Brickbat: Dog Gone


In China, the government of the city of Huizhou has apologized after public health workers beat a woman's dog to death and promised the workers will be counseled and suspended. The woman was forced to go to a quarantine center after her boyfriend tested positive for COVID-19, and she was not allowed to bring her dog with her. Meanwhile, two public health workers were sent to disinfect her home. Video shows the workers cornering the dog in its room and beating it with metal rods and a stick. At first, the dog whimpers and cries. But it eventually falls silent and stops moving.

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  1. US law enforcement has nothing on Chinese health enforcement.

    1. USA has a dog-beating gap! We're falling behind! We need to work this issue!

  2. Looks like China is now a first world country.

  3. Just pre-tenderizing for sale at the wet market.

  4. Anyone who would brutalize a helpless creature should be automatically euthanized. Reason really needs to not give cute titles like "Dog gone" to items about disturbing violence.

  5. promised the workers will be counseled and suspended

    Poor bastards. If they were in a free country, they'd be promoted.

  6. okay two days in a row with the dead dogs is two days too many I still want to lamppost that Wisconsin idiot from yesterday

  7. Two Chinese cops are having a heated discussion at a bar. The bartender asks them what's up. One of them says, "We're going to forcibly evict and quarantine over 10 million people, genocide a million Uighyrs, 'disappear' a few journalists, and beat a dog to death." The bartender replies, "Why are you going to beat a dog to death?" The cop turns to his partner and says, "See, I told you no one would care about the quarantines, the disappearances, or the ongoing genocide!"

    Kudos on the litmus test Reason.

    1. dogs can't stand up for themselves but yes this was funny.

      1. >dogs can't stand up for themselves

        I hate to say it, but neither can the Uighyrs.

        1. boggles the mind but I guess the bullet will beat the stampede every time

        2. Americans are having trouble standing up for anything against China. Hell, we're having trouble taking a principled stance one way or the other on Putin.

          1. Americans are having trouble standing up for anything against China. Hell, we're having trouble taking a principled stance one way or the other on Putin.

            Wouldn't that be nice. Unfortunately, the opposite is the case: Americans are poking their noses and fingers into every single ethnic and military conflict on the planet.

            1. I wouldn't be in favor of turning the Eastern Ukraine into radioactive wasteland, but at least there would be the closure of the fact that it's done. Rather than the unprincipled decision by committee that commits lots of funds and lives to not getting anything done. Saddam and OBL are dead. Biden isn't even going to have that hook to hang his hat on.

  8. If you're making the Detroit PD look like the humane ones, you're doing something wrong.

    And Dr. Fauci still hasn't been fired for authorizing cruel experiments on puppies.

  9. Justin Trudeau could not be reached for comment on whether this is the kind of government power he envies China for having.

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