treasure cost of WWII thereafter was driven by the egos of the war-cabinet in Japan and Hitler; how great is Vlad's ego, how supportive is the Russian population, how stupid is he? Is he willing to lose by use of nukes?
      Sure wish the guy with mean tweets was still in office, with a large FUCK YOU to brandyshit. e-cogitatorasshole, and many others.

      1. All of that in WWII would have happened, and all that is happening to Putin and the Putineers right now would have happened, even if Donald J. Trump were left behind at a picnic inside a Kleenex.

        Empire-Builders by definition, have no exit strategy, which means that, as corroborated in Sun-Tzu's The Art of War, the Empire-Builders eventually burn themselves out.

        Now please direct your dick-waving insults at Nardz and Geiger, who really deserve them.

  14. Bunch of Russian stooges on this board. Maybe MAGA idiots defending Trump's good buddy and fellow "genius", but even they're not that blatantly apologists for bombing civilians and naked aggression, are they? Certainly not libertarians.

    1. Anyone who posts here trying to connect Trump and Putin is clearly selling BS, and cannot be trusted. That narrative went into the ICU with the Mueller report, and died with Durham's discovery process. Epic fail!

      1. Joe is one of the resident imbeciles. He also supports grooming 5 year old children in government schools.

    2. Do not engage Joe Asshole; simply reply with insults.
      Not a one of his posts is worth refuting; like turd he lies and never does anything other than lie. If something in one of Joe Asshole’s posts is not a lie, it is there by mistake. Joe Asshole lies; it's what he does.
      Joe Asshole is a psychopathic liar; he is too stupid to recognize the fact, but everybody knows it. You might just as well attempt to reason with or correct a random handful of mud as engage Joe Asshole.
      Do not engage Joe Asshole; simply reply with insults; Joe Asshole deserves nothing other.

  15. Joe B, you need to keep up. Donnie Fatso just praised Putin a month ago as a genius and of course the GOP led Senate intel Comm Report of 2020 confirmed his collusion with Russia:

    "The Committee found that Russian President Vladimir Putin directed the hack-andleak campaign targeting the DNC, DCCC, and the Clinton Campaign. Moscow's intent was to damage the Clinton Campaign and tarnish what it expected might be a Clinton presidential administration, help the Trump Campaign after Trump became the presumptive Republican nominee, and generally undermine the U.S. democratic process. The Committee's findings are based on a variety of information, including raw intelligence

    The hack-and-leak campaign was conducted by the GRU through specialized cyber units, executed using established GRU infrastructure, and planned and coordinated by GRU headquarters elements. Starting in March 2016, the GRU used spearphishing techriiques to gain unauthorized access to the email accounts of individuals associated with the Clinton Campaign, including Campaign Manager John Podesta, and stole thousands of emails. In April 2016, the GRU leveraged stolen credentials ofJsome of these individuals to obtain further unauthorized access to the networks of the DNC and DCCC, where it identified and carefully exfiltrated tens of thousands of politically sensitive documents from April through June 2016.1112 The GRU . continued to conduct hacking operations to obtain additional material from accounts associated with the Clinton Campaign until at least September 2016. (U) The GRU quickly integrated the materials it stole during its hacking operation into an influence operation that relied on two primary fake personas-Guccifer 2.0 and DCLeaks-to promote and disseminate the hacked documents. The influence activities using these personas spanned June 2016 through the election, and included attempts to obscure Russia's responsibility for the hacking operation.1113 In addition to publishing the stolen documents, the Russian personas used social engineering to seed information with specific individuals associated with the Trump Campaign. The GRU also relied on U.S. social media platforms and media attention for its influence operations. -WikiLeaks actively sought, and played, a key role in the Russian campai~knew it was assisting a Russian intelligence influence effort. The Committee found significant indications that Julian Assan e and WikiLeaks have benefited from Russian overnment su art reporting. ..."

    And so on.


    1. I k ow you’re a stupid Marxist faggot, and an enthusiast of grooming small children, but even you should be able to understand the difference between acknowledging the positive attributes of an enemy and offering praise. For example, Trump pointed out that Putin is intelligent, because Putin IS intelligent. Many vicious sociopaths are.

      I despise Barack Obama and everything he stands for. However, I recognize that Obama possesses above average intelligence. That isn’t praise. It’s just pointing out something that is true. I would be a fool to say otherwise.

      You are obviously a fool and a propagandist. You appear to have no real thoughts of you own. Just talking points and rhetoric fed to you through whichever democrat propaganda medium you’re consuming. Which you then excitedly come here to puke back up for us to see.

      Of course you lack the minimal self awareness required to realize that your efforts are pathetic and laughable. As you embarrass yourself with every post you make here. The final result is a low level of annoyance, with the primary takeaway being that you are a subnormal idiot with no life, will, or distinct identity of your own. You are just a drone in a hive mind collective.

      I suppose if you ever did take inventory of your life, you would probably recoil in horror over what you’ve become, and kill yourself. This is likely the best outcome, for an individual, such as yourself.

      1. Vampire, I guess then that you think Putin's invasion of Ukraine - the most significant act of his life in terms of results - is a demonstration of his "genius", I mean if you put aside the humiliation of his military, the trashing, of his already weak economy, and the result of a much stronger and soon to be larger NATO in an effort in which he sought to shrink it. That's Trump level genius I guess.

        I might consider killing myself - well not really - except my employees would have nothing to do and my clients new and remodeled houses would be left unfinished, so, I think I'll pass.

        1. Putin isn’t a genius, but he is smart. He also isn’t a military strategist. But if you believe everything coming out of any side of this, you’ve proven you’re the idiot I say you are.

          And yes, suicide is the best thing for you really. Your comments are going nowhere.

    2. Joe asshole is a (STUPID) lying pile of lefty shit.
      Do not engage Joe Asshole; simply reply with insults.
      Not a one of his posts is worth refuting; like turd he lies and never does anything other than lie. If something in one of Joe Asshole’s posts is not a lie, it is there by mistake. Joe Asshole lies; it's what he does.
      Joe Asshole is a psychopathic liar; he is too stupid to recognize the fact, but everybody knows it. You might just as well attempt to reason with or correct a random handful of mud as engage Joe Asshole.
      Do not engage Joe Asshole; simply reply with insults; Joe Asshole deserves nothing other.

  16. "It's also not obvious what benefit Moscow would gain from extending the fighting."

    I'd suggest that the answer comes from looking a a historic view of Russia. Over its 1000+ year historical existence, the Russian heartland has been repeatedly subjected to invasion via nine land axis of attack. The post-WWII USSR, for the first time in Russian history, had managed to control all of them either directly or via the Warsaw Pact, providing strategic depth against invasion (over 1000 miles from the West to Moscow) ....until the collapse of the Warsaw Pact and USSR. With that collapse, many of those routes were now in the hands of Russia's perceived enemies.

    Putin, since his rise to power has been seeking to recreate that strategic depth. Sometimes through subversion (Belarus, Kazakhstan) and sometimes through aggression (Georgia, Ukraine). Ukraine's Northern border is less than 350 miles from the capital of Russia.....which terrifies Russians whose history still emphasize invasions by Hitler and Napoleon who reached their capital. Ukraine leads to the gates of two entries to Russia: the Polish Plain and the Basarabian Gap. Moldova lies closer to the latter, while the gap itself is *in* Romania. (just as the plain lies in the Eastern third of Poland) Putin would *like* all of this. But he'll settle for whatever he can grab with his current military power... Because he faces another problem.

    Russia is facing a demographic collapse. The largest generation of Russians are facing retirement. More Russians are dying than are being born, and that has been true for YEARS. And the average age of the leadership is over 60 y.o. If Russia was to have a chance to recreate this strategic depth, it had to be now...before their military numbers further collapsed.

    1. Selective history. I see you are brand new here, perhaps a propagandist?
      "Over its 1000+ year historical existence, the Russian heartland has been repeatedly subjected to invasion via nine land axis of attack."
      The same is true of England, Spain, France, Turkey among others, and Russia, as it is now understood, didn't begin to exist anywhere near a thousand years ago. Moscow was a minor border town for much of "Russia's" history.

      "...Putin, since his rise to power has been seeking to recreate that strategic depth..."
      Under no real threat of any attack; did the devil make him do it?

      "...which terrifies Russians whose history still emphasize invasions by Hitler and Napoleon who reached their capital..."
      The Ukrainians had nothing to do with either of those, and perhaps the Ukrainians might remember the Holodomor with a bit more recent importance?

      "...Russia is facing a demographic collapse..."
      Correct. Putin is attempting to wag the dog and should be forced to solve Russian problem which he was 'elected' to do.
      No lebensraum to the west, Vladimir. Fuck off, aggressor.

    2. Oh, and stuff it up your ass, propagandist.

  17. Thanks for your beyond belief blogs stuff. looking for a Accountant In St Neots ? Check out this!

  18. With all the junkies and lezbo's desperate to show their anticomunism by funding a proxy war, supposedly illegal now, I'd expect a few strikes here and there. Expansion? Not likely.

  19. Well, only Putin knows that, and I just hope that it won't take him long to get enough of playing with his power and just end the war because it's not worth it. He's just ruining Ukrain, and Russians suffer as well. It's actually awful that such beautiful countries are against each other, and I even wanted to contact and go there some time, but now I don't even know if it'll be possible in the nearest future, so all we can do is hope and pray for the best.

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