Mask Mandates

Maskless Political Elites Party in D.C. While Bringing Back Mandates for the Commoners

Kamala Harris is only human, says Jen Psaki.


Earlier this month, a slew of top Cabinet officials and lawmakers attended the annual Gridiron Club dinner in Washington D.C., which was held for the first time since 2019. At least 72 people caught COVID-19 at the dinner.

That includes Attorney General Merrick Garland, New York City Mayor Eric Adams, Sen. Susan Collins (R–Maine), Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo, and Rep. Adam Schiff (D–Calif.), to name just a few.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tested positive recently as well, just two days after she attended a crowded event at the White House with President Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama. According to The College Fix, Pelosi recently posed for a photo with Georgetown University President John DeGioia, who himself is now positive for COVID-19.

Some students at Georgetown aren't thrilled with DeGioia, who was clearly enjoying himself, maskless, out and about—but has now brought back the campus's mask mandate after getting rid of it just a month ago. (Georgetown has enjoyed about three weeks of optional masking in total.) A group of students protested last week. Nevertheless, American University and George Washington University have now followed suit and brought back the mask mandates.

In Mother Jones, Tom Philpott writes that recent cases of high-profile individuals contracting COVID-19, and superspreader events like the Gridiron Club dinner, "shows that we can't just go back to normal."

What they actually show is that you can't just go back to normal. Political elites, on the other hand, are absolutely going back to normal; if cases rise, they'll punish the common folk, but don't expect them to make many social sacrifices. For the policy makers, it's business as usual. For everyone else, restrictions can be brought back on a whim.

No political figure better represents this hypocrisy than Vice President Kamala Harris, who was recently caught ignoring mask rules; Jen Psaki, White House press secretary, defended her thusly:

She's only human—that's the excuse. But aren't we all? Why are government officials the only people who can get away with this?

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  1. ….. caught COVID-19 at the dinner.

    Prove it.

    1. They will never be able to do so, but if they were somehow we might have the first ACTUAL superspreader event on record!

      1. It might not be provable, but there's strong evidence. They were all there, they all tested positive after, and these are people who get tested a lot more than the average person.

        This is persuasive evidence. Good enough for a hack writer at a pseudolibertarian website to cite, for certain.

        That said, it's like 60 people. "Superspreader" sure feels like hyperbole when talking about a virus that a hundred million other americans have been exposed to, as well.

      2. The health experts told us you don't need a mask if you say black lives matter when you get to the event

    2. “Kamala Harris is only human, says Jen Psaki.”


      1. Is she a biologist?

      2. Can she identify what makes a human?

  2. "Kamala Harris is only human, says Jen Psaki."

    Why do I doubt that?

    1. Biden and Harris, Shits and Giggles.

      1. Technically I think it's Anal Leakage and Giggles.

        1. Pootus and Vice Resident.

    2. It's the most transparent lie that Psaki has told. She'll fit in great at MSNBC.

    3. Because she's not a biologist.

    4. Assumes facts not in evidence.

    5. sucking dicks to get into politics is only human

  3. Well, I'll be damned. It's a virus. Like every other virus.
    Deal with it. Without fascist dictates.

  4. We are only a few steps away from the ruling elite reserving certain clothing styles and colors for themselves, and severely punishing any peasants who do not comply. Because FYTW.

      1. We already effectively have sumptuary: there are many goods, status symbols, and services that are only available to either people in politics, government employees, or billionaires with government connections.

    1. I would say only one step away. We already have race-restricted Halloween costumes, jewelry, and hair styles.

    2. Kente cloth round 2?

  5. Why was the political affiliation only mentioned for two people in the second paragraph, one from each party, when everyone else on the list is a (D)?

    Sometimes propaganda is more subtle than others.

    1. What propagandistic purpose are you suggesting that would serve?

      1. Mostly out of curiosity I read the NYT morning briefing; David Leonhardt has been doing his damnedest over the past several months to convince us that COVID is mostly a Republican thing, and that areas that voted for Biden are fantastic in this regard.

        I wonder how long it will take him to get through the stages of grief?

        1. Or will they just stick with the lies, assuming that most of their readers will never bother to get the real information?

          The blue states did the right thing! Science! Therefore they must have had better outcomes. Stands to reason (if not actual evidence).

          1. Lysenkoism

      2. I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but Reason has a pretty consistent record of portraying both political parties as equally bad when discussing topics that Democrats are clearly worse on, while sticking strictly to criticizing Republicans on issues that they are worse on. You can recognize it in the future by the sarcastic post “bowf siedez” from people.

        1. Are you unaware that this is frequently done by left wing media? Mentioning political parties when it’s a negative story about Republicans, while not doing so when it’s a negative story about Democrats?

          1. Do you want them to be totally excluded from the cocktail party circuit? If they equally bashed Democrats, well, their hosts just couldn't even. It would be akin to going to Walmart and just handing out invitations.

          2. This didn't really seem like that to me. Maybe I'm wrong. Everyone knows that almost all of the names mentioned are Democrats or Democrat appointees so I don't know who they think they are fooling if that's the intention.

            1. They were able to fool 81 million people at one point.

              1. Reason fooled 81 million into thinking that Democrats and Republicans are equivalent? Seems unlikely.

            2. That’s why I said subtle.

              Why do you think Robbie specifically labeled 2 of 6 people’s political affiliation? If he didn’t write anyone’s I might give him the benefit of the doubt. But he specifically chose two. It was a conscious decision.

    2. Well, those two are representatives. The only other elected official in that list is Eric Adams. So putting the D or R after the names of presidential appointees is not common practice. I don't know they'd fail to indicate Adams' party affiliation, though.

      1. “I don't know they'd fail to indicate Adams' party affiliation, though.”

        If you can think of a good reason later I’m all ears.

    3. Remember, these “mistakes” consistently point in one direction.

      1. Yup. Same when I order 6 chicken McNuggets, there's a chance I will only get 5 by "mistake". But you very rarely get 7.

      2. correct. you ever notice how the media will always use the term "far right" when referring to conservatives but NEVER say "far left" when referring to liberals/leftists?? clearly a huge bias.

    4. The two Senators got a political party parenthetical, because it's customary to that with congresscritters.

      1. And mayors.

  6. Earlier this month, a slew of top Cabinet officials and lawmakers attended the annual Gridiron Club dinner in Washington D.C., which was held for the first time since 2019. At least 72 people caught COVID-19 at the dinner.

    Why weren't they vaccinated?

    1. They aren’t sticking that crap in their precious bodies!

    2. They're vaxed and boosted, sometimes twice, however, the vax doesn't prevent you from contracting the virus. It's a useless clot shot that only fools take, the majority of the population in most countries.

      1. Ok, so if the vaccine isn't what protects them from covid, but the subtext here is that the masking would have, why didn't we just skip the vaccines and mask everyone?

        1. No money in that.

        2. As little as the masking would have actually accomplished, I'd have paid admission to see that room full of self-important "dignitaries" get hounded about making sure to be vigilant about replacing their masks between bites/sips through the course of the cocktails and dinner.

        3. neither masks nor the covid injections protect you in any way. if you want protection then contract the virus and get natural immunity.

          1. Sunshine and excercise.

    3. I was going to ask a slightly different question: what happened to the “pandemic of the unvaccinated?” I have to assume that all these intelligent, science loving people were not only fully vaccinated, but also received the recommended booster doses. And here I thought it was only the unvaccinated who posed an existential threat to the rest of us.

      I have also noticed that the CDC, in its most current recommendations regarding vaccination and boosters, no longer talks about preventing infection and preventing spread. They now talk only about the vaccines preventing severe illness, hospitalization and death. But they say nothing any more about vaccinations preventing spread.

      1. We purebloods must choose carefully whom we breed with now.

        1. Are the progressives coming out (again) in favor of eugenics? Cool.

          1. I believe it's a slang for unvaccinated now.

  7. They need those apples and they NEED that milk.

    But on your masks you peons and do what your betters tell you to do.

    1. No, no! You obviously fail to understand! Those noble public servants were sacrificing themselves, voluntarily allowing themselves to contract COVID to demonstrate to you the seriousness of disease and the importance of strictly adhering to their mandates. Nothing like those dastardly Republicans who viciously allow you to go about your business and contract COVID yourself.

      Really, you should be thanking them.

    2. You're missing a 'carry on clingers'.

  8. I think this is great, I only wish such things were widely reported [and not limited to boutique sites like Reason]; all the more grist for the midterm mill.

    1. Somebody tell the squirrel that I muted him way back and can only see a gray box.

  9. Whenever I see the White House Press Secretary speak, no matter who the president is, it makes me think of the Mouth of Sauron.

    1. Yeah, even if I'm remotely favorable to a president, I can't watch those press conferences.

    2. Interesting. Whenever I see Hillary Clinton on TV, it makes me think of Gollum.

      1. I fixed that problem by cancelling cable and not buying an antenna.

        1. People still have TVs?

          1. "The voice came form an oblong metal plaque, like a dulled mirror which formed part of the surface of the right hand wall...the instrument /telescreen, it was called, could be dimmed but there was no way of shutting it off completely."
            George Orwell/1984

  10. Bob Woodward's new book, The Gospel of Joe or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Suck Donkey Dick comes out this October.
    Pre-order here:

    1. I might read a book with such a great title.

  11. We're governed by literal ghouls and demons, but don't worry. Robby assures me that they definitely aren't grooming people's children.

  12. Donald Trump is only human. Arguably more human, because he is honest about what kind of a person he is. In fact, I heard that (D) is really for "Dishonest".

  13. As members of the revolutionary vanguard they are allowed certain privileges that the normal plebes and peasants are not because of their very important work for the Motherland.

    Just five years to true communism!

    1. Will it be as glorious as it was in the USSR?



    Sky-rocketing inflation is just the appetizer for the major recession that’s coming. To reduce the money supply, the Fed will have to jack up interest rates, which will strangle an economy that is already on life support and cause asset prices to crash. Congrats, Lockdowners.


    The fact that Boris Johnson wore a stab vest in Merseyside but went for a navy suit in war torn Ukraine is quite frankly hilarious


    1. He knows who wants him dead. I'll give you one guess, and it isn't the people of Ukraine.

  16. our VP is a live-action SNL skit.

    1. She apparently was the inspiration for Veep, in some kind of strange time loop.

      Or she was a fan of the show and is trying to do her best Selina Kyle

  17. Come on Reason. This is stupid. It's not just the "elites" who are flouting mask mandates (they still exist?) Just think about this for a second. Have you ever seen a politician speed or double-park? Are we supposed to get rid of speed limits because of this hypcrisy? That's how stupid these articles are. So what's the point of constantly pointing out hypocrisy? I'm sure some GOP politician's daughter had an abortion in the recent past but I doubt you will see Republicans eager to point out the hypocrisy and insinuate that abortion should be legalized. So stop wasting our time. Besides, maybe a Democrat burned some fossil fuels in tha past week. Better write an article. Global warming is over!

    1. Yes, indeed, Reason needs to give more attention to the misdeeds of Republicans. Excellent point.

    2. You suck at arguing, mate. There is some evidence behind the 'science' of determining speed limit, and parking spaces are determined by physical space. The evidence for cloth masks, and now N95 doing much -if the masks are worn, has been repeatedly demonstrated to be riddled with biases. Further, mask mandates are a temporary measure, speed limits, parking regulations are here to stay. Thus, pointing out the ongoing spate of politicians' hypocrisy and suggesting that this indicates that the mandates serve no purpose is fair game. TL; DR, your argument is stupid.

  18. VP Harris is "only human" until she rips-off her mask and reveals that she's the extraterrestrial Lizard Queen who's here with her forces to steal the Earth's water.

    1. At least in the TV version the lizard queen was Morena Baccarin. She was hot enough you could almost forgive the fact that you were probably going to be eaten afterwards, am I right?

    2. Is that why she can't speak in comprehensible English?

      1. She's just out of practice. She rose on the California political stage with Willie Brown's dick in her mouth, so the most she was expected to do was hum The Wheels on the Bus for most of her career.

  19. Harris is only human. Leave Joe alone. Are there any standards to which the population of the US is allowed to hold these two deep thinking very serious minds?

    1. The buck stops here, but it's all Trump's fault.

  20. "Hang the bastard, hang him high...and when his eyes bug out we'll know. It's the end of him and the end of the show."

  21. Mandates must be in force before the mid-terms to ensure there is no cheating by the Republicans! (sarc)

  22. So all those people are dead now, right? I mean, this is a deadly virus! Surely we won’t reimpose masking, which is largely cosmetic, based on positive tests alone! We would only mask for a really bad virus right?


  23. A super spreader event! Just like motorcycle rally in Sturgis, S.D. was going to be a super spreader event. Not!
    Attending college football games was a super spreader event.Not!
    Obey and wear the face diaper like a good little peon.
    Dr.Oz has even suggested that America should take up China's answer to the Rona.
    Like they do in Shanghai.
    Don't forget to support this courageous man in his fight against evil.
    I will have to say that no one is more deserving of this than those in Washington who look at the rest of us a peons, serfs and expendable.
    I hope those in D.C will welcome with open arms all the illegals Gov. Abbot has bused in.

  24. As long as they get the votes they will keep doing it. What did we expect?

  25. "What do the simple folk do?"

    They put on their damned masks, or else!

  26. WOKE LIBERAL DEMOCRATIC Maskless Political Elites Party in D.C. While Bringing Back Mandates for the Commoners
    I haven't seen a conservative or Republican want to bring back mandates or masks yet. What I have seen is Reason cannot be impartial or honest.

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